Everything You Need to Know About the Planetary Dignities

Knowing what the Planetary Dignities are and how they affect you is important when it comes to astrology. Whether you’re learning about this for the first time or already have some knowledge surrounding the astrological movements, knowing this subject inside out is in your best interest. The dignity of a planet speaks to how a planet feels whenever it finds itself in a zodiac sign; how a planet feels in a certain star sign will impact those who fall under it. For example, if Venus is feeling miserable in Taurus, Taurus represents may feel demotivated/uninspired.

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The 5 Essential Dignities

Domicile and Detriment: A celestial body is referred to as being in detriment (exile) when it is finds itself in the opposite star sign of the one it rules. When a celestial body is in detriment, it’s thought to be at its weakest. A celestial body’s domicile is the zodiac sign that a planet, star, or android rules over.

Exaltation and Fall: Exaltation is seen as the place of awareness for a celestial body and the fall is regarded as a position of weakness/minimum influence.

Triplicity: Triplicity refers to a group of three signs that belong to the same element.

Terms (Bounds): Terms/Bounds refer to a system that divides a star sign into five unequal parts—the five parts are ruled by one of five planets.

Face (Decan): A decan is reference to a section of a star sign, typically, each sign would be subdivided between ten days.

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Domicile and Detriment

Essential Dignity is best described as what a planet feels when it finds itself in a particular star sign—it also refers to strength/weakness of a planet. Typically speaking, a planet’s Essential Dignity can be read separately from everything else that’s present on the natal chart. The Accidental Dignity refers to how a planet feels on a more personal level when it finds itself within a house on the natal chart. Unlike with Essential Dignity that tends to ignore the other celestial bodies, the Accidental Dignity will take everything into consideration.

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