Why is Rejection Painful?

Very few people have been able to avoid the experience of rejection. While this may sound a good thing due to the pain that’s caused by rejection, never experiencing it is a dangerous way to live. We say this because rejection is something we’re all bound to come across at some point, so if you have no experience with it, the first time you do can be quite damaging.

How We Experience Rejection

We can experience rejection in many ways, and like anything in life, it can be experienced at varying degrees; for example:

  • A child being denied their favourite sweet could be regarded as a form of rejection.
  • Failing to get a job after an interview.
  • Being told by a friend that they’re too busy to hang out with you.
  • Getting turned down by a romantic interest.

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What Are the Forms of Rejections

There are so many ways for us to be rejected that you can almost expect it to happen on a daily basis. Most forms of rejection are mundane, such as your boss not allowing you to go home early. However, there are some cases that can shatter a person, like being denied a request for marriage by the one you love. Some people can cope with major rejections, while others are very sensitive to even the slightest form of denial. This is because we all deal with rejection in a variety of ways, some of which are more effective than others.

The people who deal with rejection better tend to be more confident. They’re sure of themselves and don’t let the outside world alter how they feel. This is something that you can start working towards right now via the use of affirmations. People who don’t cope well with rejection are the opposite; they have a lack of self-confidence and often possess a negative outlook on life. If this sounds like you, don’t worry, there are ways for you to change these aspects of your nature while remaining true to who you are.

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How to Master Rejection

The best way to deal with rejection is to face it head-on. Try not to take things personally and know that you’re still a person of great value to the world. The form of rejection that people fear most involves love; whether it’s making the first move, proposing, or expressing your interest in someone. Those who are rejected after making their feelings known will immediately assume that there’s something wrong with them. However, the truth is, you’re just not for everybody; the person that rejected you has more than likely been rejected themselves, so, it’s not something that’s exclusive to you.

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