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Published 19/03/2023 by Joanne Jones

Psychological Facts About Soulmates

It is said that when you meet your soulmate, you will feel like you have known them your entire life, and this is because you have a deep connection with this person that goes beyond the physical realm.

People believe your soulmate is someone you are destined to be with and that no matter what happens, you will always find your way back to each other.

There are many psychological theories about why we are drawn to certain people. One theory suggests that we are attracted to people like us regarding personality traits and values. Another theory posits that we are attracted to people who can emotionally provide us with what we need.

Regardless of the reason, meeting your soulmate is an exceptional experience. Here are some psychological facts about soulmates from the live psychic readers at Trusted Psychics:

  1. People who have met their soulmates often feel an instant connection with them.
  2. Soulmates often share similar interests and values.
  3. Meeting your soulmate can change your life in profound ways.
  4. Soulmates can challenge us to grow and become better versions of ourselves.
  5. People who strongly believe in soulmates will likely be content with their current relationship.
  6. People who believe in soulmates are also more likely to be less critical of their partners and more forgiving of them.
  7. The idea of a soulmate can help people maintain hope during challenging times in their romantic relationships.
  8. People who believe in soulmates tend to be more optimistic about the future of their relationship.
  9. Believing in soulmates can give people greater security and self-worth.

The Science of Attraction and Compatibility

To learn more psychological facts about soulmates, continue reading.

When it comes to attraction and compatibility, there is a lot of science involved. Many factors play into who we are attracted to and compatible with, from how we smell to how we look.

Studies have shown that we are more likely to be attracted to people who share our level of attractiveness because we tend to see people who look like us as being more similar and, therefore, more likely to be compatible.

Other factors that come into play regarding attraction and compatibility include facial symmetry, body scent, and even the sound of our voice. All these things can subconsciously influence who we are attracted to and compatible with.

The science behind our compatibility and attraction to certain people is rooted in biological and evolutionary psychology. According to evolutionary psychologists, humans have evolved an instinctive drive to seek out the most desirable mates who can deliver successful reproductive success.

People are drawn to those who have strong physical traits, such as symmetrical features, a healthy complexion, and strong muscles. From an evolutionary standpoint, these qualities indicate good health and fertility. In addition to physical characteristics, humans are attracted to qualities such as confidence, intelligence, a sense of humour, ambition, and kindness.

Humans also tend to be attracted to partners with similar traits and interests. This phenomenon is called "assortative mating" and has been studied extensively by evolutionary psychologists.

Assortative mating suggests that humans rely on social cues from their potential partners to form impressions about them, including how attractive they find them. Research suggests that when couples share social networks or cultural backgrounds, they are more likely to develop long-term relationships than couples with different backgrounds.

Research has also suggested that sexual selection may play a role in attraction. Studies show that men tend to be more attracted to women who possess qualities associated with fertility, such as youthfulness and healthiness. In contrast, women tend to prefer men who demonstrate resources like education or job stability.

The Psychology of Love and Attachment

Psychological facts about soulmates are interesting because love, attachments and soulmate bonds are the most powerful emotions humans experience.

The psychology of love and attachment is a fascinating and complex area of study which seeks to understand why we form close relationships and how those relationships shape our lives. Research suggests that falling in love involves intense positive feelings such as joy, excitement, and passion. At the same time, forming an attachment bond requires trust, security, commitment, and cooperation.

The psychological basis for love and attachment begins in infancy when infants develop a secure bond with their primary caregiver—usually their mother—through physical contact, eye contact, and mutual responsiveness.

This bond forms the foundation for social functioning throughout life. According to John Bowlby's attachment theory, this solid emotional tie provides comfort during stress or fear and creates a sense of safety in unfamiliar situations.

These same principles apply as adults enter romantic relationships and meet that special person.

