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4 Haunted Places in the UK

Published 01/09/2022 by Joanne Jones

4 Haunted Places in the UK

Scary Places to Check Out in the UK

Who does not love a scary story? We are utterly obsessed with the supernatural world and everything it makes possible. While the supernatural world is fascinating, it is not without its creepy side; today, we will go over four haunted spots in the UK that any ghost hunter would owe a visit to.

4 Must-See Haunted Locations in England

1. Aston Hall, Birmingham

Aston Hall is a grand English country house; the house was completed in the 1630s for a powerful man named Sir Thomas Holte. Sir Thomas Holte was feared due to his power, influence, and quickness to anger. Sir Thomas Holte owned Aston Hall until 1817, after which it was passed on to various wealthy individuals/families. Eventually, Aston Hall was brought by the city of Birmingham and transformed into a museum that you can visit today.

The Most Famous Ghost Story: The Grey Lady

The Grey Lady is thought to be Sir Thomas Holte's daughter, whom he had locked away for 16 years; she eventually lost her mind and passed away. Sir Thomas Holte punished his daughter because she wanted to run away with a man she had fallen in love with; this angered Sir Thomas Holte because he arranged for her to be married to somebody else. Rather than letting his daughter do as she pleased, he stripped her of her freedom.

Other Ghost Sightings at Aston Hall

Sightings of a servant boy have also been reported around Aston Hall. The servant boy was accused of stealing from Sir Thomas Holte; rather than dealing with the consequences, the servant boy ended his own life.

Sir Thomas Holte allegedly took the life of his cook after he served him a dish that was not to his satisfaction. Due to the immense wealth, power, and influence possessed by Sir Thomas Holte, he cleared his name of the crime.

The Green Lady, formerly Mrs Walker, is another ghost people claim to have seen sitting in the great hall or the housekeeper’s living quarters.

2. Pendle Hill, Lancashire

Pendle Hill is admired for its beauty, despite its dark past. In 1612, 10 people were executed after being accused of witchcraft after a trial at Lancaster Castle. The Pendle Witches Trial is one of the most well-documented witch trials in the UK—The Pendle Witches Trial has been the subject of movies, plays, and documentaries.

The Pendle Witches were a local family that people accused of having links to the devil and engaging in dark rituals. After the occurrence of some local deaths and other mysterious activities, 12 people were put on trial. After the trial, 10 were hung, was jailed, and was found innocent; to this day, the witches are said to haunt Pendle Hill.

3. Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon

Berry Pomeroy Castle was completed in the 15th century. The Pomeroy family owned the castle until they were forced to sell it in 1547 due to financial difficulties. Ultimately, the castle was abandoned in the 17th century. There are several legends/stories surrounding the mystery of Berry Pomeroy Castle. However, the most popular involved two female ghosts who are said to roam the grounds.

The Blue Lady of Berry Pomeroy Castle

The Blue Lady is said to call out for help and lure people to their death if they go to her. The Blue Lady is believed to be the daughter of a Norman Lord; she can be seen wandering the grounds, mourning the loss of her baby, who many believe she murdered because her own father sired it. People have also reported hearing a baby’s ghostly cries echoing through the castle's ruins.

The White Lady of Berry Pomeroy Castle

The White Lady is thought to be the spirit of Lady Margaret Pomeroy. Margaret was imprisoned by her sister, Eleanor, who was jealous of her beauty. Eleanor became enraged when the man she wanted developed feelings for Margaret—rather than seeing the loving couple find happiness together, Eleanor locked Margaret away until she perished.

4. Duntulm Castle, Isle of Skye

Duntulm Castle was built between the 14th - 15th century. During this time, the MacDonalds and the MacLeods were feuding over the rights to the Trotternish Peninsula. Ultimately, the MacDonalds came out victorious—nevertheless, they abandoned the castle in 1730. These days, the castle is quite unstable, so visitors must view it from a safe distance.

The ghost of Hugh MacDonald is believed to wander the castle ruins and is sometimes seen with a nursemaid who keeps him company. According to the stories, Hugh MacDonald tried to steal his family’s land, and as punishment, he was starved to death in the dungeons. Being forced to eat salt beef and without water led to Hugh MacDonald losing his mind; he even tried to eat his hand.

Other Ghosts Sightings

The man who starved Hugh MacDonald to death went by the name Donald Gorm; there are reports of Donald Gorm's ghost fighting with other apparitions, possibly the spirits of those he tortured.

Margaret Macleod's ghost can be heard howling in anguish. Margaret Macleod was a woman who was turned away by her husband after she lost an eye in an accident.

There have also been reports of a screaming housemaid; while alive, this housemaid would hold the son of the clan chief up to the window so he could enjoy the view. Unfortunately, she accidentally dropped him out of the window and was punished by being set adrift at sea.

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