How Valuable are Psychic Readings?

Whether a prediction is always guaranteedto come true or not is one of the questions we always get asked. Although we’d love to tell you that the answer is yes, unfortunately, the universe doesn’t work like that. The likelihood of your reading coming true is dependent on a variety of factors such as the type of reading you had when you got it, and the preciseness of the forecast. Contrary to what you may believe about destiny, destiny is an everchanging thing that can be altered by the smallest of changes. Since we have free will, by learning about a future event we can choose to go against it. That being said, there are some people who believe that free will doesn’t exist and trying to change the future will be the reason for a particular prediction coming true.

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How Do Psychics See the Future>?

There are loads of ways to get a reading on the future. So, even if two psychics practice the same method of divination, the way in which they interpret the messages they receive can vary. This variation may occur because of how they conducted their reading or their level of experience. If you opted for a Tarot card reading, there are various card spreads that a cartomancer can use; based on this factor alone, you can see how readers may come to different conclusions.

What Questions Should You Ask a Psychic?

Not only can things like destiny be changed based on your actions or the actions of others, but the types of questions you ask can also play a role. Many people get into a habit of asking a psychic the same question over and over again; rather than getting clarity on their situation, they become even more confused about their reading. The more desperate and confused you become, the more unstable your future will be. If you’ve read what we’ve had to say about the Law of Attraction, you already know that having mixed feelings won’t encourage the best results from the universe.

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Can Your Actions Change the Future?

Both your thoughts and actions can change the outcome of your future; for example, let’s use the character Mary for our little analogy.

Mary contacts a psychic and decides to ask about her marriage because she feels as though her husband is distancing himself from her. The psychic tells her that a break up is bound to occur within the next three months. After the reading, Mary goes away determined to do something about this prediction. In order to save her marriage, Mary spends more quality time with her husband and in the end, they don’t break up. In this case, the prediction didn’t come true, however, if Mary didn’t get a reading, she wouldn’t have made the changes needed to save her marriage. From this example you can see that sometimes, the predictions we receive are an opportunity for us to take control, it’s not always about knowing the future and doing nothing about it.

Live Future Readings

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