Tarot decks consist of 78 cards that are sorted into minor and major arcana. Each card is packed with information, which may change depending on what systems a reader uses. Through phone tarot card readings or by taking a personal approach, one can decipher the meaning behind these cards and gain valuable insights. Whether in person or over the phone, tarot readings serve as a great way to point an individual to a better future.

what are the benefits of phone tarot card reading

In a tarot deck, the minor arcana is similar to a regular deck of playing cards. It has kings, queens, jacks, and four suits. The major arcana has 22 cards primarily associated with tarot; these include Death, the Devil, and others.

A reader can rely on various systems, including the Kabbalah, astrology, and numerology, which provide a deeper level of understanding of what each card means.

The most well-known card deck is the Rider-Waite deck. New users most commonly opt for this deck because it is easy to find, and the images are colourful and clear. Pamela Colman Smith created symbol-heavy artwork for this deck, making it easy for the reader to see what the card itself means.

There is no one standard way to read a deck. Different readers may use the same deck of cards during a phone tarot card reading but differ in their methods and interpretations. Readers come from all backgrounds and walks of life, so they have varying ways of reading the cards and add unique flourishes to work with their clients. Card readings can incorporate astrology, mediumship, or past trauma. However, at its core, tarot decks tell stories about the cycle of one’s life.

When the cards are shuffled and laid out in a reading, the order in which they are revealed shows different challenges in life that the person may encounter. As a result, tarot readings tend to bring up open-ended questions than offer direct answers.

Cards drawn in the major arcana do not necessarily represent the person the deck is being read to. It can be someone in their life or even describe a general issue.  The tarot card deck is a complex language, and every reading can vary from others. Add that to the way a reader will do it differently from another, and there can be a whole slew of meanings for a person.

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Gen Z and Tarot

In general, people in Gen Z lean towards spirituality more than religion. As a result, many youths have turned to the 78-card tarot deck, representing various concepts like new beginnings, deceit, and personal growth. Tarot reading has become part of mainstream fashion like its cousin, healing crystals. Thanks to social media, more and more young people have been wooed into mysticism as a means for soul-searching. This is especially true for many love-sick teens.

High stress is heavily associated with the rise of spirituality, and this is especially true in recent times. Tarot readings have become a popular form of new-age therapy for young people aged between 16 and 24 years old in the UK during the pandemic, which makes sense as gaining spiritual insights can greatly aid people in dealing with stress.

Many of those in Gen Z are constantly seeking ways to be understood and, through a tarot reading, individuals can feel validated by the universe. Some young adults report that tarot readings give them hope, so it is unsurprising to find social media readings getting many views and likes.

Card reading has been around for a long time, and card readers have been perceived as unapproachable at times. But with the advent of various means of long-distance communication, be it via phone or through the Internet, an increasing number of people are now opening up their minds to the idea of having a psychic reading. Much of the mystique and distrust towards psychic readers have died down, and many are realising that psychics are also regular people who they can approach at any time.

When seeking a tarot reader, one has to find a trustworthy person who can resonate with them on a spiritual level. However challenging their role may be, the tarot reader should seek to offer genuine insights and advice.

Seeking clarity can sometimes be difficult and can backfire if not managed well.  Therefore, readers always say that tarot reading is not a way to specifically tell the future. Instead, it is a way to assist people in taking the right course of action. One can simply take what resonates with them and leave out what doesn’t.

Tarot cards are tools that let people find better options when deciding on what to do after a heartbreak or a personal decision. They can assist people in understanding what is going on (especially in confusing times), teach people to appreciate themselves better, and aid them in making the right choice even when it is the more difficult one.

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