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12 Psychic Signs Your Ex Misses You

Published 09/07/2023 by Joanne Jones

12 Psychic Signs Your Ex Misses You

Breakups are often the most challenging regarding soul connections, twin flames, and other relationships.

The pain of separation, loss, and endless contemplation of what went wrong can make it unbearable. The only respite during such times is the thought of a possible reconciliation, by the hope that your ex misses you as much as you miss them.

Psychic signs your ex misses you can help you decode the cryptic messages that might indicate that your ex is trying to reach out to you. These signs might seem small and trivial, like finding a pink feather on the ground or a whisper in your ear, but they can hold the keys to understanding the emotions and thoughts that your ex is harbouring.

These psychic signs that your ex misses you can indicate their true feelings for you.

These small cues and gestures can speak volumes about what is going on in their mind. While there is no guarantee that they want to get back together, paying attention to these spiritual signs and keeping an open mind towards reconciliation is essential.

You Dream About Them

Dreams have long been associated with our subconscious mind and spiritual signs. They are believed to be a channel through which our deepest desires and thoughts are expressed.

When you dream about your ex-partner, it may indicate that they miss you as much as you miss them, and you have a deeper connection than you realised. This is particularly true if you frequently dream about them, long for their presence, or express your emotions towards them.

Research has shown that dreams are scientifically linked to the emotional processing of our memories and the strong energies we hold.

In this case, your brain is trying to reconcile the loss of your ex-partner by processing the emotional ties you share. This may be your mind's way of trying to make sense of the unresolved issues between you two. Frequent dreams about your ex may represent a spiritual bond and an obvious psychic connection that the universe sees you as connected.

You Can't Stop Thinking About Them

When you can't stop thinking about your former partner, despite your best efforts to move on, your mind wanders back to thoughts of them.

Of course, this is only sometimes a clear indicator that your ex also misses you and that your spiritual connection has remained intact.

You may struggle to come to terms with the end of the relationship, and your brain fixates on what you've lost. But for many people, the persistent thoughts and memories of their ex are a strong sign that there are still strong feelings on a spiritual level and an emotional connection present.

You Bump Into Them Unexpectedly

Bumping into your ex unexpectedly is one of the common psychic signs your ex missed you.

This psychic sign is often considered a form of fate or a coincidental occurrence that signifies a deeper meaning. Many believe that when you bump into someone unexpectedly, it is a sign that the universe is trying to communicate with you.

You may unexpectedly bump into your ex in a coffee shop you have both been to because they are nostalgic about the past or feel lonely and longing for the comfort of familiar companionship. It is also believed that when you bump into your ex, it represents a moment of opportunity to reconnect and rekindle the relationship.

You Hear Their Name Often

According to Trusted Psychic love experts, hearing your ex's name is often a clear psychic sign your ex misses you or is thinking about you. This suggests that your ex may be reminiscing about the good times you shared or regretting the breakup.

Psychics believe that when you repeatedly hear your ex's name, it is a common sign from the universe that they are trying to get your attention.

This message could be an invitation to reconnect or a warning that you two have unfinished business that needs to be resolved.

You Feel the Sudden Urge to See Them

This urge is not just a passing thought but a powerful pull towards reconnecting with your former partner. This spiritual sign can manifest in different ways, like dreaming, thinking about, or even feeling their presence around you.

Perhaps, the universe is sending you a message to help you reconcile with your ex-partner and resolve the differences that broke you up initially.

From a spiritual perspective, a chance encounter, or a sudden urge to see an ex-partner can be viewed as an opportunity for growth, healing, and transformation.

Some individuals may perceive this as a mere coincidence or a lack of closure, but for others, it can be seen as a spiritual manifestation that can lead to a more profound connection and a renewed sense of purpose with their ex-partner.

You Often Hear Music That Relates to Your Relationship

This psychic sign strongly connects with the emotions and feelings of the past romantic relationship. Hearing a song related to their relationship can elicit intense emotions such as nostalgia, sadness, regret, and hope.

The power of music in triggering memories and emotions has been well-documented in research studies.

The amygdala, a part of the brain responsible for emotional processing, is activated when a person hears a song associated with a past event or experience. This activation can trigger intense feelings, memories and emotions associated with a particular event or experience.