A healthy relationship is typically based on mutual trust and understanding, which helps create a feeling of security or "attunement" between partners. Love is often an intense experience associated with strong emotions where partners feel deeply connected to one another through shared experiences and common interests. Attachment theory also suggests that physical intimacy is essential in fostering closeness within relationships by reinforcing emotional connections through touch.

Research shows that people who engage in secure attachments with others tend to have higher self-esteem and fewer mental health issues than those who don't have strong attachments to others. Research has indicated that solid parenting leads to better adjustment in adult romantic relationships. Children learn how to form working models of healthy relationships through their interactions with caregivers during childhood.

The psychology behind feelings of love and attachment is a complex area of study that seeks to explain why we form close connections with others throughout our lives. We come into relationships with preconceived notions about what it means to be loved or attached. Still, these ideas can evolve if mutual respect and communication between partners exist.

Having secure attachments to others plays an essential role in our overall well-being.

The Power of Belief and Perception

The power of belief and perception are two incredibly influential forces in our lives. Both conscious and unconscious beliefs shape how we view the world and can even impact our physical health.

Perception works together with ideas to inform our decisions, drive our behaviour, and determine the outcome of each experience.

At a fundamental level, beliefs provide us with an internal set of rules we use to make sense of the world around us. These core beliefs are lenses that colour our experiences and guide our daily actions. Because these beliefs are so deeply rooted in our thought process, they often feel like facts or truths; however, they can be changed or modified through conscious effort.

In addition to shaping how we perceive information from the outside world, belief systems also influence how we interpret pain signals within our bodies. When faced with a medical diagnosis of chronic pain, individuals who believe the pain is controllable tend to cope more successfully than those who don't think it can be managed effectively.

The power of belief can manifest as positive changes in physical symptoms – such as reduced inflammation or increased flexibility – when people expect their condition to improve due to treatment or lifestyle changes.

Perception is closely linked to belief in that it helps us interpret information and form conclusions about what is happening in any given moment or situation. Our perceptions are based on previous knowledge and experience and the current context; however, they aren't necessarily accurate reflections of reality because they may be coloured by bias or skewed expectations.

What we perceive to be true is only sometimes reliable, significantly if emotional elements impede the unbiased interpretation of information.

Belief and perception have immense power over our lives; they dictate which pieces of external stimuli we absorb and which bits we ignore entirely. Each person needs to cultivate awareness around their belief structures and perceptions to actively work toward creating meaningful change to better themselves and those around them.

Love Readings

Love readings by experienced psychic readers can offer a wide range of benefits, from gaining insight into why you are having difficulties in your relationships to learning which actions you can take to improve them.

They are experts in love and relationships, specialising in soulmate connections, twin flames and karmic relationships. They can advise on how compatible two people are and even when you will meet your new love — something incredibly valuable for singles looking for the perfect match.

Psychic readings can also help answer questions about existing relationships, such as your and your partner's strengths and weaknesses, where communication might be lacking, or whether a certain individual is suitable for you. Experienced readers can tap into your energy field and past lives to gain answers about your current life situation; this is invaluable for understanding why certain events have occurred in the past and how they may be affecting your present-day reality.

Love readings often provide helpful advice couples use to create stronger and more fulfilling relationships based on mutual understanding and respect.

Trusted Psychics has established itself as the go-to authority on lovescope readings for more than two decades. With dedicated readers available 24/7, they have been instrumental in helping couples reconnect, offering valuable advice on finding one's true soulmate and helping to steer those seeking love in the right direction.

Time and time again, the accuracy of their love readings has been proven through positive customer feedback and glowing testimonials from around the globe.

The site boasts an extensive database of experienced psychics and intuitive advisers passionate about helping others find connection, clarity, and happiness when it comes to matters of the heart. With such a comprehensive offering, it's no wonder that Trusted Psychics continues to be the number one source for reliable love readings online.


What Psychology Says About Soulmate?

Psychology suggests that a soulmate has a strong connection with another person on both a physical and emotional level.

