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Facts About Soulmates

Published 21/03/2023 by Joanne Jones

Facts About Soulmates

Finding your soulmate is one of life's most incredible journeys, guided by our esteemed Psychic love experts at Trusted Psychics. Unlock the secrets from our experts that will guide you towards a breath-taking bond with your one and only soul connection.

Here are some facts from our Trusted Psychics experts that will help lead you down the path towards a beautiful relationship and create the perfect union between two souls who are destined for each other.

  • Fact 1. Soulmates are deeply connected on a spiritual and emotional level. They often feel like they have known each other for a lifetime, even if they have just met.
  • Fact 2. Soulmates often share the same interests, beliefs, values, dreams, and aspirations, making connecting on a deeper level easy.
  • Fact 3. Soulmates can be soul partner, family, lovers, friends, family members, or anyone with you who feel an intense connection.
  • Fact 4. Soulmate relationships help with personal growth, bring out the best in both partners, and help each person thrive.
  • Fact 5. Soul mates give each other emotional security, an immense source of support during the darkest moments in life and inspiration during good times.
  • Fact 6. Soul connections can understand each other's feelings without having to say much because of their strong spiritual connection.
  • Fact 7. Soulmate relationships and karmic relationships are rare and only occur once in a lifetime. It is believed that the universe brings together soulmates when the time is correct to establish an unbroken bond.
  • Fact 8. A soul mate is someone you have a deep and natural affinity with that you share the same amazing feelings.
  • Fact 9. Your soulmate is your best friend and confidante; they are your perfect person.
  • Fact 10. You are bonded on all levels and are attracted to every part of them, minds, and souls, rather than just their physical appearance.
  • Fact 11. There is a deep emotional and unbreakable spiritual soulmate energy.
  • Fact 12. An intense passion unites them for each other you have a romantic life partner.
  • Fact 13. Soul connections of any time strongly desire to be together, even when they are apart.
  • Fact 14. With a true soulmate, there is an intense sense of loyalty and protectiveness of each other.
  • Fact 15. They feel a sense of oneness with each other as if they are two halves of the same whole.

The idea of soulmates has been around for centuries and is still widely accepted today. It is the most fantastic experience you can have. People believe everyone has at least one soulmate, and all it takes is for two souls to recognize each other and create that true connection to bond.

By embracing these facts from our expert psychics, you will be able to take steps towards finding harmony within yourself and your romantic partnership – all while connecting more deeply and authentically with your true soul connection!

There Is No Single Definition of a Soulmate

There is no single definition of a soulmate, as there are many types of soulmates: romantic, platonic, karmic, and twin flame connections.

The actual soulmates concept can mean different things to different people. While some may view their soulmate as a romantic partner, others believe it is an old friend or family member with whom they have a deep spiritual connection. Some might even identify their pet as their soulmate.

No matter what one's definition of a soulmate is, the shared understanding among adherents is that it involves an emotional link and an intense spiritual bond. This connecting thread often transcends language and culture, allowing two souls to unite perfectly.

These bonds can take many forms. Bonds between two lovers often involve profound selflessness, trust, and understanding that run deeper than any physical or material attachment. Soulmates may also share similar interests and life goals, strengthening a deeper level of bond than regular couples.

The idea of having a soulmate has existed for centuries throughout history and across cultures. Ancient Greeks believed that upon birth, each person was split into two halves—the male and female—with the other half being your true "other", who you should strive to find in life.

In Hinduism, there is the belief that souls are bound together through multiple lifetimes as part of their journey towards enlightenment. Similarly, Native American traditions claim partners are spiritually predestined to find each other at some point during life's journey.

What makes someone a soulmate is unique to each individual and relationship. One of the best ways to find your soulmate is to practice self-love and understanding. By taking time to focus on yourself, you can better understand what type of partner you need to have a successful, healthy relationship. Psychic love experts can provide insight into what qualities you should look for in a partner, as well as how best to attract the right person into your life.

Soulmates Can Be Platonic or Romantic

Soulmates can come in all variations, shapes, and sizes. They can be platonic or romantic, and they can be short-term or long-term relationships. Platonic soulmates are friends or family members you feel a deep connection to, often described as "meant to be".

This instant connection is usually a deep understanding and empathy for one another without any romantic feelings involved. Platonic soulmates often feel like they have known each other for lifetimes and can bond over shared interests, senses of humour, or everyday life experiences.

Romantic soulmate relationships are unique in that they often possess a profound emotional and spiritual connection, as well as physical intimacy. Such connections differ from other romantic relationships in that the couple may be able to anticipate each other's thoughts or needs without any verbal communication.