Hearing music related to a past relationship can be a strong psychic sign that your ex misses you and is thinking about the connection and experiencing similar emotions and feelings.

You Experience Frequent Hiccups

Psychics suggest that when your ex thinks about you or misses you, it can create an energetic disturbance in your body. This disturbance can manifest as a physical symptom like hiccups as your body responds to the increased energy flowing through it. Hiccups may be a way for your body to release built-up tension and emotion, which can be common after a breakup.

You Feel Their Presence

One of the most prominent psychic signs your ex misses you from time to time is the feeling of their presence on a subconscious level.

This may manifest as a strong sense of their energy around you, an uncanny feeling of being watched or followed, or a sudden surge of emotions that seem to come out of nowhere. Some live psychic readers even claim to see their clients' exes in spirit form during readings, giving them a direct insight into their level of attachment and longing.

You Experience Sudden Mood Swings

These mood swings can manifest in various ways. You might feel inexplicable bursts of happiness, followed by sadness and melancholy. Or you might feel angry and irritable one moment and then become nostalgic and reflective the next.

These unpredictable emotional shifts can be confusing and even debilitating, but they can also be a powerful indication of your ex's feelings towards you.

Psychics explain that when you experience sudden mood swings, your ex's energy affects yours. In other words, your ex sends strong emotional signals that subconsciously impact your feelings. This can happen even if your ex is unaware of their emotions. Therefore, if you're experiencing these types of mood swings, it's likely that your ex is thinking about you frequently and missing you.

Your Eye Twitches

Psychic experts say an eye twitch can indicate that your ex is thinking about you intensely, to the point where their unconscious mind sends messages to their body.

This can be a sign that their emotions are all over the place, and they are struggling to come to terms with the end of their relationship.

Different types of eye twitches can reveal different things about your ex's feelings towards you. For example, an upper eyelid twitch may suggest that your ex feels guilty about something in the past and is seeking your forgiveness. In contrast, a lower eyelid twitch may imply that they are experiencing inner turmoil and are considering reaching out to you.

You Smell Scents That Remind You of Them

When you smell a scent that reminds you of somebody specific, it is known as a scent memory. Smelling certain scents can jog your memory and bring back specific emotions.

Research has shown that the olfactory system, responsible for our sense of smell, is closely linked to the limbic system, the part of our brain that controls memory and emotions. This connection is why smelling a particular scent can evoke strong emotional reactions and memories, including those of a romantic relationship.

If you find that the scent of your ex-lover's perfume or cologne triggers intense emotions and transports you back to the times spent together, it could be a powerful indicator that you are still in your ex's thoughts.

You Smile Without Reason

If you find yourself constantly grinning or feeling uplifted for no apparent reason, it might indicate that your ex is thinking of you and missing your presence. This is particularly true if you have not been in contact with your ex for quite some time.

This sign may not always be the most reliable, as other factors could be causing your sudden bouts of joy. But, if you have been feeling down or low-spirited lately and suddenly start experiencing increased excitement and positivity, your ex is likely thinking of you.

The intensity and frequency of your smiling spells can also show how strongly your ex misses you. If your ex is experiencing a great deal of emotional pain due to your breakup, they may miss you more intensely, causing you to smile more frequently.

Love Reading

The end of a relationship often leaves people with overwhelming sadness and heartbreak. They might wonder why things ended and if their ex-partner still thinks about them.

While some individuals may continue their lives without looking back, others may struggle to move forward and constantly wonder if their ex misses them.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, seek the advice of a Trusted Psychics love expert for a concise love reading. These gifted advisors can provide tips and insights on interpreting the psychic signs your ex misses you. They provide relationship advice and are trained to recognise patterns and behaviours that suggest your ex still has feelings for you.

Some signs that your ex may be missing you include sudden calls or text messages, social media activity, or bumping into them in unexpected places.

A Psychic can help you understand these signs and respond to them.

Consulting a live psychic reader can provide much-needed clarity if you're experiencing uncertainty or confusion about whether your ex misses you. In your love reading, a psychic can provide details and facts to help you gain insight into your ex's emotions and intentions.


