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12 reviews

Samuel - 9180

I am a very warm and empathic cartomancer and animist who is committed to assisting others during these strange and turbulent times. I work with spirit animals and the Tarot to glean unique insights and provide faithful insight to my clients. I have been giving readings for around two years and delight in lending aid to my fellow travellers on our shared journey through life. PIN: 9180

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What can you offer your valued callers when they call for a Private Consultation with you?

I am a very kind, compassionate, and supportive person who brings a safe and serene space for my clients to air any issue they might be experiencing. I can assist with all matters of the heart, mind, body, and spirit, whether discussing family matters, career prospects, love and relationships, or a forecast of things yet to come. With the assistance of my beloved deck and the kindly spirits of nature, my purpose is to help all those at a crossroads in their life by providing them knowledge, wisdom, and a North star to guide their way.

Fully describe the area of your expertise that you specialize in with your callers and what tools do you use?

I am assisted by my tarot deck and rely on the aid of spirit messengers to create a solid connection that brings clarity and insights even over vast distances. Every card that appears during a reading has a purpose and holds within it an important message to be conveyed. So, when consulting, I always avoid my preconceptions and follow the paths lain by the cards as each is revealed.

When did you first become aware of your abilities and how have you continued to learn and grow with your gift?

I first realised my gifts almost a decade ago while travelling across the country. I was volunteering on a wholesome and organic farm where I encountered a grove of traditional Celtic Druids. I stayed with them for a time and learned about my latent abilities through their counsel and guided meditations. Through them, I met my own spirit animal, who has grown to become a trusted friend and ally in my life. In the years since I’ve discovered this, I can commune with other nature spirits and have helped others contact and communicate with their spirit animals.

What are your other skills that you use to compliment your work as a committed caring and dedicated reader?

To maintain my close connection to nature, I constantly immerse myself in the natural world and appreciate each new season as it arrives. I am also very interested in astrology, numerology, and psychology to increase my understanding of the cosmos and my place within it forever. Though my greatest skill is not a learned one, it is simply being a good listener and having a genuine and heartfelt desire to support those around me.

Recent Reviews Of Samuel


Incredible Reader!

he is brilliant, connects really well Has great talent and skills sweet and nice to talk too empathetic and kind gave loads of valuable information Highly Recommended!

- Pranav, Midlands


Fantastic reader

Incredible, wonderful man, super intune and so many validations. Loved speaking with him through the reading just asking questions about the cards and their meanings as he was picking up so much I wondered what was giving him all the impressions and he was so logical with it. Amazing reader, defo knows he's stuff and has helped me more than he will ever know. Thank u so much for all the validation throughout the reading and making things in past situation make sense. Wishing you all the best ?????

- YD, Uk



He is a lovely man but I personally don't enjoy when readers explain meaning of the card. If that's what you are after, he is right for you from my experience. However, everything always does depend on the connection between you and the reader.

- zm, Slovakia



Thank you so very much Sam, you are a gem. ?????

- Carrie SA, Kent



Samual was amazing..his in-depth reading and his explanation of each card was not only amazing but spot on…picked up on my situation with the first card and continued to with each card thereafter.. Wow…highly recommend..I actually feel like I've had a proper reading …love and light Samual..and thank you from the bottom of my heart

- Mandy, Uk


Amazingly accurate

Samuel was so correct about the situation I have faced and am currently facing. He explained thongs so well and detailed what will be, in a way that made sense. He is a professional empathetic and fair reader. He is an all rounder and I'm sure he will be very busy times to come.

- Mich, U.K


Amazing ?

I don't usually leave reviews but this was definitely worth it! I found he was very indepth & understood the cards well! It was a great reading that offered lots of clarification and closure on personal situations. I would highly recommend ?

- Deanna Beverley, Solihull



Tuned iin no time wasted great reading well connected and his lovely spirit guide Elenore. One. Of my favorites and please give hime a go. Amazing reader god bless and love and light.

- Sarah, West midlands


Regards work

Very nice energy picked up on connection highly recommend lovely to speak to I wish you well Samuel. Elenore ur guide was lovely too and I thank you. God bless

- Sarah, West mids


Reading aligns with top readers

Samuel uses tarot cards to read. He has a more descriptive style where he talks in detail about what each card represents and then links it to the situation - I found that the information he receives is accurate as it aligned with other top readers.

- Kira, UK



Sam is very good and knows his cards too well

- Phiwo, England



Hi Samuel Thank you so much for a wonderful reading, nd for not getting put off with me asking alot of questions. I really enjoyed speaking to you. Definitely worth giving a chance. ?????

- Carrie, Kent