What is a Poltergeist Haunting?

The most harmful ghost is a poltergeist. Poltergeist actually means ‘noisy ghost’ which stems from the fact that it’s able to manipulate the physical environment, something that not many spirits are able to do. A poltergeist haunting is usually thought of a being something terrifying; during a poltergeist experience, you will often hear loud knocking sounds, see lights flick on and off, hear the slamming of doors, and on occasion, bear witness to spontaneous fires.

When a poltergeist event first starts off, things tend to happen very slowly, intensifying over time. While an attack like this is quite harmless in the early stages, should the poltergeist continue to get stronger, it can become quite dangerous. The presence of a poltergeist is often described as a mass of energy that is out of control.

The Reality of Ghost Hauntings

Contrary to what you see in the movies, ghost hauntings aren’t as dramatic as they appear to be. The most common experience is a feeling like you’re not alone, feeling as though someone is constantly watching you from the corner of the room. Sometimes, people experience specific or recurring nightmares, something that will be brought on by the presence of dark energy. During a ghost attack, you may also notice that there are hot/cold spaces located through your home, often confined to small spaces.

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How to Banish Dangerous Spirits

Getting rid of harmful/dangerous ghosts can be done via various methods such as an exorcism which is typically performed by trained priests or ministers. In Hinduism, banishing rituals are found in the 3rd, 7th, and 9th chapter of the Bhagavad Gita. The idea is to help release the ghost from bondage. In Buddhism, chanting mantras, keeping holy pictures of deities, or burning incense during a Puja can help release a trapped spirit. The Jewish banishing ritual is performed by a rabbi who has mastered Practical Kabbalah; this helps release both the possessed and the possessor.

How Spiritual Cleansing Works

Once a dangerous spirit has been banished, it’s important to make sure that it doesn’t come back. To do this, cleansing the place where the haunting took place is a must; this will also discourage other unwanted visitors from dropping by. One way to perform cleansing is to burn sage or cedar. This is said to clear negative energy is considered a purifying force in many cultures.

Ringing a bell in each corner of your room is said to break up negative energy and encourage positive energy. It’s advisable to clap several times first in each corner of the room in order to disperse any remaining auras. Ringing a bell raises the vibration of the energy making it very noticeable to a psychic when this simple energy cleansing task has been performed.

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