Birthday Numbers Summary

So, what is a Birthday Number (the day you were born) ? Your Birthday Number is one of the five core numbers and it will tell you everything you need to know about your character, traits, and talents. Your Birthday Number and Life Path Number tend play of each other really well; by understanding these core numbers, you will get a good insight into what the universe has planned for you. With the knowledge these numbers provide, you will be able to make choices in life that will bring you and your loved ones the greatest joy. If you want to get a true understanding of your fate, uncovering your Birthday Number is vital.

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Birthday Number 1 Explained

If your Birthday Number is 1, you are likely to have strong leadership abilities, so whenever the opportunity arises, you don’t have a problem taking control. Those who are blessed with this Birthday Number usually make great entrepreneurs and they’re able to inspire people around them. You are ambitious, determined, and have a thirst for knowledge, a thirst that increases with the more success you get. In the workplace, you expect your colleagues to push themselves as hard as you do as you’re always coming up new ideas that will help push things forward. While you’re a creative soul, you always see a project through to completion before moving onto something new. With your ability to communicate, you’re able to change the lives of the people you interact with, making you someone that your friends and relatives will always admire.

Birthday Number 2 Explained

With your Birthday Number being 2, you’re a well-balanced person who’s always looking to achieve harmony in life. You are an intuitive soul who’s always seeking out knowledge and a reason for being. If your Birthday Number is 2, you’re likely to have strong opinions about what’s right and wrong; while some of your views are quite strong, the people in your circle trust you completely. Most people will describe you as a creative person with a colourful imagination, someone who brings light into any room they enter. When your loved ones are going through hard times, they will come to you because you provide them with a sense of security.

Birthday Number 3 Explained

Being blessed with Birthday Number 3 means you’re a person who possesses great knowledge and good manners. You’re often focussed on the things that can be achieved through hard work and determination. Striving to be at the top of the food chain in your career is something you’re known for, however, you have to be careful as your jealous can eat away at you sometimes. While you’re an amazing communicator, you can sometimes be very cut throat with the people who don’t work in the way you want. Taking on challenging situations is something you get a lot of pleasure out of, something that the people close to you will appreciate.

Birthday Number 4 Explained

Identifying with Birthday Number 4 means you’re an independent person who’s an artist when it comes to communication. You’re a very easy person to be around and you have the ability to gel with people from all walks of life. One of your weaknesses is not being able to finish things that you start as you’re easily distracted by the new/shiny objects that appear. Planning for the future is something you’re very good at because you want to make your life as easy as possible. You can expect to be stable/secure in your later years which will allow you to provide for your loved ones.

Birthday Number 5 Explained

If you’re Birthday Number is 5, you’re sure to be someone who is hungry for wealth, power, and recognition, something which can become consuming if you’re not careful. If you’ve been blessed with Birthday Number 2, you’re someone who is able to find quick solutions to any problems that pop up in your life, that said, your first idea isn’t always your best. Your desire for financial wealth/security is what inspires you to get up every morning as you want to provide a good life for yourself and your loved ones. Knowing how to navigate the business world is one of your greatest strengths, so you’re always getting involved with new/exciting projects.

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