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59 reviews

Michael - 7797

I am a Psychic, Spiritual & Tarot card reader with 15 years experience. I can provide a Tarot card reading followed by a Spiritual aura reading. I specialise in Love, Relationships and issues with the family. And, I use Tarot cards & your Spiritual aura to answer questions that you have as well as tell you about your past, present and future. PIN: 7797

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Your Rating

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I first became aware of my abilities while I was teaching around the world & started to conduct readings after gaining guidance from an experienced Psychic. Then I developed in Tarot card readings.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

I also use my drawing & painting skills to depict what I can see as well as read your personality with an anthropomorphic reading.

Recent Reviews Of Michael


Q Xmas and others

Thank you, Michael for an interesting twist on the current situation. I look forward to seeing how things pan out.

- Elle P, WA







very very good clear and amazing. had alot of anxiety really cleared things up

- aisha, manchester



I had my first reading with Michael today I beleive he is a top reader, he picked up and predictions are in line with top readers. 👌 prediction in the next few days and coming weeks will post again soon and will definitely be coming back to Michael again. Thank you so much

- F, London


Lovely and on point

Michael is rather monotonous in his tone but he is on point. He is positive and doesn't seem to use any tool. Messages come to him, which is really pleasant country to those who just read cards as you could read yourself with the little book. A pleasure.

- G, Lincolnshire



So calm and accurate. Very nice read straight to the point and very good. Lots of clarity. Thank toy

- Aisha, Manchester



Calm,direct, exceptional reader. He gave a very clear,honest encouraging reading. Yet to see if predictions are true. Thank you.

- Lesley, Glasgow


Very intuned

I wished I had tried you long before today , u gave me all the answers accurately and connected very well on my situation

- Cath, Manchester



Straight to the point and very positive

- J, London



He has a little chat but when he gets started he is mind blowing. Wow. I'm trying to get back through.

- Ann, London


Really Good

TP please post this review. Although there were negative reviews I thought I would give Michael a chance. He isn't sleep as mentioned below, hes comes across as quiet person but nothing wrong with that. I didn't ask any questions, and allowed Michael to give me a reading. He was spot on with accuracy of my situation with a POI and was honest that he couldn't give a timescale due to the circumstances but was positive which was understandable. He doesn't ask questions to try and get information but asks at the end if you have any questions. I would recommend Michael as he is very in tune.

- Anna, Kent


Very Impressed

As someone who has used psychic lines extensively over many years, I was truly impressed and appreciative of the way in which Michael shared the info. No questions asked - just clarity and predictions given. I'll be truly happy if they all pan out - and given the depth of description I have every faith they will. Sincere appreciation.

- Libran 387, Oz


Truly an Amazing Man

He tuned into me straight away and helped me so much ... you can tell he is a healer because I instantly felt relaxed he is a true and genuine reader - one of a kind! Thank you from

- RUPPY, uk


Fantastic reading

Reading was fantastic. Clear, concise and confident with words spoken. Looking forward to predictions unfolding.

- Elle, Essex



He is amazingly accurate and always sad to get cut off as I could speak to him all night.A gem of a decent man!Jane x

- J, Uk


Fantastic reading

Fantastic reading!

- M, Uk



Lost for words paid for a hour reading and this guy answered all my questions after giving just my name he went and just chatted one thing after another and just as I was about to butt in to ask a question he answered it before I even could have asked absolutely incredible please use this guy totally worth it

- Joshua Waldron, North west



Excellent reader goes in to quite alot of depth so please make sure you have plenty of minutes lol

- D, London


Very detailed

Thank you for the reading, we got cut off but I will be back for an update.

- Sarah, Uk



Fabulous! So detailed and accurate! Thank you Michael

- ,



Thank u Michael for the lovely reading u have said the same as top psychics ,was lovely speaking to u , look forward to your predictions ❤️

- Cathy, LPL


Out of order

I phoned up to have a reading.yet first thing he asked was if I was spiritual which I said yes than asked if I pick up anythink around him.which I replied. I phoned up to have a reading not to pay to give one to someone..and I put the phone down.

- Helen, Sussex


Poor ! Please post

All the way through the reading he was yawning !!!!! Very poor ! It didn't make sense what he was saying ! He was sleepy

- Anne, Uk


poor | please post

I have had three readings with this guy none of his predictions have come to pass! All of his readings are quite mixed up. Tonight it was as if he was sleepy , one sentence was defeating the other sentence! Very mixed up !

- Mar, Uk


Ask questions then uses the answer to give you advice .

- Kay, Uk



Not had an Aura reading before loved it so informative. Michael is genuine with real talent.

- Sarah, Lancashire


Fab reader

Thanks Micheal was a great reading

- Jodie,



Michael proved to me how much ability he has during my reading. He gave validation after validation and information he gave, only I would know! I simply can't wait for things to unfold. Thank you Michael xx

- Klair, Hornsey


Hi Michael I just want to Thankyou for your insight you have really given me clarity on the situation. You are truly gifted.

- ,



Mindful and caring reader who carefully tunes in and accurately reads situations and then explains outcomes. Really great reader.

