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Published 19/06/2024 by Louise Emma

How to Fall Out of Love?

At some stage in our lives, we all must learn how to fall out of love. For any romantic relationship, the breakup process can be filled with negative emotions, including intense feelings of anger and rejection, and it can also affect our future relationships.

Fortunately, you can use positive language to help you cope with a breakup. Time can be your best tool, so when it comes to healing from wounds in your heart, give yourself a chance to let the pain heal.

If you're really hurting, let the pain be your guide. You are hurting because what was once a loving relationship is no longer meaningful to you.

Pain typically becomes stronger when the released experience isn't pleasant. So, remember, this was an end to what used to be an enjoyable chapter in your life, and it's natural to have trouble coming to terms with it.

Shed some tears, this is a loss, and you lost a loyal friend. Don't think there is something wrong with you if you're not coping with the situation and feeling low. Time alone can't magically erase your pain, but you can focus on the opportunity in the future: it is free of this source of pain, and it is free to grow into something new and wonderful.

Eventually, falling out of love happens is something most of us will feel throughout our lives and we must learn how to recover from heartbreak and move forwards.

Be good to yourself, think about the future, pick up the pieces, and when you are ready, embark on new adventures. Your feelings define who you are – but so do you, and you can get through anything.

Understanding the Complexity of Falling Out of Love

Falling out of love isn't as simple as it may sound. It is not a switch we can just flick off when we have had enough or when we want to stop that heartbreak from hurting.

It is more like a process that we must go through, and it takes as long as it takes. One person may be ready to move on from a 5-year relationship within a month, whereas another person would need so much longer to get through it all, and either way, this is fine.

The process of 'falling out of love' with someone is about as complex as it can get. You will experience pretty much every emotion within yourself. One moment, you might feel anger so great that you cannot even bear to think about it, and the next, you are sobbing into your pillow, listening to songs that remind you of them.

Part of the healing process is falling out of love with someone so you can start to heal from the relationship.

For many, we may not 100% fall out of love with a person, yet we can move on, and this is fine, too! It is, however, how we deal with it and how we move on that really counts.

Read our guide on How to Spot a Failing Relationship.

Acknowledging Your Emotions

Learning how to fall out of love can be an emotional experience. It is vital always to acknowledge your emotions, which is often a challenging process.

We often hide our feelings, which can lead to symptoms of depression. Your heart is so essential. It takes care of every element of your being, from your body's health to your mental health. Your heart is there, working hard to keep you moving forward.

When we come out of a relationship, it is common that we will experience unwanted emotions at the most random times. Maybe you are in the middle of a meeting at work and will feel like you want your ex to hurt as much as you are. Or perhaps you are having the best time with your friends, and suddenly you want to cry because you miss spending time with your ex-partner.

You may still have romantic feelings for your ex-partner, but this is all normal and part of the grieving process in learning to fall out of love.

How to Fall Out of Love?

Self-Reflection: Assessing Your Relationship

When a relationship ends, it is good to do some self-reflection to see why things ended as they did, what might have caused it to end like this, etc.

We can blame ourselves and our exes for not working as a team, and sometimes, the blame truly is on one party or the other. Other times, the relationship ended due to a lack of effort or a failed effort on both parts.

Looking into this and reflecting on the various aspects of the relationship can help us massively let go and make sense of it all.

Creating Distance: Physical and Emotional Boundaries

When you do get out of a relationship, a key thing is to take distance. Now, in many relationships, this is not so easy because there will be reasons to continue operating within the sphere of each other's lives, whether it's children, financial situation, and so on, and that can make taking distance really difficult, but it can be done.

To free ourselves from a person, it is so vital that we learn ways to create that emotional distance. We need to 'accept', and this is the key. Accepting that the relationship is now over is half of the battle.

Knowing that this person is not your partner now and won't be as you move forward in life allows you to shift your mindset in a healthy way so that you can deal with seeing them from time to time without feeling unwanted emotions, although the grieving process can take several months and sometimes even longer.

Breaking the Emotional Attachment

Breaking the emotional attachment will not happen overnight, no matter how mentally strong you are. It is an immensely personal process, individual to each of us and for each breakup.

A relationship expert or a professional therapist can offer support and guidance through online therapy on how to create healthy attachments in relationships.

Letting Go of Expectations

At the end of a relationship, some people may struggle to let go of those expectations. They may expect the ex to be, act, or behave in certain ways, and they may not. This can be tough.

On the flip side, we may have expectations of ourselves, thinking we 'should' be over this by now or that we should be feeling some way or another. These strong feelings of expectations are not helpful and will only hold you back from letting go.

Rediscovering Yourself

So, you come out of a relationship, and whether it was a year, 5 years, or 50 years long, it feels so very strange not to be that 'pair' anymore.

This is the start of you rediscovering yourself and who you are as a person rather than as a pair.

It can feel overwhelming because when you don't know the real 'you', what you want for the future, what you like, what you want to do, etc, thinking of all these things as a single person can seem daunting! But it is something you will get through when you are ready.

A woman happy in her kitchen, making herself some food.

Seeking Support: Friends, Family, and Professional Help

Getting through a breakup is such a massive life event, and you don't have to do it alone. If you have loved ones, friends, or family members around you, they will likely want to help you get back on your feet and regain your inner strength.

For some of us, a little extra help may be needed, which is where the relationship experts at Trusted Psychics can really help. They have the experience and expertise to help you overcome your complicated emotions with affordable online spiritual sessions. These sessions do not require an appointment, as Trusted Psychics has psychic love experts available 24 hours a day.

