Aries General Horoscope January 2021

The sun will taking up space in Capricorn at the start of the month, so if you have some things to get done, now’s the time to get started. You may have some personal projects you’ve been thinking about continuing or getting off the ground; whatever the case may be, do the work first so you can relax later on. When Mars leaves your home planet and heads towards Taurus, you will find that things around you are starting to slow down. While you may be feelings slightly bored around this time, you should use this peace and quiet to come up with a few solutions to some problems you have been having.

Keeping your loved ones close will ensure that you never feel alone, as you know there are people in your life who will always support you. The loving Venus will trine Mars on January 9th, so you will be inspired/motivated to win everything you put yourself in for. That said, there are certain things in your life in which you may not be able to tell if you were the one who came out on top, but its winning the only thing that matters? On January 19th, the sun will leave Capricorn and join up with Aquarius, connecting with the world will be super-important to you around this time. Make an effort to introduce yourself to a neighbour or new co-worker, you will be amazed by how powerful spreading positivity like this can be.

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Aries Love Horoscope January 2021

You’re going to be very excited and flirty during the beginning of 2021, however, you need to be discerning about potential love interests you welcome into your home. Take your time when meeting someone new so you can make sure that you’re both on the same page. On January 6th, Mars will make its way towards Taurus, so your love life my experience a bit of a slow down; this isn’t something you need to worry too much about, this also goes for those who are in long-term relationships.

If you are in a loving relationship, you may find yourself being a little too protective/overbearing on your partner, so make sure that you recognise when this is happening. When Mercury moves into Aquarius on January 8th, your feeling so jealously/insecurity should subside a little. If you are in a committed relationship, chances are, you are viewed upon as the more responsible one; while you love to live in the moment, your partner is usually more than happy to go along for the ride planning ahead may be one of your greatest strengths during this time. Even if you are a free-loving singleton, planning your dates will help things run a lot smoother, something that’s bound to bring you and your lover(s) joy.

The Venus and Mars trine on January 9th is going to make your very competitive, however, in a long-term relationship, you may find that losing a game or two actually helps you win. If you’re single, try to hold back your competitive spirit a little as this could be extremely overwhelming for someone you have just met. Enjoy a nice conversation/snuggle on the sofa after some competitive play, it may lead to the kind of play you enjoy in the bedroom, a place where everyone can be a winner! When the new moon shows its face in Capricorn on January 13th, make sure that you keep any promises you have made to your partner.

While you impulses may influence you to do something you should, you should recognise this before things go too far. January 19th is when the beauty of the sun will make its way into Aquarius, during this time, you may find that things take a bit of a weird turn in your love life; that said, this change may not be all bad. Your flirtatious energy will be at its strongest as the month of January draws to a close, your creative attitude when it comes to dating will be unrivalled.

Aries Career Horoscope January 2021

When 2021 kicks off, you will want to be acknowledged for the things you were able to get right at work. Yes, getting paid more is always a good thing, but it’s also rewarding to know that your work has not gone by unnoticed. Asking for a pay rise may not guarantee that it comes through, however, the company in question will be made aware of your demands. While times may be tough, don’t let fear stop you looking elsewhere for opportunity. Comparing your earnings to that of your friends may seem ideal, however, you must understand your own worth, focus on your world before looking outwards. Making your desires known is something that’s bound to pay off as the month goes on, and with this new attitude, you could see really big changes take shape throughout 2021, are you ready for it?