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Signs You Have Psychic Abilities

Published 11/07/2023 by Joanne Jones

Signs You Have Psychic Abilities

Psychic abilities are considered an extraordinary phenomenon believed to be present in some individuals. These abilities allow them to perceive and interpret information beyond the normal senses' reach.

Developing psychic abilities can be a powerful tool that can lead to insights and perceptions beyond the abilities of the ordinary senses. By paying attention to the signs and using tools and techniques to enhance these abilities, one can awaken one's psychic potential and unlock a new level of awareness and experience.

What Are Psychic Abilities?

Many psychic abilities include telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, psychokinesis, mediumship, and remote viewing.

Telepathy is the ability to read or transmit thoughts between individuals without using traditional communication channels.

Clairvoyance is the ability to perceive events or objects beyond the range of normal sensory perception.

Precognition is the ability to see or know future events before they happen. Psychokinesis is the ability to manipulate matter or energy through the power of the mind.

Mediumship is the ability to communicate with the spirits of the dead. Remote viewing is seeing or gathering information about a distant or unseen target.

Psychic abilities are often associated with spirituality, intuition, and mysticism. Many believe these psychic powers are innate and can be developed through training and practice.

Signs You Have Psychic Abilities

Psychic abilities refer to extrasensory perceptions and intuitive powers that extend beyond the five senses and logic. These abilities can manifest in several forms, including clairvoyance, telekinesis, and precognition. The following are some signs that suggest you may have psychic powers.

You See Visions Beyond Normal Sight

You may have psychic abilities if you are experiencing visions beyond ordinary sight. This phenomenon is called clairvoyance, which translates to "clear seeing." Clairvoyance is the psychic ability to perceive objects, people, or events beyond the range of natural vision.


One of the most common indicators of clairvoyance is having vivid and intricate dreams that feel like they may carry symbolic or prophetic meaning. Those with this ability may also experience random and unexplainable mental images or flashes of insight throughout their day, which could represent premonitions or insights into the future.

Other signs of clairvoyance include:

  • Having a strong intuitive sense.
  • Being able to read people's emotions with ease.
  • Having an uncanny ability to pick up on nonverbal cues from others.

Many clairvoyants also report feeling a strong connection to animals and nature and experiencing strong empathic abilities.

You Hear Messages or Sounds Without a Source

One of the most distinct characteristics of psychic abilities is hearing messages or sounds without any identifiable source.

Psychic messages come in many different forms and are received by those with intuitive abilities in diverse ways. Some people hear messages as a whisper or a distinct voice, while others might experience it as a sound with no visible source.

One possible explanation for this phenomenon is that psychic abilities are related to heightened intuition or extrasensory perception. The ability to hear messages or sounds without a source is connected to clairaudience, which is thought to be a psychic ability that allows people to receive messages from the spiritual realm.

Research has shown that many people with psychic abilities can receive messages in various situations. Some experience it more frequently when they are in a meditative state or moments of lucid dreaming. Others may receive these messages in their daily lives through several different channels, such as random thoughts that come to mind, sudden flashes of insight, or even through the words and actions of others.

While some may be sceptical of these claims, psychics intuitively believe hearing messages or sounds without a source is essential to spiritual awakening and personal growth. Many people with these abilities report that it has helped them gain a deeper understanding and a sense of purpose.


Those with clairaudient abilities may hear voices, sounds, music, or other auditory sensations that others cannot. The messages may be brief or lengthy and may come through as a whisper or a loud and clear voice. Some people may hear messages with a tone, pitch, or frequency they have never heard before.

It's not just hearing sounds or messages that can indicate clairaudience. Signs of Clairaudience include those with this ability may also hear ringing in the ears or sudden popping or cracking sounds. They may also experience the feeling of pressure in the ears or a sudden increase in volume, even when there is no apparent external source.

You Feel Others Energy or Emotions

One of the most common psychic signs of having psychic abilities is the ability to feel the energy and emotions of others.

This can manifest in various ways, such as feeling a sudden shift in mood when someone enters the room or sensing the emotions of strangers without any verbal communication.

Psychics often describe this ability as an "empathic" nature, meaning they possess a heightened sensitivity to the emotions and energies of those around them.

Studies have shown that empaths have more active mirror neurons, which enable them to pick up on the emotions of others through nonverbal cues, such as facial expressions or body language. This heightened sensitivity to the emotional states of others can be a double-edged sword, as it can lead to overwhelming feelings of sadness, anxiety, or even physical discomfort when around negative or intense emotions.


Claircognizance, or "clear knowing," is considered one of the most sought-after psychic abilities due to its rarity and accuracy. People with claircognizance possess a natural ability to know things without any logical explanation or factual evidence.