The relationship is built upon an unconditional love and acceptance, wherein partners strive to understand each other at the deepest level of their being. This type of connection often encourages growth in both individuals both emotionally and spiritually, while also encouraging them to push beyond their boundaries and develop into better versions of themselves.

Whether platonic or romantic, having a soulmate can bring profound joy, comfort, and fulfilment into someone's life. Having a soulmate is a unique and powerful experience that can fill one's life with unconditional love and understanding.

Those who find their soulmate feel an unbreakable connection, as if they are two halves of the same puzzle. This strong bond allows each person to open up without fear of judgment or rejection. Soulmates often share a deep understanding of one another that transcends mere words; it is a spiritual connection that defies explanation.

Soulmates Are Not Necessarily "Perfect" Matches

Soulmates are not necessarily "perfect" matches, as the concept of a soulmate implies a deeper connection than simply being "perfect" for each other. A soulmate relationship is about two people understanding and accepting each other for who they are, despite their flaws and imperfections.

Soulmates don't need to agree on everything or always see eye-to-eye; it's more about learning to compromise and find a way to work through disagreements. Even when there is conflict and awkward silence, soul relationships can still come together and find a balance that works for both.

They can be honest and vulnerable with one another, allowing themselves to share their true feelings without fear of judgment or rejection. Above all else, soulmates strive to support one another through difficult times financially, emotionally, and spiritually. This bond transcends physical attraction or material gains; its foundation is unconditional love and acceptance.

Soulmates May Not Be Lifelong Partners

Soulmates may not be lifelong partners, even though they can have a deeper connection than any other relationship they will ever experience. In many cases, soulmates are with us for a while to bring joy, healing, growth, and clarity to our lives. While they can last for a lifetime, they don't have to. Soulmates can show up as friends, family members or romantic partners.

They often appear when we need them most and teach important lessons about ourselves and life. Although brief, these relationships are intense and have a lasting impact. Through their presence in our lives, soulmates remind us of what truly matters, love, kindness and compassion for ourselves and others.

Soulmates Can Have Different Roles in Our Lives

Trusted Psychics want to teach you more exciting facts about soulmates and why you need your own below!

  • Fact 16. Soulmates can play different roles in our lives and can provide comfort, support, and inspiration.
  • Fact 17. Romantic soul mates are those special people who come into our lives to offer unconditional love and help us grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically.
  • Fact 18. Soul connections can provide the reassurance to take risks and pursue our dreams.
  • Fact 19. A soul link may teach us important lessons about life, such as how to forgive ourselves and others or appreciate the little things in life.
  • Fact 20. Soulmates also remind us of our strengths and weaknesses that we may not recognize.
  • Fact 21. A strong connection with a soul mate will challenge us to look within ourselves for solutions to problems instead of relying on external sources for answers.
  • Fact 22. Soulmates can be an invaluable source of comfort when we struggle with difficult emotions or transition through trying times in life.
  • Fact 23. We often find soul mates inspiring us by sharing their experiences of overcoming adversity and reminding us that anything is possible if we have faith in ourselves.
  • Fact 24. Different types of soul connections exist, from twin flames to karmic or platonic soulmates.

Soulmates can fill all these unique roles and play an essential part in a happy, loving lifestyle. If you want to find out if you have found your soulmate, what kind of soulmate connection you have or if you will ever find your soulmate, call the live psychic readers at Trusted Psychics for a professional love reading.

The Search for a Soulmate Can Hinder Our Growth

The search for a soulmate can hinder our growth in many ways. It can make us overly dependent on finding someone perfect, leading to unrealistic expectations and an inability to be content with who we are without a romantic partner.

We may become obsessed with finding the right person, often to the detriment of our self-growth. When we become so focused on searching for a soulmate, we may neglect important aspects of ourselves like emotional intelligence, financial stability, and career development. When our focus is so singularly placed on finding true love, it can blind us to potential red flags in relationships or prevent us from recognizing unhealthy patterns.

The Power of Self-Love in Attracting Soulmate Connections

  • Fact 25. One of the crucial facts about soulmates is having the power of self-love, as this is an integral part of attracting soulmate connections. When someone has a strong sense of self-love, they are more likely to attract other people who appreciate the same qualities in themselves and thus become compatible partners.
  • Fact 26. Self-love gives someone greater self-confidence, which is incredibly attractive to potential partners.
  • Fact 27. People with high levels of self-love also tend to have higher levels of emotional intelligence, empathy, and understanding for others - traits vital for strong romantic partnerships.
  • Fact 28. A deep understanding and appreciation for oneself also create a stronger foundation for outwardly expressing love. Someone who values themselves will be better able to show genuine affection towards their partner with words, gestures, gifts, or acts of service - all essential parts of any healthy relationship.
  • Fact 29. Embracing our flaws can play an equally important role in creating soulmate relationships. Accepting ourselves makes us more likely to attract people who appreciate our imperfections.