With Trusted Psychics, you will always receive accurate and reliable psychic readings that will provide the clarity and direction you may need to move on to a new, healthy relationship.

Coping With Grief and Loss

Anyone at any time can experience grief and loss – due to death, divorce, a job loss, a perpetual illness, a natural disaster, or heartbreak, regardless of age, gender, race, socioeconomic status, religion, or education.

Our response to grief and loss is vast and variable – we can explode with anger or collapse into anguish, lament with grief or erupt in guilt, act in confusion or react with anxiety, experience feelings of depression, or derive deep lessons.

Additionally, we can exhibit physical responses such as insomnia, loss of appetite and fatigue. In essence, facing grief and loss takes inner and outer resilience, support and, in most cases, a sense of how grief works and why.

Self-help resources. Another way to help overcome illness, grief or loss is to read research-based books, discover insightful videos on sites such as YouTube, and listen to podcasts or forums where others share practical strategies for navigating grief and loss.

For some, professional grief support, including therapy, counselling or professional consolation, offers an additional coping resource for loss dynamics.

When the pain of grief and loss is overwhelming, it is natural – but ineffective in the long term – to use unhealthy coping strategies such as drug or alcohol abuse, sexual activity, engaging in dangerous behaviours, self-harm, or isolating oneself socially. If such behaviours are ongoing, the natural symptoms of grief and loss that have yet to be processed can become compounded, escalated and addictive.

There are many ways to cope with grief and loss. We are lucky now that we have access to more people, information, etc., and so for some, just talking to loved ones will do the trick.

For others, self-help books are key; for others, a little help from professionals is the way forward.

Embracing Change: The Path to Self-Love

There is an old saying, "To love anyone, we must first learn to love ourselves," and it really is something worth thinking about because to love someone else, you need to understand what it is about you that they will love. You need to know that you deserve to be loved, and so it is essential that you know your worth and love yourself.

Loving yourself does not make you overconfident or full of yourself. Respect and love for yourself are essential tools in your kit when you come out of a relationship, too!

Cultivating a Positive Mindset

The first remedy in our pursuit of a healthier, longer life is a positive mindset.

Positive thinking has many physical and mental health benefits. With a positive approach to life, we can face challenges more confidently. Many studies show that positive thinking reduces feelings of depression, boosts immunity, reduces stress, and even increases life expectancy.

So, in terms of 'moving on,' keeping your thoughts and feelings focused on a positive aspect of the situation can be especially useful. Instead of thinking and feeling badly about sadness, anger, resentment, hostility, or guilt, you can focus on a positive aspect of the situation, such as what you learned through the experience.

The Importance of Patience in the Healing Process

Being patient with yourself and the situation during the healing process is vital. Rushing it will not help; it will only cause you to hurt for longer. It is a private process; nobody can quantify or set a time limit.

To really heal from a relationship, we need to give ourselves all the time we need, however long that may be. Now, this does not mean that everything in life must go on hold; we can still go out and have fun, and we can still enjoy hobbies or do the things we love to do; it is just that the healing process will be happening alongside it.

There will be good days and bad days; you may feel like you have turned a corner one moment only to feel like you have hit a wall the next, but it is all a part of the process, and every part of it is another step in the right direction.

A relaxed woman drinking coffee in her living room.

Learning From the Experience

There is so much to learn from a relationship breakup, and it may be that you do not see these things until much later, or you may learn straight away as you leave the relationship.

You will learn about yourself as a person, love, relationships, your ex, and so much more. It is not all about the healing; it is also about the learning, the positive experiences you had in the relationship and seeing the warning signs in any future relationships.

The Benefits of Love Readings

Many people benefit immensely from psychic love readings when they are in or out of a relationship. At Trusted Psychics, our gifted team is here to offer kindness, support, guidance, and a shoulder to cry on at any time of the day.

What more could you ask of a psychic reading for love other than advice from an experienced psychic and someone who also looks deeply into love and relationships? Your chosen live psychic reader will support and help keep you on the best path for you in challenging times.

So, connect for psychic guidance and unlock the door to your life. People like yourself have been helped and counselled and have used our psychic platform as a source of trusted advice and clarity.

The power of psychic guidance is at your fingertips. Pick up the phone and start your live session with a reputable psychic.

With our expert psychics, we cover all the areas you can think of, from love, career, and new horizons to old friendships. Speak with one of our live psychic readers at Trusted Psychics, and they will be able to get to the heart of the matter and guide you in the best direction.


Is There a Way to Fall Out of Love With Someone?

Yes, you can fall out of love with someone, and this may be for many reasons. It could be that you have fallen for someone else, do not have those feelings anymore, or something else. But if this happens, know it is okay, and you are not alone.

Is It Possible to Suddenly Fall Out of Love?

Often, people suddenly fall out of love with their partner. This can be short-lived or permanent. It may be something that has been growing within you that you had not noticed, or it may be due to a specific reason or situation.

Many people may feel like they have suddenly opened their eyes to their partner or situation, and they see things in a new way, for example, causing them not to want this relationship to continue.

How Do You Know You’re Not in Love Anymore?

One of the most frequent questions our Trusted Psychics are asked is: How do you know you're not in love anymore? The answer is as individual as you are, so make sure you spot the telltale signs in your relationship.

You may feel like you are not thinking about that person night and day like you were before. You may find you are happier away from them or do not feel as emotionally toward them as you did.

Whatever your reason, you can be sure our psychics will help you make sense of it all and understand the path you are on.

With our vast range of psychic reading services, you can get the guidance and support you need, no matter your situation. Contact Trusted Psychics 24 hours a day via phone or live messenger.

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