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What to Do When Someone Ghosts You?

Published 25/06/2024 by Sarah Lutterloch

What to Do When Someone Ghosts You?

Have you ever been "ghosted" by someone whom you connect with? This may sound complex, but in this article, we will examine how you can manage your emotions and avoid the temptation to seek contact with the person who ghosted you, concentrate on self-care, and reflect on your experience of life, which might reveal some significant insights.

What Is Ghosting?

Ghosting is when a romantic relationship abruptly ends, whether it's romantic or friendly, without any explanation. It can happen in various relationships.

The core idea is that one person chooses to stop communicating with another person without giving a reason. The person who ghosts you is commonly known as a "ghost." The term originates from the concept of a ghost that unexpectedly shows up and vanishes quickly with no explanation, leaving behind numerous unanswered questions.

This could occur after a date, during a long-term relationship, in a marriage, or even within a friendship.

No matter the duration or depth of the relationship, being ghosted always causes pain but can often be a blessing in disguise.

When someone ghosts you, it might feel like they don't value your time enough to explain their decision to move on or lose interest. You may have feelings of rejection and want answers to questions like Will he come back? How do I deal with this rejection?

What to Do When Someone Ghosts You?

Signs You're Being Ghosted

Ghosting often leaves individuals feeling puzzled, questioning whether they've truly been ghosted or if there's an explanation for the silence. Recognising the signs of ghosting is vital in distinguishing it from communication fluctuations.

  1. One indicator is a drop in communication. If text messages, calls, and other forms of contact suddenly dwindle without any explanation, it might suggest ghosting. This becomes particularly significant when the shift happens abruptly and strays significantly from established communication routines.
  2. Another clear sign is when responses become vague, sporadic, or elusive. When someone who has been actively participating in conversations begins to provide brief replies, and you get the silent treatment for hours when you respond, it could raise concerns.
  3. Changes in behaviour on social media messages can also indicate ghosting. This may involve refraining from commenting or liking posts, untagging oneself, or even deleting or blocking content on platforms. These actions indicate an effort to create distance.
  4. Ghosting isn't limited to interactions. If someone repeatedly cancels plans at the last minute or consistently makes excuses to avoid meeting up, it could be a form of ghosting. Physical avoidance often serves as an indication of ghosting compared to ambiguous digital communication.
  5. Lastly, trust your intuition. When there's inconsistency in how someone communicates with you, or there is no communication without explanation, it's crucial to consider the possibility of ghosting. While it's essential not to rush to conclusions, being aware of these signs can help recognise ghosting behaviour.

Why Would Someone Ghost You?

There are several reasons why a person can decide to indulge in the hurtful act of ghosting; either way, none of these reasons justifies the immature attitude of ghosting instead of having honest conversations.

Avoid Confrontation

Some individuals disappear from connections for fear of committing to roles within them. The concern of not being competent to fulfil the expectations of others can sometimes make them ghost you.

Stopping communication without warning can leave feelings of unfinished business and difficult feelings about the current situation. The best option is to avoid confrontation as it will not serve any purpose or suddenly make the current situation feel better.

Fear of Commitment

You may experience ghosting when your partner fears commitment. They may believe things are moving too fast in the relationship, and they are not ready to take on that responsibility, which is still not an acceptable excuse for treating you disrespectfully and hurtfully.

Influence of Modern Dating Culture

The commonness of ghosting is nearly tied to advancements in technology and the influence of modern dating culture.

Relationships can be easily terminated without face-to-face interactions, leading some relationship experts to believe that ghosting is less dangerous rather than being confrontational.

With the online dating culture, one person may have many dates arranged and want to avoid becoming attached.

What to Do When Someone Ghosts You?

Lack of Maturity

Ghosting can reflect an individual's maturity and communication skills. Some may struggle to convey their feelings or navigate relationship dynamics, resorting to ghosting as a coping medium to avoid difficult conversations.

Peer pressure and societal morals also influence the frequency of ghosting. In some social circles, ghosting is regularised and viewed as an acceptable system for ending relationships, particularly casual or short-term ones.

What to Do When Someone Ghosted You?

Discovering that you have been ghosted can leave you with challenging emotions. Below are things you can do to deal with the situation and move on.

Don’t Take It Personally

Kick-off by understanding what's going on. It's essential for your well-being to admit the reality of being ghosted, even though it may hurt. This will help you make choices and move forward.

