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Libra March 2023

Published 21/02/2023 by Joanne Jones

Libra | March 2023 | Free Horoscope

Free Horoscope Libra

The month of March brings a lot of changes to those born under the sign of Libra.

It may be a month where you find yourself taking on new responsibilities or being presented with unexpected opportunities. You're likely to experience an upswing in confidence and feel enthusiastic about taking on challenges that arise.

If you don't let your ego get in the way, you may feel ready to take a risk and make a bold move that could lead to success.

Regarding romance, March is a roller coaster for Libras. Although this could bring some exciting moments, it's essential to avoid getting carried away with fantasies about what could be. Taking the time to evaluate potential partners and relationships more carefully would be beneficial.

On the career front, this is an excellent month for Libras looking for new professional opportunities. Your hard work and dedication will pay off, and your leadership skills will come in handy when it comes to helping project teams stay focused and organised.

Take advantage of any networking events or industry conferences that come your way this month.

Love, Relationships and Compatibility for Libra

March is an excellent time for the Libras relationship sector. Libra, who want to explore and reignite their love life, are in luck.

Those in relationships or married life should take the opportunity of the planetary placements and nurture their connection. At the same time, those who are single may find potential partners. In any case, Libras should be ready for new beginnings regarding matters of the heart.

In terms of most compatible signs, air signs like Gemini and Aquarius will make suitable matches for Libra this month.

Both signs offer plenty of intellectual stimulation, incredibly outgoing and friendly, allowing them to stay on the same wavelength as Libra. They can understand each other's perspectives, making conversations and debates more enjoyable. Both Geminis and Aquarians tend to be quite flighty creatures. They may not have the same commitment or loyalty that Libra desires from a partner.

The Libra astrological sign can also look to fire signs like Aries or Leo for romance this month for the passion and enthusiasm that Libra needs to feel alive and fulfilled within their relationship.

While Aries can be too impulsive at times, they remain loyal partners who want nothing more than to see their loved ones happy. Leo is a romantic sign whose flamboyant personality appeals greatly to Libra's graceful character, resulting in an effortless dynamic.

Money and Finance for Libra

March is a month of slow, measured growth and expansion for the zodiac sign of Libra when it comes to money and finance prospects.

Libras will find their finances are up this month, although it might not be a meteoric rise. Instead, calm and steady progress will be seen in this area.

Those in finance need to keep their eyes trained on any opportunities during March. Even if these don't lead to an immediate income boost, they may bear fruit further down the line.

While small investments may seem insignificant compared to larger ones, they can have huge potential when done in the right place at the right time. Now is also a great time to save more aggressively than usual. There's no better way to ensure your long-term financial security is rock solid than putting a little bit each day or week into your savings account or retirement fund.

Career, Business and Education for Libra

March will be an essential month for Librans regarding their career, business, and educational pursuits.

There will be a strong focus on developing and sharpening new skills. It is a period that calls for hard work and dedication. Your planetary ruler alignment indicates that the rewards for such effort in this area will likely be significant.

For those in full-time employment, March could bring the opportunity to take on a more challenging role or responsibility within their current job, involving taking on additional responsibilities or advancing within your field by furthering your qualifications.

With plenty of planets aligned favourably in Libra's house of career during March, this could lead to tremendous success and recognition at work.

Entrepreneurs and business owners should make the most of this time. There is potential for significant growth and progress during this period. Those embarking on new projects should benefit from influential figures' support.

At the same time, long-standing ventures can progress towards profitability thanks to positive alignments between the stars. It is also likely an auspicious time for making decisions or signing contracts that can impact how successful businesses operate in the coming months and years.

Regarding education, Libras might encounter some interesting ideas or revelations throughout March, which could prove beneficial when studying or working towards qualifications.

There may be opportunities to participate in events or workshops related to their chosen field, which could help them gain valuable knowledge and insights into their profession.

Health and Wellness for Libra

Libras will find their health and wellness drastically improving throughout March. During this time, they may feel increasingly energetic and motivated to take on physical activities that they have been shying away from.

By being proactive in taking measures to boost their mental health and physical health, Libras could significantly improve their overall well-being.

Libra will want to progress spiritually and should set aside time for personal reflection and meditation.

March is an ideal time to engage in yoga or mindfulness-based activities to help bring inner peace and balance into one's life. It is also essential for Libra natives to make sure they spend quality alone time with themselves and nurture their mental well-being. They should focus on relaxing and de-stressing without feeling any guilt or shame associated with it.

