The Importance of Your Birthday Number

Your Birthday Number is unique to you, and it influences your whole life. As one of the five core numbers, your Birthday number reveals untold things about your abilities, traits, and hidden talents. To achieve true harmony in your life, your Birthday Number should be in line with your Life Path Number; through these numbers, you will get a full grasp on your ambitions and the opportunities/challenges that lie ahead. By knowing what the future holds, you can make choices for you and your loved ones that will result in the best outcome.

Many numerologists consider your Birthday Number to be the code that will unlock your fate as it will play a vital role in regard to how your life path unfolds. The day you were born on has implications in and of itself, it’s why astrology is such a staple in the psychic world.

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How to Calculate Your Birthday Number

Thankfully, your Birthday Number is the easiest core number to work out, the only thing you need to know if your birthday. Simply put, if you were born on the 15th of June, your Birthday Number is 15. In most instances of numerology, whenever you’re presented with a double-digit number, you have to break it down to a single digit (or a Master Number). Your Birthday Number can be any number between 1 and 31.

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