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Astrology Becoming More Popular Among Men In Recent Years

Published 27/08/2022 by Joanne Jones

Astrology Becoming More Popular Among Men in Recent Years

Why Are Men Interested in Astrology?

Astrology/psychic websites have reported an increase in male users. A rise in male users indicates that men are looking to understand astrology to see how it can play a part in finding a suitable partner. Many people turn to astrology and cheap psychic readings for guidance during tough times. Speaking with an astrologer or psychic is an affordable way for someone to gain insight into their lives and learn what steps they should take in the future.

For a long time, the world of astrology has been dominated by women. With the rise of social media and the internet, men have become interested in these practices. This openness in men indicates that they are more willing to find help for their problems.

How Did the Internet Affect Astrology?

The internet made it possible for niche forms of knowledge to become more available and open to the public. US consumers have spent over $40 million on psychic services and apps in 2019 alone—double the figures recorded in 2018.

According to expert Sir Cheo, this doubling is due to moving to an information age and the Age of Aquarius. Sir Cheo was referring to the idea that every 2,000 years, the sun moves from its regular orbit, placing it in front of a new zodiac constellation.

Men, Astrology, and Dating

There is no denying that dating can be challenging for guys. There seem to be more obstacles than ever, making it difficult to find a real connection. As more men struggle in the dating world, they turn to astrology for help. Astrology can offer insight into someone's personality/compatibility, which can be helpful when trying to find a partner.

According to a survey by OKCupid, the percentage of men who believe that complementary horoscope signs are essential in finding the right partner has increased by 60% over three years. OKCupid also asked respondents if they considered astrology a legitimate science. OKCupid found that the percentage of men who responded yes increased by 20% over three years.

Men interested in astrology are from all walks of life; some are from the tech industry and are perceived as influential individuals. Despite finding a lot of success, men are struggling to find a life partner, so they have turned to the world of astrology to utilise every tool at their disposal. Isolated men might be more prone to unhealthy relationships because they crave intimacy and are more susceptible to ending up with someone who is not good for them.

6 Ways Men Can Find Love With Astrology

1. Not Everyone Is a Believer

It is important to remember that not everyone believes in astrology. Do not feel let down if you meet someone for the first time and they do not seem interested in your zodiac sign.

2. Do Not Make Assumptions

It is still important to get to know someone before making assumptions about them. After all, we are all complex individuals, so there is more to us than our zodiac sign.

3. Use Every Tool at Your Disposal

Do not forget that astrology is just one tool that can be useful in finding love. When looking for your ideal partner, it is important to use other methods such as fortune-telling, mediumship, and tarot cards.

4. Learn About Compatibility

Determine your zodiac sign and learn about your compatibility with other signs—this will give you a good starting point for finding a potential match.

5. Focus on Your Love Planet

Pay attention to your love planet—this is the planet that rules your love life and will give clues about who would be a good match for you.

6. Use Astrology Dating Sites

Check out online dating sites that cater to astrology-minded singles. Using astrology dating sites will help you find people on the same wavelength as you.

Cheap Astrology Love Readings for Men

There are many success stories about men who have found love with the help of astrology. If you are ready to find love using astrology, we have the best astrologers online 24 hours a day who will guide you. No matter how much you are struggling with love, you will gain valuable inside into your personality/compatibility with others.

Astrology will provide guidance on what kind of partner you are compatible with, it can even help you better understand your emotions/needs; this self-awareness is essential to have a healthy and happy relationship.

At Trusted Psychics, you can talk with different psychics who will give you insights into your problems. Choose from our professional psychic readers today for a concise love reading, and rest assured that they will provide you with compassionate and caring service.

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