This connection may be so strong that it transcends physical boundaries, often leaving the two individuals feeling as if they are connected in some way beyond the physical world.

The concept of soulmates is often associated with romantic soulmate relationships but can also extend to friendships and even family connections. It may involve an instantaneous recognition of one another, or it may take time to cultivate.

Psychologists believe this soulmate connection is powerful because it allows us to connect with someone else on a spiritual level instead of just a physical one. This spiritual connection will enable us to form bonds of understanding and empathy that are often not found in other types of relationships.

These bonds can lead to a deep sense of love, joy, peace, and contentment for both people involved in the soulmate relationship. Although the soulmate concept is still primarily contested within psychological circles, many researchers have documented cases where two individuals have had powerful connections and incredible feelings that seemed unexplainable by worldly standards.

What Are the Signs of a True Soulmate?

There are many types of soulmates, from romantic, karmic, and platonic soulmates and twin flame connections.

An actual soulmate energy is one with whom you feel an immediate connection and level of trust. You can feel genuinely understood and accepted, even in your most vulnerable moments.

There is an understanding between the two of you that doesn't need words to be expressed. Your souls seem to recognise each other when you are apart, and you realise that what you have is far more than a regular relationship.

You feel like you are the perfect match and have found the perfect person for you! You may experience a feeling of familiarity from the moment you meet as if you've known each other for years. Your conversations can flow easily for hours without getting awkward or boring. They don't just accept who you are but allow themselves to be vulnerable with you, open to sharing their thoughts, feelings, and life goals.

The relationship has an undeniable chemistry which transcends physical attraction; there is a spiritual connection that can't be explained with words.

You find yourself learning personal development and growth together in ways that make overcoming obstacles far less challenging. You will feel supported by your soul mate with a deep sense of personal growth in all areas of your life while being challenged to become the best version of yourself.

Psychologically, soulmates have a strong sense of purpose and connection. This sense of purpose brings extraordinary comfort, security, and fulfilment that cannot be found in regular couples.

You know instinctively when it's time to give each other space in your personal life and when it's time to come back together again. Even during disagreements or arguments, there is still deep respect between the two of you that never wavers.

You have a true connection and can trust them implicitly because they always have your best interests at heart no matter what happens and vice versa.

This deep love creates a strong bond and successful relationship that will stand firm through time, bringing forth many more beautiful memories.

Can You Feel Your Soulmate Thinking About You?

Although a soulmate experience is primarily a matter of belief and opinion, some people experience an inexplicable, deeply rooted connection with someone else that goes beyond physical attraction or shared interests.

This phenomenon is referred to as a soulmate connection. Some claim to be able to feel their partner's thoughts, emotions and even needs without needing verbal communication.

They may feel a positive energy when their soulmate or romantic partner struggles with something or feels joyous, even if they are miles apart. Both partners may also spontaneously sense when the other thinks about them, regardless of distance. These sensations are often described as a warm hug or a comforting presence that wraps around you when your partner is focused on you from afar.

How Does Your Body React When You Meet Your Soulmate?

Here's another one of those interesting psychological facts about soulmates. When you meet your soul connection, and those intense feelings of emotional intimacy come over you, your body may produce specific physiological reactions that indicate a special connection.

Your soulmate signs may include an elevated heart rate and breathing and increased oxytocin and dopamine levels - hormones associated with pleasure and reward.

Your pupils may also dilate, which is a sign of attraction. Your body may also release endorphins, which can give you a feeling of euphoria and connectedness. You may feel an inexplicable pull towards the other person and find yourself drawn in by their presence.

You may feel suddenly energised or even blissful when you are around them.

Meeting your soulmate is something that can bring an incomparable kind of joy and happiness to our lives. The type of connection between two soulmates is something beyond words, transcending ordinary human limits and offering both partners a chance to reach their highest potential to love one another beyond what they would have thought possible.

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