Birthday Numbers Summary

If you want to get a deep understanding of your characteristics and talents, uncovering the truth behind your Birthday Number (the day you were born) is the first step. As 1 of 5 core numbers, your Birthday Number will tell you everything you need to know about your traits and abilities. Achieving a state of harmony in your life is possible through the understanding of numerology. Your Birthday Number is closely tied to your Life Path Number, so it will showcase all of the challenges that are set to come your way. Making better choices is your life is much easier when you know what the universe is going to serve up to you. Through your Birthday Number, you will get a grasp on your fate so you can start taking real control of your life.

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Birthday Number 16 Explained

If your Birthday Number is 16, you’re someone who has a lot of patience; you’re very understanding, intuitive, and compassionate, so wanting to help others is something the comes naturally to you. You enjoy your freedom and you want the people around you to be able to do the same. When your loved ones come to you with questions, you usually have profound answers that help them pus through any challenges they’re facing. You have great taste and an interest in historical artefacts, however, this is something you have to be careful of as it could lead to the path of you becoming a hoarder.

Birthday Number 17 Explained

Being blessed with Birthday Number 2 means that you’re someone who enjoys their freedom, in fact, you need it. If you want to flourish in your life, you’re the kind of person who has to spend time with nature so you can spread your wings. Thinking about how others perceive you is something that concerns you from time-to-time, especially when they flaunt their wealth in your face. When you’re not enjoying yourself in the wild, you like to work hard, sometimes taking on more than you can handle.

You’re not good at delegating jobs because you like to do everything yourself so that you can make sure that it’s done to your standard. While people in your life will commend this attitude, it usually means you end up working very long hours, sometimes missing out on precious time with loved ones. As tough as life can be, your positive energy is able to keep you going while inspiring/empowering the people around you.

Birthday Number 18 Explained

Is your Birthday Number 18? If so, you’re sure to be someone who possesses a lot of creative talents, talents that will inspire the people around you. You are a great communicator, so having a career in media or the education system is something that would be perfect for you. By travelling the world and meeting people from various cultures, you will be able to quickly expand your knowledge. When it comes to your finances, you don’t like to rely on one source of income, so you often dip your hands in various pots. You have a great eye for good investment opportunities, so building a life for you and your loved ones won’t be much of an issue. Whenever you’re faced with a negative situation, you have the ability to move forward as you don’t like to dwell in the past for too long.

Birthday Number 19 Explained

Being blessed with Birthday Number 19 means that you have amazing leadership qualities, so you’re able to juggle many projects at once. You have high ambitions, so you won’t stop working until you get to where you want to be. You will be recognised for your commitment and hard work, so naturally, you will be a point of inspiration for the people you work with. Taking risks isn’t an alien concept for you, however, you tend to research things before simply diving in headfirst. In regard to your romantic life, there are will be a lot of people who are attracted to you on account of your shining personality. It’s not often that spend time alone as people love be in your company. You’re at your happiest when you have total control of the things going on around you, that said, you must learn how to relax on occasion.

Birthday Number 20 Explained

Those who are honoured with having Birthday Number 20 are kind, creative, and intuitive. Your friends and family would describe you as a dreamer and they’re willing to support you no matter what. You’re someone who wants harmony in your life, so you will do whatever you can to help your loved ones. While you have the ability to lead, you would much rather follow orders as part of a team so you can focus on the task at hand. There are very few people in the world who have an appreciate for beauty like you do; with your creative flare and attention to detail, you’re able to conjure up the most wondrous creations. Being surrounded by your loved ones is something that’s extremely important to you; you’re friends and family fill you with a sense of peace, something that’s very hard to come by.

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