How to Identify True Love

It is sometimes difficult to know for sure whether your partner loves you—this is especially true at the start of a relationship because at this stage, you are still getting to know each other. While you may not know exactly what your partner is thinking/feeling, there are signs you can look out for that will give you an indication. As your relationship matures, you may not be all over each other like you were in the early days, instead, your love will mature into something more stable/long-lasting.

8 Ways to Know How Your Partner Feels About You

1. They Always Want to Spend Time with You

If your partner wants to spend time with you, it is usually because they are having fun/enjoying your company. At the start of a relationship, it is common for people to want to spend a lot of time with each other, however, if this feeling extends beyond the honeymoon period, it is a pretty good indicator of how someone truly feels about you.

2. They Always Include You

If your partner is always doing their best to involve you in the various aspects of their life, it is a sign that they value you. They may want to include you in their Saturday night plans with friends/family or speak with you about a new job opportunity that has come their way. If your partner really cares for/trusts you, they will open up to you about their deepest feelings.

3. They Always Want to Help You

When somebody really cares about you, they will always want the best for you—to make sure this happens, they will do whatever they can to support you. Your happiness and well-being will be extremely important to someone who has deep feelings for you, so pay attention to your partner’s answers.

4. They Make You Feel Good About Yourself

While we all have things about ourselves that we do not like, when we find someone who loves us for who are, they will make us feel good about our supposed shortcomings.

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5. They Trust You Completely

Trust is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. Trust is also not something people hand over easily; if someone is confident/comfortable enough to put their heart in your hands, it is likely that they have deep feelings for you.

6. They Always Turn to You First

If you are the first person that your partner turns to whenever they have a problem, it is because they need/value your support. Whether your partner has good/bad news, you will always be the first person your partner wants to share this information with.

7. They Make You Feel Safe

If you have experienced past difficulties/problems in a relationship, you probably never felt safe around your partner. When somebody genuinely cares for you, they will do whatever it takes to make sure you feel safe enough to let down your guard. Feeling safe around your partner is one vital aspect to the success of any relationship.

8. They Always Make an Effort

How much effort is your partner putting into your relationship/seeing you? The amount of time and effort that someone is willing to invest in you is a good indicator of how they feel. Does your partner buy/make you gifts? Does your partner make plans to surprise/make you feel good? While spending money in and of itself will not tell you how someone truly feels, when combined with other actions it will give you an insight into their intentions.

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How to Know If Your Partner Loves You

Whenever you meet someone who whisks you off your feet, one of the most prevalent thoughts on your mind will be around how they feel about you. Does he love me? Does he want to build a life with me? Am I the only one is his life? Questions like this will be on your mind all the time, and until you get an answer that satisfies you, you may not be able to rest peacefully. Communication is key in any relationship, but you must also pay close attention to your partner’s actions so that you know where you stand.

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