Many people have turned to astrology recently, and the main reason is a perfect storm of factors. The surge has left people looking to the stars for answers. They do this with psychic reading online and through various media. Psychic reading has been one of the top things people have turned to in past centuries when they want answers to their life questions.

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Interest in astrology has surged ever since the beginning of the pandemic. With in-person meetings being put on hold indefinitely, virtual sessions with clients have continued to boom.

Some of these clients are families who lost loved ones to the coronavirus. Some are acquiring cheap psychic reading online for answers on finding a new career after losing their job in the pandemic. Others are just looking around for more information and knowledge while spending more time at home.

One psychic said that people were forced to stay in one place, reflect on their lives and think about where their lives are headed.

Interest in Western astrology grew even before the pandemic and lockdowns hit. It was getting much attention from younger people whose interest had been piqued by Instagram posts.

Astrology apps have also been available, making learning astrology much simpler for these individuals.

Data from Google Trends have shown that the search traffic for astrology and birth charts has increased five-fold. Many professional astrologers said that their businesses had taken off during the lockdowns.

On TikTok, a generation of newcomers has been introduced to the language of the zodiac. As a result, people claimed that a new vanguard for astrology had emerged on social media.

Astrology has been one way of getting more connected to life and something bigger than our existence, especially when life has become relatively disconnected from people we know and things we used to like.

According to a 2019 IBISWorld report, the psychic services industry accounted for £1.46bn. However, this figure will most likely grow because this industry continues to gain increasing interest. The movement towards mainstream astrology during this crisis is natural progress.

People are desperate to find meaning and patterns in this life, especially with the considerable uncertainties in the world where we’re stuck at the moment without much to do. Astrology inherently follows planetary cycles, so it aids the reader or the client see some patterns in the past that have already occurred, similar to what is happening now. This repeating pattern certainly gives comfort to some.

Anyone looking to get started with astrology can look to psychic reading online services. This will allow them to talk to people who can guide them and advise how to approach life. They can prescribe things that will enable them to make sense of their problems.

Birth chart reading is also a popular choice for those curious about astrology. Others include daily horoscopes. Some can even use a map of the sky at the moment of birth to draw connections to the person’s motivations, personality, purpose, and even direction in life.

The younger generation finds that astrology is an intriguing way of looking at the world. It is far less dogmatic than religion, which is its primary appeal.

The Pew Research Center says that 60% of western millennials believe in New Age spirituality. They use this as an alternative to religion to fill the void in their hearts. Astrology has traditionally been used as a bridge between the scientific and the religious because it seems to be a practical middle ground.

For many people, astrology is a subject of curiosity and a tool for inspecting the inner being. It also allows people to contextualise their feelings and struggles. This is why many people lean on astrological vernacular in counsellings. They use terms, such as “Gemini moon”, to describe how they feel about a person.

Reading astrology provides comfort and allows someone to make sense of the things around them. However, psychologists warn against depending on only one source of information for insight. They say uncertainty is part of the human experience and that it can be difficult to accept the fact that we cannot control many things in life.

However, psychology and counselling play an important role in people’s coping mechanism. With a bit of astrology, mental health and isolation problems can be addressed properly.

Some people even consider talking to a psychic medium as a therapy session because most of the topics discussed are very intimate and private. Some astrologers are good at this because they want to get to the root cause of something bad or ugly to assist their clients to make sense of their world.

Business is booming for astrologers due to people who are serious about finding answers and those who are just bored and want to do something different during the lockdown period.

With the year 2022, many uncertainties are still to be addressed. Relative normalcy may take some time before it will be seen again. Popular interest in astrology will continue to grow as it has in the past decades as long as worries and unexpected things occur in the world. People should keep their heads high and keep hoping for the best.

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