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Can Your Soulmate Cheat on You?

Published 17/09/2022 by Joanne Jones

Can Your Soulmate Cheat on You?

Here's the big question. Can your Soulmate cheat on you? The concept of soulmates and the expectations of relationships vary widely from person to person. You might be convinced that you have found your ideal partner, engulfed in the depths of love, yet occasionally, a troubling thought surfaces: can your Soulmate cheat on you?

Some people believe that a cheating partner is never a true soulmate and is not meant to be in the relationship.

In contrast, others may think that a couple with that extraordinary connection can stay together after an act of infidelity as they have a true emotional connection. Regardless of which opinion one might have, it is essential to consider how much trust has been broken when someone cheats and breaks a soulmate connection.

When making this decision, it is necessary to determine if it is possible to have a successful relationship with someone who broke the bond of trust and loyalty between the two partners.

A soulmate relationship is one of two people's most special and profound connections. It's a deep bond of understanding, trust, and love beyond the physical realm.

Can Your Soulmate Cheat on You?

Soulmate relationships can last a lifetime, with both parties cherishing each other despite difficult times. These relationships are based on transparency, honesty, and mutual respect, recognising that we are all different but able to connect on a deeper level.

When faced with infidelity, the path forward may be fraught with hurt and betrayal, yet it also presents an opportunity for deeper introspection and mutual growth. It's a chance to examine the underlying issues that led to the breach of trust and to decide whether the connection is resilient enough to forgive, heal, and evolve.

In essence, the capability of a soulmate to cheat doesn't negate the profound bond shared; rather, it highlights the complexities of human relationships and the continuous effort required to nurture a soulmate connection.

In addition, there may be communication difficulties between partners and unresolved issues from past trauma triggered by the betrayal. It's also important to note that healing from infidelity takes time; both parties must take part in rebuilding trust over time if they are going to remain together.

Couples must improve their connection by focusing on communication skills and building healthy relationship habits such as shared interests or activities.

It's also imperative for them to focus on self-care so they can adequately care for themselves emotionally before engaging with each other in meaningful ways again. The discovery of infidelity could cause a breakup in any soul mate relationship, which depends on your individual beliefs about relationships and love and your willingness to forgive and accept that mistakes can happen in any partnership.

Many people get confused with a soul mate relationship or a karmic relationship. The pain of being cheated on by someone you thought was your Soulmate or karmic partner can be devastating. It shakes the foundation of trust essential in any relationship and can undo the positive connection you once shared with someone special.

The betrayal of being cheated on can cause feelings of intense sadness and anger. Illusions are shattered, and any sense of security is also thrown into disarray. It forces us to question how we could have been wrong about someone we believed was our Soulmate or karmic partner.

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15 Signs Your Soulmate Is Not Your Soulmate

If you want an answer to the question, can your Soulmate cheat on you and you want to discover if you are with your true Soulmate, then look at our live psychic readers' 15 signs your Soulmate is not your Soulmate below:

