What is the Allure of the Bad Boy?

While women often say that they would like to meet a nice guy’, they often end up dating the bad boy—this happens so often that some good guys find that they are often stuck in the friendzone. The thing is, to say that women are attracted to bad boys is somewhat oversimplifying what is going on. The truth is, the perceived bad boy has traits that a lot of women find attractive; nonetheless, today we are going to break down the 5 reasons in which the bad boy can be such a magnet with women.

4 Reasons Women Are Attracted to Bad Boys

1. Women like a Challenge

A lot of women enjoy the challenge of trying to tame a bad boy in the hope that he will become their ideal partner. Women often say that dating a man who is available 24 hours a day, ready and willing to do whatever she wants without question is not fun. Nice guys are often thought of as being safe, dependable, and predictable, therefore, women tend to think that they will make for boring partners. In the eyes of a young woman, it is much more interesting to date a guy who is unpredictable as it gives off an illusion of excitement. Women are also often attracted to bad boys because they sometimes perceive them as being misunderstood.

2. The Bad Boy Will Protect You

The bad boy often gives off the impression that he can protect/keep his partner safe. The bad boy is seen as someone who is willing to go against social norms and do whatever it takes to ensure that they get the outcome they want.

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3. Bad Boys Are Super-Confident

Confidence is one of the biggest factors that attracts women to the bad boy. A man who does not care about what people think of him and will speak his mind in any room is a man that most women will not be able to ignore. While masculine traits such as aggression and dominance are looked down upon these days, they are still attractive qualities in the eyes of women.

4. You Are Not Ready for a Stable Relationship

If you have been in an unhealthy relationship, you may not recognise/appreciate what it means to be in a good relationship. It could even be that you have had a rocky relationship with your parents or was a witness to their toxic relationship. if these emotional issues are not dealt with, some women may find themselves constantly chasing emotionally unavailable men because it is all they know.

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Do Nice Guys Always Finish Last?

As women get older and gain more experience in the dating world, they eventually find that chasing the bad boy is not their best interest. Eventually, she will start looking for a guy who genuinely wants to get to know her. While nice guys often finish last, eventually, they do end up finding someone to share their life with.

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