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Why You Should Only Speak to Respected Psychics

Published 03/09/2022 by Joanne Jones

How to Spot a Fake Psychic?

How to Identify a Fake Psychic

When getting a psychic reading, you should make sure you speak with someone with your best interests at heart. As painful as it is, not everybody wants to see you excel—some people simply want to take as much as they can from you. When it comes to spotting a fake psychic, there are a variety of things you should look out for.

When speaking with a Trusted Psychic over the phone, the conversation/reading should flow naturally as your connection strengthens over time. The bond you share with your reader should be warm, friendly, and non-judgmental; without this, it would be impossible for a psychic to connect with you in a meaningful way.

The conversation becomes unnatural if your reader asks all the questions; however, psychic frauds who have been doing this for a long time can get information out of you without you even realising it. Pay attention to what your psychic is saying during your reading, and ensure they are not feeding off the information you have served.

3 Ways to Verify Your Psychic’s Abilities

1. Check Their History

Pay attention to the track record of any psychic you wish to get a reading from. If they have been successful in helping people in the past, chances are, they can help you too. The most trusted psychic phone services will vet their readers before welcoming them onto their service.

2. Ask Your Psychic About Your Past

If you are speaking with a psychic for the first time, ask them questions about your past to see how accurate they are. A genuine psychic should be able to put your mind at ease by displaying their abilities.

3. Trust Your Gut

If you feel comfortable with the psychic and you do not sense/see any red flags, that is a good sign—however, if you get a sinking feeling in your stomach that something is wrong, trust your gut and move on to a psychic that is a better fit for you.

Get a Cheap Reading With Trusted Psychics

Speaking with a reader from a credible psychic phone service will give you an insight into what sort of person you are dealing with. At Trusted Psychics, you can read a reader's reviews to see what others' experiences (s) have been.

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