  1. You are not attracted to them physically. The lack of physical attraction to a potential partner might initially appear as a clear indicator that they're not the one for you. However, dismissing someone based on physical allure alone might be a significant oversight. Attraction can evolve and deepen into something far more meaningful, like a karmic or soulful bond, transcending mere physical considerations. If you find no emotional or spiritual connection and can't envision one developing, it might suggest they aren't your destined Soulmate. Life is full of varied connections, and recognising this could guide you toward a more genuine soulmate relationship.
  2. They don't make you laugh. The absence of shared laughter in a relationship is telling. Humour plays a crucial role in any romantic partnership, especially between soulmates. Laughter fosters a deep emotional connection and signifies that you resonate with each other's view of the world. If you cannot share a laugh or appreciate the other's sense of humour, it might indicate that your paths need to be aligned.
  3. You have different interests. It's essential to have things in common with all the closest people in life, particularly your partner, but it's also crucial to have your hobbies and interests. Soulmates will respect each other's space and encourage others to pursue their passions.
  4. You don't feel comfortable around them. Feeling a persistent unease in their presence can be bewildering, as it's often assumed that soulmate connections should feel inherently comfortable. Nevertheless, it's essential to recognise that while some initial awkwardness can be natural as two spirits become acquainted, ongoing discomfort or anxiety when around someone thought to be your Soulmate signals a possible misalignment. This discomfort doesn't necessarily indicate a lack of connection between partners. Instead, the profound, easeful bond typically associated with soulmates may not be present.
  5. You fight all the time. Disagreements are a natural aspect of any healthy relationship; however, it's crucial to distinguish between constructive conflict and harmful, toxic arguing. Consistent fighting, particularly when it escalates to yelling, indicates that the relationship may not be as harmonious as one would hope with a soulmate. Constructive conflict helps a relationship grow, but if disagreements become regular, intense arguments could suggest that this partnership isn't the perfect match you seek.
  6. There's no passion in your sex life. Experiencing a lack of passion in your intimate life is common in many romantic relationships due to various natural ups and downs. However, consistently missing the spark of passion might indicate that your true Soulmate could be waiting elsewhere. While not the sole foundation of a committed relationship, passion is crucial in deepening the intimate bond between partners. The absence of a physical connection over an extended period may suggest that despite genuine affection, the relationship might not align with the soulmate ideal where physical and emotional connections dynamically intertwine.
  7. You feel like you must change who you are for them. A good relationship will bring out the best in you, but in a great relationship, you will feel accepted for who you are – flaws and all. If you think you can only be yourself around certain people and not your partner, this is one of the common signs that they are not your Soulmate.
  8. They never apologise after a fight. In any committed relationship, misunderstandings and mistakes are inevitable, underscoring the significance of acknowledging errors and offering sincere apologies. A glaring concern arises when your partner consistently refrains from admitting their faults or apologising after conflicts. This behaviour undermines the importance of accountability and risks trivialising your feelings and the issues at hand. Such a pattern might signal deeper relational problems, suggesting that the person may not align with the qualities one would hope to find in a soulmate, where mutual respect and the willingness to grow from every experience are paramount.
  9. They're always trying to change you. Attempting to mould you into someone else is a red flag in any relationship. A true partner accepts and loves you for who you are while supporting your personal growth and evolution. If your partner frequently criticises your actions or pressures you to conform to their preferred way of doing things, this behaviour can indicate a controlling nature, which is not conducive to a nurturing soulmate connection.
  10. They don't support your dreams and aspirations. A good partner will celebrate your accomplishments and root for you when things get tough. If your partner diminishes your dreams or treats them as unimportant, it removes an essential piece of what makes a great relationship – partnership and supportiveness through thick and thin.
  11. You keep secrets from each other. Part of being open and honest with each other means sharing the big and small things without fear of judgment. Maintaining secrets from one another can impede the development of transparency and honesty, which are fundamental to any soulmate relationship. When either party withholds information, it erects a subtle wall that distances you from each other, thereby stifling the closeness that characterises true soulmate connections.
  12. You never discuss the future together or any emotional issues that either of you is feeling. Planning for things is essential in any relationship, but when Soulmates come into our lives, we can often see brighter horizons ahead more clearly than ever. So, if making plans together feels daunting or impossible, it could be lower energy trying to force something that's just not meant to be. You must re-think whether you have found your true Soulmate if you cannot talk about your feelings.
  13. Sex is not great. When we connect with our soulmates on every level – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – sex becomes an extension of that divine bond we share in an intimate relationship. However, weak or non-existent sexual chemistry might mean more significant issues are at play, preventing you from fully connecting in healthy sexual activity.
  14. Deep down, you already know why this relationship isn't working. The truth about the challenges in your relationship often lies within you. When we reach a crossroads, it becomes essential to take a moment of introspection to listen to what our hearts are trying to communicate. This process requires us to deliberate about continuing the relationship with our partner.
  15. They leave (or threaten to). Every disagreement resulting in threats to leave instead of attempts to resolve the issue doesn't necessarily point towards an unhealthy relationship dynamic. However, frequently resorting to such ultimatums can be problematic. A key component of any meaningful relationship is the ability to engage and resolve conflicts across various aspects of the union.

Why Do People Cheat on Those They Say They Love?

Cheating is one of the most painful betrayals that a person can experience. When someone we love breaks our trust, it can feel like our world has been shattered. But why do people cheat on those they say they love? And can your Soulmate cheat on you? Read our guide on Signs Your Partner Is Cheating.

There are many possible answers and reasons. A common reason people cheat is because they may be unhappy with their current relationship.

They may seek excitement and adventure outside their relationship and have commitment issues. Or they may be unsatisfied with their partner. In other cases, people may cheat because they have unresolved relationship issues, driving a wedge and prompting them to seek solace or connection outside of their committed relationship.

They may be trying to satisfy a need for revenge or retribution. Or they might be attempting to fill an emotional void in their life. Whatever the reason, being cheated on is a devastating experience. And it is always a decision that comes with consequences.

Can Your Soulmate Cheat on You?

Do Cheaters Always Cheat Again?

Can your Soulmate cheat on you, and will they do it again? The answer to this question has long been debated by couples, particularly those with a strong connection.

While infidelity can happen in any relationship, regardless of how strong the bond is between the two people, many factors contribute to cheating. One of the main reasons someone may cheat is because they are dissatisfied or neglected in their current relationship.

This can cause them to seek out thrills elsewhere or a way out of their situation. Another factor could be that an individual has a pattern of cheating from past relationships and is likely to repeat these behaviours in their current one.

It is impossible to know whether someone will cheat again. However, some warning signs can signal potential red flags. If your partner appears to be constantly flirting with other people or has relationship patterns where cheating has occurred before with a long-term partner, they could do it again.

There's no easy answer, as many factors can contribute to infidelity, so paying attention is essential if your partner starts avoiding conversations about commitment or expressing feelings of love or loyalty towards you. These could be signs that they are struggling with staying faithful.

Suppose trust has already been breached within the relationship. In that case, it's essential to open a dialogue with your partner so that both parties can work towards understanding each other's needs and rebuilding trust within the relationship. This can help create an environment where honesty and respect prevail, diminishing any chances of future betrayal.

