Dealing With Relationship Disputes

Arguments are a natural occurrence in relationships. While having the occasional disagreement can even healthy, too much of it can be detrimental to your relationship. It may sound counterproductive for a couple to fight on occasion, in reality, it’s a great way to clear the air and express your wants and needs. Of course, there has to be some restraint otherwise things can go too far and cause irreparable damage. Couples who don’t argue may have problems in communicating their ideas because they fear of how their partner will respond.

An argument doesn’t always mean that you and your spouse are shouting at each other from across the room, it could just mean that you don’t see eye-to-eye on a particular subject. Now, we like to think that there’s a difference between having an argument and having and outright verbal battle. Today, we’re going to share with you some of our ideas as to how you can prevent you and your partner from attacking one another during disagreements.

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4 Things You Can Do to Avoid an Argument

1 . Don’t Let Your Emotions Fester

If there is something on your mind that has been bothering, don’t ignore it. While this is something that may work in the short-term, over time, you run the risks of exploding. In situations like this, an individual’s feelings seem to rise to the surface if they become agitated. If you have been bottling up your feelings and concerns for a long time, you may be having an argument with your spouse one day and everything you’ve ever wanted to say comes out at once. The thing is, when it all comes out, it doesn’t tend to do so in the most productive manner. More often than not, it will only escalate and worsen things between you and your partner.

2. Stay Calm

During a heated discussion, it’s easy to become reactive. If pushed too far, you may wind up acting on your emotions leading you to say and do things that are out of character. If this happens, the feeling of regret may consume you once you’re able to calm down and collect your thoughts. Staying calm during an argument can be made even harder if you’ve been keeping your thoughts and feelings bottled up. If you feel as though things are getting too much, take a walk and get some air so that you can clear your mind. Don’t let your mind, body, and soul become overrun with negative energy; take control of your thoughts and feelings before they take control of you.

3. Understand Your Partner’s Perspective

In the midst of a disagreement, people rarely take the time to understand and recognise their partner’s feelings. When you and your partner are unable to come to an agreement on something, if you want to resolve things, try understanding why your spouse holds the viewpoint they do. While you still not agree with their ideas, it will at least open the door to them wanting to understand where it is that you’re coming from. Trying to see things from the perspective of other people is a great skill, a skill that you can use across any interaction you have with the people in your life.

4. Be Vulnerable and Expressive

As challenging as it can be to let yourself be vulnerable and let your guard down during an argument, it’s important if you want to prevent things from escalating. There’s no shame in expressing the feelings you have about something when discussing a topic with your partner. Letting your partner see how something is affecting you will make them more sympathetic to your wants/ needs. Rather than your argument descending into a free-for-all shouting match, they’ll want to end things in a way that allows you both to walk away with some degree of satisfaction.

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