This month's planetary alignment will allow Libra to tap into its creative side. They should carve out some time throughout the day or week to pursue artistic endeavours and explore different outlets for self-expression.

This period is especially beneficial for those looking to reconnect with their passions or discover new hobbies that bring joy.

Important Dates for Libra

The month of March starts with an exciting start for Libras as the Sun enters Pisces on March 13th.

It is a great time to work on your fantasies and dreams for the future and get inspired about what you could achieve in the year. On March 20th, Venus enters Aries, making this an ideal moment to act on those ideas you've been mulling over and work towards manifesting them.

March 24th will be especially fruitful for Libras as the New Moon emerges in Aries. This will be a potent time to set intentions related to fresh starts, new beginnings and self-development initiatives that can help propel you forward into a brighter future.

The warm glow of the Full Moon in Libra arrives on March 28th. It should bring much-needed harmony into your life, helping you appreciate the people and possessions around you.

Lucky Days for Libra

March is an excellent month for Libras, with several lucky days bringing good fortune and positive outcomes.

The beginning of March is especially beneficial to the Libra sign when the Moon is in Pisces from March 1-3. These are days of opportunity and growth, as well as increased creativity, so be sure to take advantage of any special offers or inspiring ideas that come your way.

The 7th brings luck and joy as Mercury enters Aries and supports communication and networking for Libras.

The 10th sees Venus entering Aquarius, which brings feelings of optimism, an adventurous spirit, and the potential for new solid relationships.

The 13th marks the New Moon in Pisces, bringing a surge of divine inspiration that can be used to create unique new projects or forge meaningful connections.

On the 15th, Mars enters Capricorn, which provides determination and strength to help achieve goals that may have previously seemed out of reach.

The 19th brings an opportunity for financial success when Jupiter enters Aquarius – use this luck wisely!

On the 20th is the Full Moon in Libra: a particular time that could bring unexpected but welcome news if you're open to it.

The 22nd sees Mercury re-entering Pisces be mindful of how you communicate at this time since misunderstandings could quickly arise.

The 25th brings more luck when Venus enters Pisces, so take risks where appropriate and enjoy pleasant surprises.

Lucky Numbers for Libra

Libras born in March will face many changes and opportunities that could affect their lives and how they think. They will experience a significant shift in their luck as the month progresses and should take advantage of it.

Lucky numbers for Libras during this time are 2, 3, 10, 20, 24 and 40.

As far as predictions go for the month ahead for Libras, March will bring about some unexpected changes in your life. You may find yourself switching jobs or moving suddenly, but these can all be seen as signs of progress.

Your lucky number two boosts your confidence, helping you quickly make big decisions.

Number three is associated with people who are creative and highly independent-minded. If you feel like striking out on your own and chasing after a dream this month, you should give it a go!

Number 10 represents an excellent time for networking. Someone might come along who can help you out later down the line.

20 brings potential partnerships that could prove rewarding over time, so don't be afraid to take risks when they present themselves.

The number 40 signifies good fortune, especially in career matters. Try something different if there's something out there that piques your interest.

Interests for Libra

With the Sun in Pisces, we can expect an exciting time for Libras, and they will want to engage in new activities, hobbies, and interests that cater to their love of creativity and connection to others.

As Venus moves into Aries on March 4th, love and social bonds will be strengthened, providing a spark for new interests in the arts, design, and beauty.

As Mercury moves into Aquarius on March 15th, Libras will be drawn more to intellectual pursuits such as philosophy, technology, and science, which could be helpful for future decision-making or problem-solving.

With Jupiter still in Capricorn until May 13th, more practical pursuits like finance, business or home renovations may also call out to Libras.

Overview for Libra

There will be plenty of opportunities for progress and personal growth for the zodiac sign of Libra. From the start of March, the Sun is situated in Pisces, bestowing a generous dose of creative energy. Now is the time to work on your hobbies or pursue any form of self-expression that can help you to contact your innermost emotions.

Venus, your ruling planet, will be transiting through Aries throughout March, giving you lots of enthusiasm and motivation to take on new activities.

This is a highly dynamic time for your relationships as Venus and Mercury enter the Moon sign, Aries. As the Moon enters Aries, conflicts may arise. Still, it's also an opportunity to reach out to those around you with openness and understanding. Make sure not to let petty quarrels get into essential and constructive conversations.

The full Moon in Virgo on March 28th marks a momentous occasion for Libras as it promises emotional clarity and transformation. This is an excellent time to organise and set clear goals and intentions.

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