The Confidence of the ‘Bad Boy’

While Women say that they’d like to meet a ‘nice guy,’ If this is true, why do they always seem to date the ‘bad boy?’. This happens so frequently that over recent years, the good guys have felt as though they’re always stuck in the ‘friendzone.’ The thing is, it’s not that women are attracted to ‘bad boys’ because what really draws them in is the confidence that these guys demonstrate. While a supposed ‘bad boy’ will be forthcoming about his feelings, more often than not, ‘nice guys’ like to play it safe which often leads to them finding themselves in the friendzone, with the girl of their dreams never truly knowing how they feel.

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Women like a Challenge

A lot of women enjoy the challenge of trying to tame a ‘bad boy’ so they can turn him into their ideal partner. Many say that it’s no fun to date a man who’s available at every single moment throughout the day. These guys are often thought of as being safe, dependable, and predictable, therefore, women tend to think that these guys would make for boring partners. It’s much more interesting to date a guy who’s unpredictable because it gives off an illusion of excitement; this is something that many people would consider to be important because over time, relationships can become stale and predictable. However, with a ‘bad boy,’ the fun ride appears though it’s one that could last a lifetime.

The Misunderstood Guy

Women are often attracted to ‘bad guys’ because they think don’t think that they’re bad, simply misunderstood. As stated earlier, it’s not that ‘bad guys’ are always scum, so it’s possible that they simply have complex natures and very few people ever take the time to understand them. That being said, it’s important to note that some ‘bad guys’ are just that; they’re not out to build a life with someone, instead, they’re only out to get whatever it is they want in the moment which is usually sex.

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The Tortoise and the Hare

As women gets older and gets more experience in the dating world, she’ll eventually find that chasing the ‘bad boy’ isn’t in her best interest. She’ll start to look for a guy who’s willing to take the time to get to know her and treat her as something more than a sex object. So, while nice guys usually do tend to finish last, eventually, they do find someone to share their life with. What once seemed like the boring prospect has now become the most desirable.

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