What Are the Signs Your Ex Wants You Back?

After a difficult breakup, it's natural to wonder whether your ex still has feelings for you. If you ask, "Does my ex want me back?" some surefire signs may give you an idea of their feelings.

  • An increase in regular communication.
  • Contacting you through social media or liking your post. This could be a subtle reminder they are still thinking of you.
  • They are reaching out to you frequently, whether via text or phone calls. This shows they're trying to keep the lines of communication open in hopes of rekindling your relationship.
  • If your ex asks you personal questions or seems interested in your life, it could be a sign that they miss you and want to be a part of your life again.
  • They are trying to spend time with you in person. This could mean asking you to hang out or inviting you to social events. If they put in effort to see you, it could be a sign that they're willing to work on your relationship.
  • Body language. If they're constantly making eye contact, touching you, or standing or sitting close to you, it could indicate they're still attracted and have feelings for you.
  • They hold onto your belongings. This could be because they want to find a reason to see you again.

Be wary of mixed signals. If your ex is hot and cold, sending mixed messages or talking about their new romantic interests, it may be a sign that they're uncertain about their mixed feelings or aren't ready to commit to getting back together.

Can You Sense When Your Ex Misses You?

Your ability to sense or feel if your ex misses you may depend on a range of factors, including the nature of the past relationship, the reason for the breakup, and the level of emotional attachment between the two parties.

Typically, one may sense or feel their ex is missing them if they notice specific behaviour patterns.

For example, if your ex reaches out to you frequently, whether it be via phone calls, text messages, or social media, it may be a sign that they are missing your company.

If your ex continually mentions memories or events that you both shared, they may be attempting to reconnect with you emotionally and express their longing for those moments to happen again.

Another way you might sense your ex misses you is through their body language. If you happen to run into your ex, and they display signs of nervousness, fidgeting, or avoidance behaviour, it may be because they care deeply about you and feel overwhelmed by seeing you again.

Does Getting Back With an Ex Ever Work?

The success of rekindling a relationship with an ex highly depends on various factors, such as the reason for the breakup, the amount of time that has elapsed since the breakup, and the willingness of both parties to make necessary changes.

While some people have successfully reignited their romance with an ex, others have failed miserably, ending their attempts in disappointment and often heartbreak. The odds of a reconciled relationship working out and becoming a successful long-term relationship are relatively low. One study by Kansas State University revealed that only 15% of ex-couples that got back together managed to maintain a healthy and happy relationship.

Simply rekindling a relationship without addressing the underlying issues that caused the breakup in the first place is unlikely to lead to a successful outcome. Both partners must be willing to work on themselves and address their problems before they can work on repairing the relationship.

Why Is My Ex Always in My Mind?

Despite the passing of time and the effort to move on, the thought of one's ex can still linger in the mind and cause emotional distress.

This may be due to various factors, including the nature of the relationship and its eventual dissolution, the attachment and emotional investment that was poured into the partnership, and the individual's personal experiences and psychological makeup.

Some psychological and neuroscientific studies suggest that the brain's reward system can become strongly associated with a particular person or situation, leading to intense longing and nostalgia even after the relationship ends. Other studies highlight how attachment styles and past experiences with caregivers can shape the way individuals form and maintain romantic relationships.

Specific patterns of behaviour or habits reinforced during the relationship, such as constantly checking social media and reminiscing over shared memories, can create a feedback loop of thoughts and emotions that keeps the ex-constantly in mind.

Unresolved issues or feelings may also contribute to the struggle to move on and forget about an ex.

How Do You Know If He Secretly Misses You?

The frequency of communication between the two ex-partners could be a sign your ex is secretly missing you. If your ex-partner maintains contact with you, they may still have feelings for you despite the breakup. If they seem interested in your whereabouts, successes, failures, and general well-being, this could further indicate that he secretly misses you.

It could indicate his emotional attachment to you if they continue to reminisce about your past relationship, such as talking about happy memories or bringing up old inside jokes.

Suppose they are open and honest about their current dating situation and express no interest or attraction to other people. In that case, it is highly likely that your ex still secretly misses you and is not ready to move on.

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