Send Them a Friendly Message

If it finally hits you that your romantic partner is ghosting themselves away, stop and decrypt how you feel about it all. It can help sometimes to send one last calm message, which should not be an angry message, but just let them know how you feel.

Reflect on the Situation

Meditate on the experience and reflect on what you can learn about your past romantic connection and what your needs and boundaries are for future meaningful friendships. See it as an avenue to learn more about emotional abuse and understand what you desire in a future romantic connection and the red flags to look out for next time.

Let It Go and Move On

Lastly, give yourself all the time you need to move on. Recovering from ghosting is a process; mending a broken heart can take time. Whatever emotions you are going through are okay.

Moving on from a bad relationship is putting YOU first and allowing yourself to be in an even healthier relationship as time goes on.

Get involved in things that make you happy and relaxed. Talk about it with your closest friends or a relationship coach at Trusted Psychics, the well-known psychic relationship love experts who are available 24 hours a day to help you get through it.

If you do start to feel anxious or depressed, you should seek the help of a mental health professional or are experienced with complex relationships.

What to Do When Someone Ghosts You?

What to Do If Someone Ghosts You and Comes Back?

Have you ever experienced the surprise of receiving a puzzling "I miss you" text from an ex who disappeared from you? It may take some time for a person who ghosted you to resurface in your life.

There are motivations behind their return. Sometimes, it is driven by self-interest, while other times, ghosting may have been unintentional. Keep reading as we go into the reasons why ghosters might reappear and how to navigate situations.

Should I Give a Ghoster a Second Chance?

Some ghosters return for a selfish reason. You can either change the subject (some people might not want to let you go because they're bored and they want to make an emotional connection with you) or keep talking, tread lightly.

In some cases, the person you think ghosted you might not even realise they did it. Therefore, be assertive and explain your situation (and what you desire) to them first.

Be careful of confirming your intent.

Some people who ghost others may return because they believe you will always welcome them back. If you are compassionate and always ready to help others, a ghoster might exploit your willingness to forgive and forget.

A person who ghosts often craves attention from anyone to give it. Unfortunately, some individuals have short attention spans in relationships. They quickly lose interest and disappear without explanation, only to realise they feel bored when alone. Then, out of the blue, they reach out again. Mainly seeking something hearted or a brief distraction, not a committed relationship.

After cutting off communication, Your ex might realise they still have feelings for you. Sometimes, someone who has ghosted you may return because they've come to understand that they don't want to let go of what you both had.

Some individuals ghost others because they believe there's something there, only to realise later that they miss the stability and happiness of their previous relationship. In some cases, these individuals may seek another opportunity with you.

A ghoster might suddenly get conscious of their selfishness and decide to tender an apology. Ghosting a date or relationship means taking the easy way out: abandoning the other person suddenly instead of thinking about their feelings.

Some ghosters may realise that this is not a good thing. So, if they suddenly come back (with a sincere apology), treating you badly likely made them feel guilty.

Spiritual Readings

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How Many Days of No Contact Is Considered Ghosting?

Ghosting generally classifies after 1-2 weeks of no-contact; in the case of common scenarios, it can go on till 3-4 weeks. The exact timing can vary. The main factor is the sudden silence, which always ends up putting the other person in confusion with anxiety and unfair emotional distress.

Why Would a Guy Ghost a Girl He Likes?

  • Commitment issues: He might feel engulfed or terrified of emotional intimacy, surrender, and pull back as opposed to talking openly.
  • They're immature. Of course, some people avoid challenging discussions like the plague. To him, vanishing is probably a better prospect than an explanation.
  • He is not interested; it may be difficult for him even to describe the changes in his emotional state toward the girl.
  • To avoid conflict, he may have been thinking of ending things but was unsure how to navigate the conversation and its aftermath.

What Kind of Person Is a Ghoster?

Anyone who ghosts others is childish, has not developed empathy for other humans, and does not know how to communicate effectively. They bury their heads in the sand: They brush things off lightly, thus avoiding any form of self-accountability for the harm that they sow. They find it difficult to tell the truth in relationships, which affects their behaviour.

What Message Do You Send to Someone Who Has Ghosted You?

"I demand to know why you suddenly vanished without a word. Ignoring me like that is rude and hurtful. It would be cool if you could give tangible reasons for communicating with me. It isn't very pleasant, hoping that you understand the consequences of ghosting people. I encourage you to have discussions relating to disappearing in future relationships. I wish you the best; however, I need closure before moving on."

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