The Importance of Sex

Sex is great! However, it’s pretty much been established that our sex lives are better before we commit to something like marriage, this is especially true for when kids come along. Sex within a marriage is not always great; usually, what tends to happen is that people get too comfortable and stop putting in the effort. Since adultery is out of the question, it’s important for married couples to keep their sex lives interesting.

A healthy sex life is important for every relationship. Sex can be fulfilling and improve one’s mental and physical health. Having a regular and intimate sex life will improve your emotional well-being and help strengthen the bond you share with your lover. That being said, the logistics of marriage may not always allow for great sex, but that doesn’t mean that you have permission to give up.

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4 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

1. Enjoy Regular Alone Time

The jobs/ tasks that are associated with marriage can be overwhelming. These duties are usually combined with other responsibilities at work, towards family, and other aspects of your life. Being able to spend time alone time with your spouse is a necessary step in maintaining a fulfilling sex life. Spending time with your lover in a romantic way will prevent you from becoming roommates, something that tends to happen once people fall into a rut. While it’s easy to put things off until you ‘have more time’, more often than not, time slips away from you and before you know it, you’ll find yourself in a sexless marriage.

2. Schedule Days to Get It On

Scheduling days for getting some action may be a cliché. However, it’s one of the proven methods that allow married couples to take some time out for themselves. Having set days for which you’ll be able to enjoy sex with your partner may come off as mechanical, but once you get into the habit you’ll be able to promote a healthier and more active sex life. Just because you have to schedule your lovemaking sessions, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun it. Flirt with your partner and make them know that you desire them just as much as you did when you first met.

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3. AcceptChange Within Your Relationship

As you settle into family life, you have to accept that your circumstances will continue to change. You won’t have as much time or energy as you once did, and as you get older, your sex drive will start to decrease. The early years of parenting years can be tough for a young couple which is why having the ability to adapt is so important.

4. Communicate Your Desires

One of the amazing things about sex inside a long-term relationship is the ability to deepen your bond as time goes on. However, this improved sex life comes from getting to know each over time and making an effort to be physically intimate. Communicating your sexual needs to your spouse will also go a long way in keeping your sex life alive. However, make sure that whatever you decide to do in the bedroom is something that your partner is comfortable with.

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