Personality Numbers Summary

If leaving a good, long-lasting impression on someone wasn’t something that mattered to us, we wouldn’t place so much importance on it. Through the power of numerology, you can get a full understanding of what people think of you when they meet you for the first time. In order to get a true perspective on what others think and feel about you after a first meeting, you will have to uncover your Personality Number. Your Personality Number is one of the five core numbers in numerology; this number will reveal a wealth of things about you characteristics, traits, and instincts. Not only will this core number tell you what others think of you, it will let you know who’s likely to stay in your life and who’s likely to leave. We’ve already gone over how you can discover your Personality Number, today, we’re going to tell you what some of these numbers mean.

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Personality Number 7 Explained

If your Personality Number is 7, you’re a person of knowledge is well respected by the people around you. Your vast wisdom comes from the deep interest you express in various subjects/mysteries; once you find something that grabs your attention, you tend to never let it go. You have a lot of manners and are able to command a room with your presence. Throughout your life, people will always want to invite you to parties because you’re able to spring life into any room.

While you can talk for hours on end, there’s nothing you enjoy more than sitting down with a good book so you can further expand your wealth of knowledge. If you’re unable to get time for yourself so you can learn, grow, develop, and recover, you can become easily frustrated. When you’re at the top of your game, you always dress smart so that people will take you seriously. With your knowledge, you can impact the lives of those around you in a very positive way.

Personality Number 8 Explained

If you identify with Personality Number 8, you are a high achiever who has the ability to influence the world in unimaginable ways. Your enthusiasm to be the best is an inspiration to all those you cross paths with, however, you must be careful as to not burn yourself out. When you’re on the job, nothing can break your focus and you won’t stop until you’ve seen a task 100% through. You’re well-liked and you radiate confidence everywhere you go, so you should expect a lot of success as you progress through your career.

When it comes to your style of dress, you’re pretty unmatched as your clothes are very expensive and tasteful. You enjoy wearing the latest brands because you like to portray yourself in a particular light, something that’s very powerful upon a first meeting. Your warm, charismatic nature rubs off on the people you’re around which is why people always flock to you in social gatherings. When you’re surrounded by positive people, you’re at your happiest, so you’re very careful with the people you welcome into your life. Hearing/exploring new ideas gets you very excited and you have no problem seeing the toughest of projects through to the end.

Personality Number 9 Explained

Do you identify with Personality Number 9? If so, you’re likely to be someone who radiates positivity. Your bright aura has a way of attracting people from all walks of life, so it’s very easy for you to get along with people. You’re someone who likes to be in control of the outcome of any situation you get yourself into. The people who follow your lead, trust and respect your decisions, so they will stick by you no matter what. At heart, you are a humanitarian, so improving the quality of life for others is very important to you. No matter how hopeless a situation may seem, you never give up hope as you believe that you can protect everyone.

When it comes to your style of dress, you’re very practical with the clothes you like to wear. Expensive clothes/brands don’t mean much to you as you would much rather focus your energy toward something that will bring about real change. Putting the needs of other people before yourself is a given as you believe that you already have everything you need. When you’re not trying to hold the world together, you like to let your creative side run wild; this is something that restores your hope and reenergizes your soul.

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