Ultimately, while it's impossible to guarantee that someone won't cheat again in the future, understanding what drives infidelity and strengthening trust within the relationship should be considered key components when attempting to maintain loyalty.

However, paying attention to warning signs can give you a better idea of whether your partner is at risk of straying from a loving relationship. Calling a live psychic reader at Trusted Psychics for a love reading can give you a clear, detailed insight into your partner's thoughts and emotions.

Can You Forgive Your Soulmate for Cheating on You?

Deciding whether to forgive a soulmate who has cheated on you is a deeply personal and challenging decision.

Every situation is unique, so you must consider your specific case's facts before making a difficult choice. It's vital to ask yourself: why did they cheat on me? Was it something I said, or did that cause them to seek another partner? Or was there an underlying issue in the sexual relationship that led them astray?

It's also important to consider how your partner responded to being caught cheating and if they have taken any steps towards repairing the damage done by their actions.

The likelihood of infidelity occurring again will depend largely on how committed your Soulmate is to rebuilding your trust. If they are genuinely remorseful for their actions and willing to undergo counselling by a couple’s therapist or other forms of self-improvement, the chances of further infidelity may be reduced.

On the other hand, if your partner is not taking any steps towards repairing the damage done by their actions, then it may be wise to reconsider whether forgiving them is truly in your best interest.

Couples can rebuild trust after one partner has been unfaithful, but it requires immense dedication from both parties involved. If your partner's reaction to infidelity is not one of remorse that they have made a colossal mistake, this should indicate that they may not be trustworthy in the future.

Rebuilding trust will take both partners' time, patience, and healthy communication skills for true healing and reconciliation. During this process, it can be beneficial for each partner to explore ways to become better at expressing emotions honestly and being open about needs and desires within the relationship.

This can help grow a stronger bond between the two people involved to stand up against future temptations or threats.

Discovering infidelity in a relationship can mean that a breakup is imminent if both parties cannot recover from the pain of betrayal together.

However, when both partners make genuine efforts, there is hope that trust can be slowly restored over time - but only with considerable effort on behalf of both people invested in remaining together despite hurt feelings or mistrust lingering between them.

Can Your Soulmate Cheat on You?


Can Someone Truly Love You and Cheat?

Yes, a person can truly love you but still cheat on you. The notion that someone can genuinely love their partner while engaging in infidelity is a reality that many relationships face.

Love is a complex emotion that doesn't always align with one's actions. Despite having deep feelings of love for their partner, individuals may find themselves tempted to cheat due to various reasons such as personal insecurities, unmet needs, or external circumstances.

While cheating may contradict the principles of commitment and loyalty typically associated with love, it doesn't necessarily negate the existence of genuine affection.

Would a Soulmate Ever Cheat?

Can your Soulmate cheat on you? Yes, they can. The concept of soulmates is often linked to a deep, spiritual connection and an unbreakable bond between two individuals.

The idea that a soulmate would never cheat is not universally accepted. While soulmate connections are believed to be profound and transcendent, human relationships are complex and subject to various influences.

While some may perceive soulmates as infallible and incapable of betrayal, others acknowledge that soulmate relationships, like any other, require effort, communication, and mutual respect to thrive. Whether a soulmate would cheat depends on individual circumstances, values, and choices within the relationship.

How a Guy Acts After He Cheated?

How a guy acts after he has cheated can vary greatly depending on his personality, values, and the circumstances surrounding the infidelity. Some men may express genuine remorse and guilt, showing signs of sorrow, apologising profusely, and taking responsibility for their actions.

Most men may exhibit defensive behaviour, denying or minimising their actions or attempting to shift blame onto external factors or their partner. They may show reluctance to discuss the infidelity or may display signs of secrecy or avoidance.

What Happens When Your Soulmate Betrays You?

The emotional impact can be profound and devastating when your Soulmate betrays you.

The betrayal by someone you believe to be your perfect match and long-term relationship partner can shatter the foundation of trust and security and almost destroy that special connection.

Feelings of shock, disbelief, anger, and profound sadness may overwhelm you as you grapple with the painful realisation that the person you thought understood you intimately had betrayed your trust. The sense of betrayal may lead to questioning the authenticity of the connection and the validity of your feelings.

Can Your Soulmate Cheat on You?

Could a Trusted Psychics Love Advisor Help Your Relationship?

Everyone wants a loving, committed relationship, and we would all have one in a perfect world. But sometimes, reality doesn't meet our expectations.

Relationships are complex, and the best course of action sometimes needs to be clarified. That's where a Trusted Psychic relationship therapist can help. Talking to a live psychic reader for a love reading, you can get an outside perspective on your continued relationship and determine the steps to take to find genuine happiness.

Love advisors are experienced professionals who have helped countless people find love and build strong relationships. They know what it takes to help your relationship work and can provide valuable insight into your current situation.

If you're struggling in your relationship, don't hesitate to contact a Trusted Psychics live psychic reader, or you can have a Live Messenger chat online if you need more privacy. It could be the best decision you ever made for your relationship.

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