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Pisces Ruling Planet

Published 08/04/2024 by Louise Emma

Pisces Ruling Planet

The astrological sign, Pisces, is the twelfth sign of the zodiac, and it has dual rulership from Neptune and Jupiter.

The Pisces symbol is the fish. In traditional astrology, the Pisces ruling planet was Jupiter before the discovery of Neptune in 1846. However, modern astrologers believe Neptune's influence aligns better with Pisces's dreamy and intuitive nature.

So, what planet rules Pisces? In modern astrology, the Pisces ruling planet is more commonly known as Neptune.

Neptune is one of the outer planets in the solar system, known for its mysterious and ethereal energy. As the planet ruler of Pisces, Neptune symbolises creativity, spirituality, and imagination. It governs our dreams, subconscious mind, and connection to higher realms.

Pisces zodiac signs are often compassionate, empathetic, and deeply intuitive with an open communication style. They tend to have a deeper level of emotional depth and are highly attuned to others' emotions. Neptune's influence on Pisces gives them a sense of idealism and a desire to see the world through rose-coloured glasses.

Pisces is classified as a mutable water sign in astrology. It is well-known for its emotional sensitivity and psychic abilities. Pisces people can tap into their intuition and gut instincts more easily than other zodiac signs, making them excellent judges of character and adept at navigating the complexities of human relationships.

Those born under the sign of Pisces often have a dreamy and idealistic outlook on life. They may sometimes struggle with boundaries and reality, as Neptune's influence can blur the lines between fantasy and reality. However, this also gives them a unique ability to see the beauty in the world and find meaning in even the most mundane moments.

What Planet Rules Pisces - Neptune or Jupiter?

Pisces, the twelfth and final zodiac sign, is often associated with a blend of mysticism, sensitivity, and deep emotional reservoirs, personality traits influenced by its ruling planets.

In traditional astrology, Jupiter was considered the Pisces ruling planet, known for its association with growth, expansion, and higher learning. It infused Pisceans with a love for exploration and a deep-rooted sense of spirituality.

With the discovery of Neptune in 1846 this added a new layer to the astrological interpretations of Pisces. Neptune, with its connection to dreams, intuition, and the subconscious, has since been acknowledged as the modern rulership planet of Pisces.

This planet amplifies the sign's inclination towards empathy, creativity, and transcendence, aligning perfectly with Pisces's ethereal and boundless nature.

Why Does Pisces Have Two Ruling Planets?

Ancient astrology stated that Pisces has one ruler planet. Since the discovery of Neptune, modern astrologers now believe there are two rulers of this zodiac sign.

What planet rules Pisces? Jupiter and Neptune lead the dual planetary rulership of Pisces, a fascinating aspect of astrological lore that offers a richer, more nuanced understanding of the sign's essence.

As the ancient ruler, Jupiter imbues Pisces with a sense of philosophical quest and a broad, optimistic outlook, reflecting a yearning for knowledge and truth.

As the modern ruler, Neptune enhances Pisces' connection to the spiritual and emotional realms, emphasising intuition, artistic expression, and a deep, empathetic understanding.

This dual planetary rulership allows Pisceans to navigate both the material and mystical worlds, offering them a unique, expansive, and deeply introspective perspective. It underscores the sign's versatility and complexity, highlighting Pisceans’ multifaceted approach to life, spirituality, and relationships.

How Neptune Influences Pisces

The Pisces ruling planet, Neptune, strongly influences Pisces, giving them a vivid imagination and creative spirit. They are often drawn to artistic pursuits such as music, dance, poetry, or filmmaking. Their ability to connect with the mystical and spiritual realm allows them to channel inspiration from higher sources.

In modern astrology, Pisces' ruling planet, Neptune, is known as the planet of breakthroughs and is associated with illusions and deception.

Pisces individuals may need to be cautious of being overly trusting or naive. They may tend to escape reality through daydreaming or addictive behaviours that trigger their deep emotions, so they need to stay grounded and connected to the present moment.

Pisces, the planetary ruler, is one of the unique planets in astrology that brings a sense of magic and mysticism to their lives. It encourages Pisces zodiac signs people to explore their spiritual side, tap into their intuition, and embrace their creative gifts.

While they may face challenges with boundaries and reality, Neptune's energy helps the Pisces deep thinkers connect with the universe's deeper truths and find a sense of peace and purpose through spiritual practices.

How Jupiter Influences Pisces

Pisces' ruling planet, Jupiter, known as the planet of luck, growth, and planet of expansion, plays a significant role in shaping the intrinsic qualities of Pisces’s sun signs. Its influence imparts a sense of boundless optimism and a deep-seated drive for understanding the broader truths of life.

Pisceans under Jupiter's guidance are often seen as eternal seekers drawn to philosophical and spiritual exploration. This planet enhances their natural tendency towards compassion and generosity, encouraging them to extend their empathetic reach.

Jupiter's energy boosts Pisces personality traits of innate creativity, pushing them towards expansive thinking and often leading to a rich inner life filled with dreams, aspirations, and a potent desire for personal and collective growth.

Through Jupiter's lens, Pisces learn to navigate life's vast oceans with faith and a deep-rooted belief in life's goodness, embodying the true essence of this benefice planet's optimistic and growth-oriented nature.

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Does Pisces Have Two Ruling Planets?

Indeed, Pisces is unique among the zodiac signs for having two ruling planets: Jupiter and Neptune.

This dual rulership reflects the complexity and depth of the Piscean nature.

Jupiter, the planet of growth, abundance, and philosophy, was Pisces' ancient ruler, bestowing upon those born under this sign a natural inclination towards exploration, both of the mind and the spirit.

This sign ruler encourages boundless optimism and a quest for understanding that transcends the material world. With the discovery of Neptune in the 19th century, Pisces gained a modern ruler that complements its mystical and intuitive side.

The Pisces ruling planet, Neptune, governs dreams, imagination, and the subconscious, enriching Pisces with a deep well of creativity and empathy.

Together, these planets weave a rich tapestry of traits that define the Piscean experience, blending Jupiter's expansive wisdom with Neptune's sensitive introspection.

What Planet Is Lucky for Pisces?

In Vedic astrology, Jupiter is considered the planet of luck and fortune. This benevolent giant brings a sense of optimism, expansion, and opportunities for growth into the lives of those it influences.

For Pisceans, Jupiter's energy can manifest as serendipitous events, fortunate encounters, and the kind of good luck that seems to guide them towards fulfilling their deepest dreams and aspirations.

The Pisces ruling planet, Jupiter, encourages generosity, spirituality, and a broader understanding of the world, which can lead to success with personal and professional goals.

As Jupiter also rules over education, travel, and philosophical pursuits, Pisceans may find that they are especially lucky when they engage in these areas, seeking to expand their horizons and hold the wisdom that comes with new experiences.

Jupiter's favour is like a guiding light for Pisces, illuminating paths to prosperity and enlightenment.

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