- Rachel, Melbourne


I'm In Awe!

I do use this website quite a lot and very few readers have blown my mind, Michael is one of them. His psychic power and ability to connect with the energies around me is out of boundary. Asked me no question and gave me so much details about past and present and also future, I am in awe! Michael became one of my fav now.

- Anuradha, UK


Very eager to please but didnt grasp my attention

- Jo, Wales


not for me

- ,


Best Reader

I was very surprised at his accuracy. I recommend him and definitely come back to his reading in the future.

- J, Surrey


Nice to her Scottish voice

- Me, Scotland



Thank you Micheal you put my mind and fears to rest. And you put a smile on my face ☺

- Mae,


Rewrote the letter

I did it Michael as you advised and got a really good positive response. Got a long way to go still but it's a good start and I have more price of mind! Thanks spot on C

- Choosing words carefully, Kent



Reassuring, calm and confident with his reading.

- AC, London


Very good

Felt very positive afterwards, gave very clear reading that was honest & accurate. I look forward to future events unravelling. Will call again, thank you x

- ,



It took a long time to get through to you, but you were well worth it. I wish I had discovered you earlier. You really were right about my business plan & ideas. Every time I call, you map out what is going to happen. And, it did as well. Cheers mate.

- Jim, Bo'ness


Prediction came true

Another prediction came true. You told me that he is coming back. Will update you when the other predictions come true. thank you so much Michael. So sorry I didn't get a chance to thank you before I got cut off.

- Rachel, Lincolnshire



Just came away feeling like he could not be bothered to even do a tarot reading. I came to him in order to get an in depth reading, was like he was too bored to even try.

- Lucy, London


Made Me Even More Confused

Not a single answer I got straight from him. It seemed like he was SO confused what to reply and his reading got me even more confused. No from me.

- A, UK


Did not resonate

Michael's interpretation of the cards was unrelated to my situation or maybe it was his interpretation. I had to tell him that we were not connecting and end the call.

- Anon, UK


Great stuff

A really fantastic reading from this guy. He really does know his stuff.

- Anne, Oxfordshire



I can't thank you enough. You're reading was so accurate & you tapped into my situation so well. And, I will come back to you to update you on the situation. Speak to you soon. xxx

- Jillian, London


A no from me

I asked for a love reading which took him 3 minutes and then I asked for a general reading and he did a career reading which I didn't ask for and nothing resonated. Not even close.

- Ben, England



The information just kept coming and it was extremely accurate. Michael is calm and makes you feel heard and at ease. I feel reassured now and know how to approach things when I do hear from him. I will also bear in mind what you said about written communication.

- Naomi, West Midlands


Thank you

Great reading,went into details about a situation that was on my mind and that came through for the reading,i feel much better about everything now,will update when the predition comes through

- Sharon, Redbridge,London



Had my first reading today with this man he is warm and empathic. He picked up that I was meeting up with my partner who I have recently separated and said it will have positive outcomes as long as I be direct and honest. He also said that he will be defensive due to past hurts which have opened a wound. Hopefully I will get the outcome I so desire.

- ,



Mentioned such specific details that genuinely only I would know. I asked for an overall reading and everything that has been worrying me recently came up and was my mind was put at ease. Great experience. Will use again. X

- Olivia, East Yorkshire


Spot on

A very informative and detailed reading. Spot on with everything. Highly recommended. Thanks

- J, London


Spot On

I've had two readings now with Michael and he is amazing, I never need to ask questions as it's like he reads my thoughts. Thank you Michael for sharing your gift

- Marie, London


Very focused gent

I have a lot of respect for Micheal as he sticks to his cards with the reading...therefore if you throw a curveball he's not phased and continues as he was as opposed to saying what you want to hear!! This is a massive positive for him, he's gentle and upfront and has a true gift....definitely be back soon. Love and light tasha xx

- Tasha, Cardiff


Lovely energy

As the cards were shuffled I had something in mind but cheekily asked for something more general. Totally picked up on the situation I am facing right now and hit the nail on the head without prompts or anything. 'predictions' coming up for the months ahead so lets roll with it and see how it turns out!! Lovely guy lovely feel about him Ps. Sorry we got cut off xxx

- Tori, Ely, Cambridge, UK


Quality, in-depth and all encompassing

Michael has a different style to most readers where is gives very good, helpful explanations that are practical and helpful to enable things to be successful. I'll have to type up the reading to be able to refer to it when the going gets tough. Great guidance thank you.

- Josie, Pelham


Thank you, you are a gifted and brilliant reader!

Thank you so much for my reading. I am really grateful. You gave many validations. I feel you are such a great reader. I do recommend you! Love, light and blessings to you. God bless you!

- Zee, London


Heart felt sincere reader

Great reading, heart felt and on point

- Amal, Sydney Australia



He picked everything up immediately and was very accurate. Will definitely get a further reading from him.

- , London



Sorry Michael we got cut off. Thank you for the reading regarding my love interest. Tuned in well and well delivered many thanks

- Lisa, Austray