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Moon Phase Compatibility Test

Published 05/03/2024 by Louise Emma

Moon Phase Compatibility Test

What Is the Moon Phase Compatibility Test on TikTok?

The Moon Phase Compatibility Test is the latest TikTok sensation captivating users by offering a unique way to determine astrological compatibility, not based on zodiac signs, but on the moon's phases.

This viral trend is an intriguing method that calculates relationship compatibility between individuals by comparing the lunar phase to their birth dates.

Given that the moon influences tides and is often associated with emotional and subconscious undercurrents in astrological beliefs, this test piques the curiosity of many exploring connections deeper than sun signs.

To partake in this test, users first need to find out the lunar phase on the day they were born, which can be done through various websites. Once this information is obtained, they compare it with the lunar phase of their friend, partner, or someone they are interested into gauge compatibility.

The belief is that certain birth moon phases align better with others, suggesting a harmonious relationship, while conflicting phases could indicate challenges.

Why You Shouldn't Trust the Moon Phase Compatibility Test?

Critics of the Moon Phase Compatibility Test argue that compatibility cannot be boiled down to lunar positions alone, emphasising the complexity of human relationships.

Despite scepticism, the test's popularity in finding a romantic partner speaks to a broader trend on platforms like TikTok, where users are eager to explore and share unique aspects of their identities, including astrological ones.

In an era where personalised content is king, such trends offer a fun and introspective way to connect with others and aspects of themselves that might otherwise go unexplored.

Steps to Create Moon Phase Compatibility Test:

The Moon Phase Compatibility Test highlights the growing interest in astrology and its potential impact on our lives. This trend is not surprising as more people turn to alternative sources of guidance and understanding, such as tarot readings and horoscopes.

The moon phase calculator offers a refreshing break from traditional methods of determining compatibility, inviting individuals to explore new perspectives and connections via moon compatibility.

1. Go to

2. Select Calendar

To create your own Moon Phase Compatibility Test, the first step involves selecting an online lunar calendar that tracks the moon's phases over the years.

Numerous websites and mobile apps offer detailed lunar calendars that can pinpoint the exact phase of the moon on any given date. This tool is essential in determining the starting point of your compatibility test, as it allows you to identify the lunar phase on your birth date accurately.

3. Enter DOB

After selecting a reliable lunar calendar, the next step is to enter your date of birth (DOB). This step requires precision, as the birth moon phase can significantly change within a single day.

By inputting your DOB, the calendar will display the phase that was present at the time of your birth, providing the foundational element for your moon compatibility assessment.

4. Screenshot Moon Phase

Once you have obtained the moon phase for your birth date, the next step is to take a screenshot. This image will be a visual reference when comparing your lunar phase with a friend, partner, or person of interest. Ensuring you capture a clear and accurate screenshot is crucial for the subsequent steps in the compatibility test.

It is essential to ensure that the image sizes of the moon phases being compared are the same. This step might involve adjusting the screenshots you've taken to match in size and resolution, which can be done through basic image editing tools. Consistency in image size ensures that the comparison between the two phases is fair and visually coherent, which is particularly helpful if you plan to share or discuss your findings on platforms such as TikTok.

5. Repeat Process With Partner DOB

The next crucial step in creating your Moon Phase Compatibility Test involves repeating the process with the date of birth (DOB) of a partner, friend, or person you are exploring compatibility with. As you did for your lunar phase, access the chosen online lunar calendar and input the other individual's DOB. Ensuring accuracy at this stage is paramount, as even slight inaccuracies in date or time could result in a different lunar phase being identified.

6. Screenshot Moon Phase

Once the moon phase for your partner or friend's birth date is accurately determined, proceed to take a screenshot of this phase as well. This screenshot must be as clear and detailed as the first one you captured. This image will become the basis for comparison and analysis in the Moon Phase Compatibility Test, allowing you to juxtapose both lunar phases side by side visually.

The objective clarity of this comparison forms the foundation of your test, rendering it essential to secure high-quality images that faithfully represent each phase.

7. Make Sure the Image Sizes Are the Same

After ensuring the image sizes of the moon phases being compared are the same, an exciting next step is to venture into the realm of video editing and sharing, mainly if you aim to share your Moon Phase Compatibility Test results on platforms like TikTok. For this purpose, installing a user-friendly video editing app such as CapCut is a great starting point.

CapCut offers a plethora of editing tools that are intuitive and perfect for those who may need more extensive video editing experience.

8. Install CapCut App

With CapCut installed, the next step is finding inspiration or a template to model your video afterwards. TikTok is a treasure trove of creative content, including numerous examples of how people share their Moon Phase Compatibility Test results.

By searching hashtags or keywords related to the Moon Phase Compatibility Test on TikTok, you can discover a variety of video styles and presentations. This exploration will give you creative ideas and help you understand what resonates with your intended audience. Paying attention to these details can significantly enhance the impact of your video.

9. Find Video on TikTok With Blueprint

Once you have found a TikTok video as a perfect blueprint for your vision, it's time to head back to CapCut and begin the creation process. Inside the CapCut app, you'll find the option to "Use Template," which allows you to apply a predefined video structure to your content, making the editing process smoother and more efficient.

