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25 reviews

Iyan - 8606

My abilities include clairvoyance and astral projection - that’s how I communicate with the spirit to give you the best answers. I have four years of face-to-face tarot reading experience and I also did readings in many venues. I can offer clarity and insight for my callers’ situations and a judgemental free environment in which they can feel comfortable to talk about themselves. PIN: 8606

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Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I specialize in love and family issues, but I also do generals readings. In the past I have been using more tools, but now only tarot and angel cards, since I realized they are enough to communicate insightful messages paired with my abilities.

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

The first time when I felt I have something special was around 7-8 years old - when I could get messages from my dead grandmother. After that my mother introduced me to tarot cards, then angel cards when I was about 16 (since it is a family gift) and I was so absorbed that I continued to learn more and more.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

Of course I have skills that compliment my abilities, since I believe sometimes it is not enough to have psychic powers. I am empathetic and compassionate and that helps me to connect to emotionally charged energies better. I am also a good listener; everyone needs a kind soul to listen to them sometimes.

Recent Reviews Of Iyan


Amazing reader

Picks up quickly on everything you ask him, very straight forward, accurate and honest reader Blessings and love

- A, UK


Spot on and detailed

Described a past situation to a tee, will update if the communication comes through

- Gaile, Bucks



Very slow silent a lot .but nice enough .

- Lindon, London


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ spot on!

Connects instantly! Answers everything with clarity. Doesn't sugar coat anything but is to the point! Have had several readings from him, he is wonderful! Thank you ?

- YD, Uk



What a truly wonderful reader, yes you are reading this correctly! Iyan connected to me in thee most amazing way, explained exactly what was going on with such detail! Always remember to greet & treat your reader with warmth & compassion, they are not punching bags for your problems in life! God bless

- Claire, Read UK


Very good psychic

The real deal, and able to provide a lot of detail I believe, at least he does for me with pretty decent accuracy

- Alice, London


Difficult and Boring

He took long pauses to answer after every question and then his answers were very short. I found it was difficult to get a reading out of him, also his tone was very boring. He picked up right energy but due to his unenthusiastic behavior I closed the call.

- AN, UK



I spoke with Iyan yesterday and I was really impressed. He picks up on things with no prompting and is very direct. I enjoyed my reading with him and would definitely have one with him again.

- Clare, London


Very spot on

Very accurate and spot on ! I like the fact he is very straight forward , he wouldn't sugarcoat ! Thank you Iyan x

- ,



Great reading on messenger from Iyan. Picked up on my POI situation immediately and didn't ask any questions. Solid and confident with some realistic predictions. Well worth speaking to him.

- Sarah, Beverley


Really good reading over messenger

He gave an excellent reading giving some clarity to my long complex relationship with some plausible timings for next stages. Writes and responds quickly to questions. I'd certainly ask Iyan again.

- Victoria, London


Lovely Man

Thankyou Iyan You connected to situations I'm having just now Rosie

- ROSIE, Midlands



- ,


Nice man to speak with some psychic input

- ,


Spot on

Connected fast. Everything resonated

- A, Essex


Connected RIGHT away

Ian definitely has abilities! He connected to me instantly and maintained the connection throughout the whole conversation. He was very honest and gave me the insight I needed. Ian was open to answering any questions I had and I was satisfied with the depths of his answers. I hope to speak again!

- , London



Iyan picked up straight away what was happening with work. His predictions were so detailed and in line with yhe best readers on here.

- Marie, London


Genuine psychic

very real, and in my opinion a truthful and reliable psychic. It's amazing to see how he can read on just a name, with such accuracy!!

- ,


Did not connect

He needs to get rid of the ridiculous voice and show some humanity, does not connect. Please print this, I usually give good reviews but in this case I thought it was a waste of money.

- Anonymous, London


Picked up on some things

was Pretty impressed. Will report back re predictions.

- Lee, London



There is never a need to be rude please learn and be more empathatic.

- ,



He very quickly got straight to the point in answering my question. I told him nothing. Was also able to see what had happened with my POI and then, told me how I was creating a block to the future by assuming I would just get closure. This was my exact train of thought just before I called so he was spot on. Very impressive, thank you x

- S.M., UK



I got put to Iyan but default and in all honesty, he turned out to be the best default reader TP connected me too because I was quick to connect, everything resonated with me. He was spot on about the past and present. I can't wait to see if his future predictions happen. Many thanks Iyan, I'll definitely be back for another reading x

- C, UK



In all the time I have used The Trusted Psycics service, which I have used alot, I have never given a bad reference to any reader until now. Very disappointed... I asked him to look into someone for me and he came up with the complete opposite to 90 % of the other readers..fair enough, not everyone picks up the same. But when I tried to question him, he was rude and not interested in what I had to say. I really hope this gets printed

- , Kent


Excellent reader

Iyan is honest and a genuine reader, undoubtedly gifted in my opinion

- Anon, London


He is a hidden gem!!

This guy is quite good, I would go to him again.

- , London


Excellent natural clairvoyant

Very impressed, would recommend Ian definitely

- Lynne from London, London