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It was so nice talking to you this morning Maura, You are so lovely and like you said we were meant to be talking. You have an amazing gift. Thank you very much. I will call you again. From Ayr :) xxxxx

Your scottish friend :) From scotland On 20/03/2019


She is amazing I didn't have to say why iam calling she was spot on with my delma gave me few predictions. She a genuine reader

Rhea From London On 13/03/2019

Lost cat

I forgot to add that Maura suggested posting on Facebook, which is how we located our cat. She was spot on with specific details about how he looks, the house e.g. there was a green hut, the house sat on its own with a long driveway. She was also right about the direction that he went, that it was 2 miles away. She said that he was being fed and they were being nice to him. This was all correct and we are so happy to have him back safe and sound. I recommend a reading with Maura- she’s lovely too!

Karen From UK On 12/03/2019

Missing pet

Maura was so lovely and reassuring. She told me what had happened to my cat, that he was alive and being looked after. She got the description correct about the house he was at/how far away etc. Although we eventually located him via social media, it was very reassuring to know that he was safe and being fed. We were reunited after a week. Thank you for your help Maura x

Karen From Uk On 12/03/2019

Loved the reafing

Outstanding reading. So accurate. Incredible.

Virgo From OZ On 08/03/2019

5 stars as no more

Excellent lovely woman. 100% correct for my reading.

Kaz From Australia On 08/03/2019

Absolutely fabulous

A very experienced reader who taps in immediately, and shares very helpful info at a steady pace. Completely loved the reading and will definitely be back. Thank you - you have restored my faith in the lines.

Libran From Aus On 04/03/2019

Thank you

Kind direct communication. Was able to pick up immediately on the situation.

From On 26/02/2019


Sorry I don't know what happend .You was spot on with with everything I hope today happens thank you

R From London On 22/02/2019

Spot on reading!!

Didn’t say a thing - she picked up right straight from the beginning of my past pooping back up out of no where and how it ended. ThNk you for the reading

Angela From Australia On 20/02/2019

Thank You, very uplifting and positive reading. Maura is non-judgemental and she understood how I felt

Phoebe From On 18/02/2019

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