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What Is a Near-Death Experience?

Published 22/08/2022 by Joanne Jones

What It Means to Have a Near-Death Experience

Crossing Over to the Spirit World

Most of what we know about crossing over into the spirit world comes from those who have had near-death experiences. People who have a near-death experience will often report on the beauty found in the spirit world. On the physical plane, we experience all sorts of things ranging from abandonment, conflict, heartache, and pain. Everything we have, we will eventually lose because nothing lasts forever.

In the spirit realm, everyone/everything will know everlasting peace. Those who have been to the other side will proclaim that the peace, love, and light found there is nothing like what we know on Earth, it is far superior.

What Does a Near-Death Experience Feel Like?

People who have had a near-death experience and visited the spirit world report having similar experiences; they recall travelling through a bright tunnel being accompanied by a spirit guide, angel, or departed loved one. This experience can be unnerving due to the unknown element of what the person crossing over is going through.

When reporting on near-death experiences, some people have talked about going through The Hall of Judgement. The Hall of Judgement is where your life will be examined/reviewed. Once the review is complete, some people will be given a choice, return to Earth or move onto the spirit world.

Those who return to Earth will reawaken in their human form, often forgetting most of what occurred in the spirit world. In most religious beliefs, the souls that choose to stay in the ethereal realm will go to a place of bliss or torment.

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