Some common signs that you may have claircognizance include:

  • Experiencing sudden bursts of information or insights that seem to come from nowhere.
  • Having a strong sense of intuition that cannot be explained by rational thinking.
  • Being able to predict future outcomes with clarity and certainty accurately.

Those with claircognizance often possess an exceptional ability to connect with the energy of others and read their thoughts and emotions. They may also have a heightened sensitivity to spiritual energies and feel a solid connection to the universe and the energies that exist within it.

Smells Without a Source

The ability to detect smells without a source is commonly known as clairalience. Those with this ability can perceive smells that are not physically present in their environment. This can manifest in various ways, such as smelling a deceased loved one's perfume or cologne, detecting a specific aroma associated with a particular location despite not being there, or even smelling a scent associated with a future event that has not yet occurred.

While the science behind this ability is not yet fully understood, some researchers suggest that it could be related to the olfactory system, which is responsible for our sense of smell.

Individuals with psychic abilities may have a heightened sensitivity to the energies and vibrations associated with certain scents, allowing them to perceive them on a subconscious level.


Signs of Clairalience include people often reporting smelling strange and unusual odours that cannot be traced back to any physical source.

Some describe scents of flowers or perfumes, while others experience more unpleasant smells like smoke or body odour. Some individuals even report smelling the perfume or cologne of a deceased loved one, which they often interpret as a message or a sign from the other side.

While the scientific community remains sceptical about understanding clairalience, many spiritual practitioners believe it is one of the psychic senses and a genuine psychic ability.


Channelling refers to the purported ability to communicate with entities or energies from another realm or dimension. This could include deceased loved ones, spirit guides, angels, or other ethereal beings.

Those who claim this ability often describe going into a trance or altered state of consciousness, during which they can act as a conduit or channel for this otherworldly communication. Some channellers report receiving messages in the form of images, sounds, or words, which they then transmit to those in their physical presence or through other media such as writing or recorded audio.


Telepathic ability, also known as extrasensory perception (ESP), refers to the purported ability of some individuals to transmit and receive thoughts and feelings without using physical senses.

Research has shown that telepathy is often experienced during moments of deep emotional connections between people, such as between parents and their children, romantic partners, and close friends - which is why many have come to label it as a "sixth sense."

In many cases, telepathy is believed to occur spontaneously between people who share a strong emotional connection, such as twins or soulmates.

Read More on How to Use Telepathy.

Prophetic Dreams

The occurrence of prophetic dreams is still being studied by modern science, with researchers trying to understand what factors may contribute to this phenomenon.

While there is no definitive explanation for why some individuals may be more likely to experience prophetic dreams than others, many theories exist. Some believe these dreams are linked to psychic ability, while others point to the subconscious mind's role in processing and interpreting information.

Gut Feelings

Studies have shown that strong gut feelings are often associated with the brain's emotional centres rather than the areas responsible for analytical thinking. This suggests that these intuitive sensations may be more closely linked to our emotional and subconscious processes than our conscious decision-making.

While gut feelings are not always accurate, researchers have found that they can be a valuable source of information in certain circumstances, such as when making quick decisions or assessing potentially dangerous situations.

Regular Deja Vu

Studies have shown that Deja Vu is a momentary glitch in the brain's processing system, where the sensory input from the current situation is perceived as a past memory.

Regular Deja Vu is more common than most people realize, happening to around 70% of the population. It can occur to anyone, at any age, and any frequency.

While its causes are not yet fully understood, it is thought to be related to memory processing and the brain's ability to store and retrieve information.

How to Strengthen Your Psychic Abilities

Establishing a regular spiritual practice is one of the most critical steps in developing psychic abilities. This can include meditation, prayer, energy work, or any other activity that helps you connect with your inner self and higher power.

By regularly engaging in spiritual practices, you can cultivate a stronger relationship with your intuition and become more attuned to the subtle energies and messages around you.

Another effective way to strengthen your psychic abilities is to practice visualization and imagination exercises. These exercises can help you develop your clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities, allowing you to see and hear beyond the physical realm.

Many other techniques can help you strengthen your psychic abilities. Regularly working with divination tools such as tarot cards or pendulums can provide valuable insights and help develop intuition.


Journaling is a powerful technique to increase and strengthen your psychic abilities. By writing down your experiences, you reflect on them and document them. This documentation allows you to reflect on your progress and see how far you have come.

The more you write, the more precise your intuition and psychic abilities will become. By recording your experiences, you are training your mind to recognize and interpret intuitive signals.

Over time, you will develop a stronger connection to your intuition and be able to tap into your psychic abilities more efficiently.


Meditation is a proven method for strengthening psychic abilities. It is a practice that involves deep relaxation and focused concentration, which helps to quiet the mind and tune into one's intuition.

When one meditates regularly, they become more attuned to their inner voice and better capable of distinguishing between intuition and other thoughts or emotions.