If the inspiration you found on TikTok can be adapted into a template, this step will enable you to replicate its structure and style while personalising the content with your moon phase images and compatibility findings. This method saves time and assures quality and coherence in your final video.

10. In CapCut, Select Use Template

After identifying the perfect TikTok video that inspires your Moon Phase Compatibility Test, the next crucial step involves leveraging the CapCut app's unique features to bring your vision to life. Launch CapCut on your device and search through the "Use Template" option to do this. This resourceful feature allows you to explore a range of pre-designed video layouts that closely match the structure and style of the TikTok video you admired.

11. Choose 2 Photos From Collection and Press Preview

Upon selecting a suitable template in CapCut, the next stage is personalising your project by incorporating the moon phase images representing you and your partner or friend. To do this, tap on the placeholder sections designated for photos within the template. You will then be prompted to access your photo collection, from which you can choose two images—the screenshots of the moon phases you prepared earlier.

It's essential to ensure that these images are well-aligned and appropriately scaled to fit the template's design, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your video and ensuring clarity in the visual comparison.

After carefully selecting the images and confirming they are correctly positioned within the template, it's time to press the "Preview" button. This action initiates a full playback of your video, incorporating your chosen images into the template's flow.

This step is crucial as it allows you to assess the overall coherence of the video, ensuring that the integration of images, text, and any added elements, such as music or voiceovers, align perfectly with the narrative you aim to construct.

12. Change Text to Yours and Your Partners Name and DOB

To further personalise your Moon Phase Compatibility Test video, changing the text to include your and your partner's names and dates of birth adds a special touch.

In CapCut, use the text tool to overlay this personalised information over the introductory part of the video or alongside your images.

Choosing a font and colour that are visible against your video's background is essential yet aligns with its aesthetic. This customisation makes the video more engaging and allows viewers to immediately understand the personal connection and context of the compatibility test being presented.

13. Export Movie From TikTok, Select Add Sound

After finalising the personalised elements of your video, the next step is exporting it from CapCut. Ensure you review the entire video for any last-minute adjustments to avoid errors. Then, locate and select the 'Export' button, typically in the screen's top right corner.

Choose the highest quality settings for your export to ensure your video looks crisp and professional when uploaded to TikTok. This process might take a few minutes, depending on the video's length and selected quality. Once the export is complete, your video will be saved to your device's gallery or camera roll, ready for the next step.

Upon successfully exporting your Moon Phase Compatibility Test video, it's time to add the final touch by selecting an appropriate sound or music track.

When uploading your video to TikTok, tap on the 'Add Sound' button at the top of the screen. You can choose from TikTok's extensive library of songs and effects or upload a sound from your collection.

Choose a track that enhances the mood you aim to create with your video; for example, a whimsical tune might underscore the curiosity of astrology, while a more romantic song could emphasise the compatibility aspect of your test. Your Moon Phase Compatibility Test video is complete and ready to captivate viewers on TikTok.

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How Do You Know If Your Moon Phases Are Compatible?

Determining the compatibility of moon phases between two individuals involves an intricate exploration of their astrological birth charts.

First, you must identify each person's sign, representing their emotional inner world, desires, and how they instinctively react to situations. The moon sign is determined by its position at the time of one's birth.

Moon compatibility is often gauged by how these signs interact, reflected in the aspects or angles that the moons' positions form about one another in the celestial sphere.

Is the Moon Phase Soulmate Test Real?

While the Moon Phase Soulmate Test offers an intriguing way to explore relationship dynamics through astrology, it's crucial to approach its outcomes with a nuanced understanding.

Astrology, including such moon sign compatibility tests, operates more as a tool for reflection and insight rather than a definitive science. Determining a "soulmate" or twin flame based on moon phases is rooted in astrological traditions symbolising different aspects of our personality and emotional world.

However, celestial positions cannot fully capture the complexity of human relationships alone. These moon phase trends can encourage introspection and foster a deeper understanding of one's emotional needs and how they interact with those of others. Still, they should not be seen as an absolute indicator of compatibility.

What Is the Moon Phase Soulmates Test?

The Moon Phase Soulmate Test serves as a captivating approach for individuals to examine their connections through the lens of astrology, emphasising the importance of viewing results with a discerning eye.

Framed more as an avenue for self-discovery and gaining deeper insights, astrology and its compatibility tests, including this one, should not be interpreted as rigid evidence.

Rooted in ancient astrological wisdom, the idea of identifying a “soulmate” or twin flame based on lunar cycles represents a symbolic exploration of our inner selves and emotional needs.

Is Moon Phase Compatibility Accurate?

Like many aspects of astrology, the accuracy of Moon Phase Compatibility tests is subject to debate. While these tests can offer insightful reflections on one's personality and emotional world, it's essential to understand that compatibility involves a complex interplay of factors beyond celestial influences.

Emotional compatibility is influenced by individual experiences, communication styles, shared values, and mutual respect, elements that astrological signs or moon phases cannot fully encapsulate.

Therefore, while the Moon Phase Compatibility test can provide intriguing insights and a fun way to consider one's relationship dynamics, moon compatibility should not be taken as a definitive measure of compatibility.

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