The interest in tarot cards has grown significantly in London and beyond over the past few years, resulting in increased sales of tarot card packs. It’s no surprise to note that, during the pandemic and its associated lockdowns and restrictions, there was a huge rise in demand in Tarot phone readings by online mediums. During the pandemic, people have turned to phone tarot readings to receive the advice and comfort they need in troubling times.

Many promoters and believers consider tarot reading to be a diagnostic tool. Similar to an X-ray, a reading can provide clarity and insight into an individual’s current situation. Readings are meant to highlight what is currently unfolding in particular aspects of client’s lives. Typically, clients look for assistance with their love lives, life paths, career goals, and so on.

However, it’s important to note that a tarot card is not intended to predict the future. A tarot reader simply looks at the probable outcomes of a given situation and highlights patterns in the client’s current situation. It’s more like a mirror that reflects reality and shows whether or not certain things are working for an individual.

Tarot card readers freely admit that they aren’t fortune tellers because the future is not fixed. It can change depending on the actions and decisions made by the individual. That individual’s beliefs also play a large role in what can happen in the future. Reading tarot cards will only show the probabilities of what can happen.

What’s more, it’s vital to understand that everyone has free will. Therefore, no matter what the cards say, it is still entirely up to the person how they want to live their life. Everyone must make their own decisions on how they move forward using the information the tarot cards give them.

The origin of tarot card reading is as mysterious as the cards themselves. There is no proper documentation of where tarot reading began or who its first proponents were. Some believe the concept came from Ancient Egypt, but there is no definite proof or evidence of this claim.

The fortune-telling potential of cards was first seen by European and Asian Gypsies. These nomadic people were accredited with the potential and possibilities of understanding what the cards imply regarding certain situations. Cards have been used by both gamblers and card players, as well as experts in magic and mysticism.

The 1910 Rider-Waite deck is one of the most common tarot decks in the world. It was created by the Hermetic Golden Dawn members, Pamela Coleman Smith and A. E. Wait. They were the first people to put images on the deck of cards, making them easier to read and more accessible to a wider range of people.

Having a tarot card reading is easy. Anyone nowadays can book an appointment with specialists online, and tarot phone readings are increasingly widely available for people from the comfort of their own homes. Tarot readers will pull three to seven cards and read them with the goal of providing the client with insights, drawing on their past, present, and even future.

If you have consulted with tarot card readers but are sceptical about the reading you received, psychics stress that it is a common misconception that their aim is to read your mind. The cards do not predict the future in black and white. They are merely meant to assist you in your life choices, not direct you specifically along certain paths.

Each card will mean different things to different people. Some are looking for insight into career opportunities, others their love lives, and still others are seeking clarity about their life overall.

Readings are an exchange of energy and are very much like a conversation. It’s hard for a reader to provide any insight if the person is not at all open to the experience because that means that the “conversation” cannot flow well or naturally. The most important thing in a reading session is to keep an open mind and heart.

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Basics of Reading a Tarot Card

Pulling cards is an exercise in intuition, which is why tarot card readers are more interested in energy than in, say, astrology and astronomy. It is important to trust what is coming through.

Accessing spiritual assistance important in tarot reading as it allows one to reach higher levels of consciousness. Readers will pull cards that they are more drawn towards. They use the traditional meaning of the card and may relate that to the client’s zodiac sign and the information they have provided about their life. The reader will then interpret the card drawn to their client.

When practising tarot reading, it is very much a process of learning to trust oneself. This is also true of the client asking the expert to read the cards for them. If they overthink or start second-guessing the meanings, they remove themselves from the flow.

Even though cards have traditional meanings, they do not always mean the same thing for each individual. A lot of the time, the tarot reader will not understand the relevance of the cards they are pulling and reading for other people. But they trust their intuition and believe that these will have certain meanings for the persons they are carrying out the reading for.

In essence, tarot reading is a tool for evaluating a person and the situation they are in. It is important to note that what is read is rarely a surprise because it is usually something that an individual has already been feeling intuitively.

The tarot opens up the subconscious energy in and around the person. The reading is more of a confirmation of what they already know so that they have a clearer insight into their decision-making.

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