What is Monogamy

For most people, it’s their dream to live happily ever after with someone special. Longing to be a part of something that’s so harmonious that neither of you is ever tempted to stray, is what many of us crave. While most people under the belief that if they find something like this, they’ll be happy forever, in reality, people tend to get bored. However, the reason for their getting bored stems from the fact that they’re spirits are no longer aligned in a way that benefits both parties. In cases like this, the concept of spending the rest of your life with one person can feel like a prison sentence.

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Is Monogamy Natural?

The experts who claim to know about the nature of monogamy are sociologists and anthropologists; however, many of them have opposing views on its purpose. Despite the studies involving primates, humans, and other species, the jury is still out on whether monogamy is natural for us. That being said, there’s a growing number of people who think that monogamy was something that was constructed by society to ensure that all males within had a chance to mate–quite bleak, isn’t it?

If you watch any wildlife documentary, you’ll see animals that are devoted to each other’s welfare while raising their offspring. The question is, what happens to that bond once their young are old enough to leave the nest? Within scientific circles, it has been said that the love we have for our partner is only supposed to last for as long as it takes to raise a child. While there may be some truth to this, the thing scientist are using to describe ‘love’, may very well be something else. We say this because we believe that true love is of a spiritual nature.

Is Monogamy for You?

Knowing who you are, inside out, is the only way to determine if monogamy is right for you. If you’ve ever been a part of a long-term relationship, ask yourself – How did it feel? Why did it end? Was one person enough for you? Relationships come in many shapes and sizes. So, how a particular situation turns out will depend on what each partner wanted to gain from their union. A relationship will always be doomed to fail if both people enter it with completely different mindsets and expectations.

If you’re the kind of person that can’t bear the thought of sharing your partner, monogamy is probably for you. On the flipside, there are people who enjoy seeing their partner engage in sexual activity with others. Relationships like this are referred to as polyamorous, and they’re best suited to people who don’t want to be tied down to one person. When it comes to love, there’s no definitive way to approach it, but you must be true to what your spirit wants. Going against your inner-voice will only end with heartache.

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How to Enjoy a Fulfilling Monogamous Relationship

Monogamy is something that takes two like-minded people. People who happy with having one person in their life to give all of their love to. If you’re willing to put in the work that’s required to develop and strengthen your bond with someone special, the rewards can be wholly satisfying.

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