There are many different forms of meditation, and it can take some experimentation to find the best method. Some prefer guided meditations led by an instructor or recorded audio, while others prefer silent meditation or chanting.

In addition to traditional meditation practices, psychic development meditations are specifically designed to help strengthen psychic abilities. These meditations can focus on different psychic development aspects, such as opening the third eye or enhancing intuitive awareness.


Strengthening psychic abilities is a fascinating and challenging process that can unlock your full potential and help you tap into your inner wisdom and intuition.

However, achieving meaningful results requires dedicated practice, patience, and persistence.

Practice Intuition Exercises: Many fun exercises can help you develop your intuition and psychic abilities, such as guessing games, card readings, pendulum swings, and telepathy experiments. Practising these exercises regularly with an open mind and heart can improve your accuracy, clarity, and confidence in your intuitive skills.

Energy Clearing and Protection

Energy clearing removes negative or stagnant energies from our aura or energy field, which surrounds and permeates our physical body.

These energies can come from different sources, such as emotional stress, environmental pollution, or negative thoughts and beliefs. If they accumulate and stay in our energy field, they can block our energy flow, compromise our immune system, and weaken our psychic abilities.

Developing Intuition

Developing intuition is a crucial aspect of strengthening one's psychic abilities. Intuition allows individuals to tap into their inner knowledge and instincts, granting them insights and understandings beyond what their five senses can provide.

While some may believe that intuition is an innate gift, it is, in fact, a skill that can be developed and honed through practice and awareness.

Another method for developing intuition is to engage in creative activities such as drawing, writing, or music. These activities stimulate the brain's right hemisphere, which is responsible for intuition and creativity. By engaging in these activities regularly, individuals can strengthen their ability to tap into their inner knowledge and creativity.

Working With Divination Tools

Divination tools are objects used to gain insight or answers to questions about the past, present, or future. These tools include tarot cards, crystals, pendulums, runes, and scrying mirrors.

To strengthen your psychic abilities through working with divination tools, you first need to select a tool that resonates with you. Choosing a tool that you feel an affinity towards will help to establish a connection and increase the accuracy of your readings.

It's essential to establish a regular practice and incorporate divination tools into your daily routine. This can include pulling a daily tarot card or checking in with your pendulum to tune into your intuition.

Psychic Readings

Psychic readings have become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more people seek guidance and clarity in their lives.

From relationship problems to career decisions, psychic readings offer an opportunity to gain insight into one's psyche and find direction for the future.

Trusted Psychics is the largest psychic service in the UK, and their team of psychic experts is available around the clock to provide guidance and support to those in need.

The Trusted Psychics world-class team of readers offer a wide range of readings, covering topics such as love and relationships, career and finances, and spiritual growth and development.

Trusted Psychics are committed to providing accurate and insightful readings backed by years of experience and training in the field. Their psychic experts are carefully selected and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they have the abilities and skills necessary to provide the level of service their customers expect.

Psychic readings can also offer a sense of peace and comfort to those who are struggling with difficult situations or have experienced loss. A psychic reading may help someone connect with a deceased loved one, offering a sense of closure and peace.

Psychic readings can offer a unique perspective on life and one's place in the universe. These readings can remind individuals of their interconnectedness with the world and help them feel a greater sense of purpose and meaning.

In addition, Trusted Psychics offers a variety of reading options to suit different needs and preferences. Customers can choose from phone, chat, or live messenger psychic readings, depending on what works best for them.

With competitive pricing and a satisfaction guarantee, customers can have peace of mind knowing they're getting the best possible value for their investment.


How to Tell If I Am Psychic?

One of the most noticeable telltale signs of psychic ability is heightened intuition. This means that you have a strong sense of knowing or feeling things that others may not be able to perceive.

You may have a gut feeling that something will happen or a strong feeling when someone is lying to you.

A strong connection to the spirit realms may also involve the ability to receive messages or guidance from spirit guides, deceased loved ones, or other spiritual beings. Psychics with this skill can often communicate with these entities through visions, dreams, or direct channelling.

Are Psychic Abilities Real?

Several scientific studies have been conducted to understand the legitimacy of psychic abilities better.

These studies have revealed several pieces of evidence which suggest that such abilities are real. Further research has shown that experienced psychics can accurately predict future events and provide valuable insights into complex situations.

How Can I Develop My Psychic Abilities?

Committing to regular spiritual practice is essential to develop your psychic abilities. This can include meditation, yoga, journaling, or prayer. By grounding yourself in a spiritual routine, you can open up the channels of communication between yourself and the universe and begin to access your psychic abilities.

Another important step is paying attention to your intuition and psychic senses. This means learning to trust your gut instincts and paying attention to any subtle feelings or sensations that you may be experiencing. Over time, this heightened awareness will allow you to tap into your psychic abilities and access deeper levels of intuition and insight.

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