Love Readings

Love readings with live psychic readers at Trusted Psychics can help you find your soulmate by providing insight into the potential paths of your romantic future.

Love readings are an invaluable source of information and spiritual guidance. They can provide you with insight into the nature of your current relationships or help you to gain clarity on who may be a compatible partner.

Professional love psychics are adept at interpreting signs and symbols, as well as understanding the deeper meaning behind why matters of the heart unfold in certain ways. With their assistance, you can determine how best to approach someone who might be the right person for you, thus helping to increase your chances of developing a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

At Trusted Psychics, our live psychic readers have years of experience providing accurate and meaningful love readings. Whether you're looking for help in finding your soulmate or want to discover if true soulmate potential exists in a current relationship, our psychics can provide helpful advice and direction.

You have several options for receiving a reading: either speak with one of our psychics over the phone or start an online 121 live messenger chat session with a professional love psychic. Whichever method you choose, you can trust that our experienced readers will give you honest and reliable insights that will help guide you on your journey towards romantic fulfilment.


What Is a Fact About Soul Mates?

Fact 30. The historical facts about soulmates are the most interesting. The concept of soul mates’ dates to ancient Greek literature, in which it was believed humans were created as four-limbed and four-faced beings who were then split into two by Zeus.

This concept of a soul mate is based on the belief that everyone has an ideal partner that they are searching for, whose personality and character perfectly complement their own. This soul mate can often feel like a kindred spirit, deeply connected emotionally and spiritually. Many believe that when the two individuals finally meet, they instantly recognize each other and experience a strong connection.

What Are Signs of a Soulmate?

You are deeply connected with a soulmate like no one else. Signs of a soulmate can vary greatly depending on an individual's definition and values. Generally, though, some signs may include:

  • A deep understanding and appreciation for each other: You can communicate on an intimate level and find understanding through even difficult conversations.
  • Unconditional love: You don't have to be perfect or agree on everything to love one another. Instead, there is mutual respect.
  • Compassion and empathy: Your relationship is based on trust, understanding, and sensitivity towards one another's feelings.
  • Shared values: You share similar views about life, family, religion, morals, and ethics.
  • Acceptance: Your soulmate accepts you fully for who you are without judgement or criticism.

These are just some signs that can indicate a connection between two people that reaches beyond platonic friendship or romantic attraction. It becomes something spiritual and meaningful, transcending physical boundaries.

What Happens When You Meet Your Soulmate?

When you meet your soulmate, it is an indescribable experience. You will feel a stronger connection than anything you have ever felt before. Your heart will flutter, and your mind will be filled with a sense of recognition as if you have known each other for years.

There is an immediate understanding between you and a feeling of complete contentment when together. You can understand each other on a level no one else can without needing words. It's like every piece of your being fits perfectly into its own, fulfilling something in both of you that had been missing all along. You feel a deep sense of peace and security together as if nothing could ever touch or tear you apart.

What Are the Statistics on Soulmates?

The concept of soulmates is mysterious and intriguing, so we have compiled the most important figures and facts about soulmates.

According to a 2017 survey, 67% of all people believe that soulmates are out there waiting for them.

This belief is even more prominent among millennials, with 73% of 18-34-year-olds expressing that soulmates are real.

43% of surveyed said they believed fate's power to unite two people.

22% attributed it to factors such as luck or coincidence, which indicates that many still believe in their ability to connect to someone through an inexplicable bond.

Other studies have found that at some point, 68% of those in romantic relationships believe they have had at least one soulmate experience during this period.

Over half (54%) reported feeling a strong and immediate connection when first meeting their partner, indicating that there is an element of destiny and fate involved in many relationship decisions, which speaks to the concept of soulmates being real entities in the world.

Finding the right partner with whom you can share your life and experience true happiness is an incredibly rewarding experience. Trusted psychics readers can provide invaluable insights that can help to guide you on your journey to finding your soulmate. Through psychic lovescope readings, they can offer guidance in understanding yourself better and helping you to recognize the qualities in a partner that will bring long-lasting satisfaction and companionship.

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