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Published 20/08/2022 by Joanne Jones

How Do Mediums Use Psychic Healing?

What Are the Forms of Psychic Healing?

Psychic healing involves the transfer of energy from one source to another and comes in different forms. Unfortunately, most people only acknowledge the form of healing that comes through science/medicine; the truth is that several forms of healing are used for physical, mental, and spiritual recovery. These forms of healing include special techniques that the most trusted psychics use.

How Does Psychic Healing Work?

Psychics can heal people in various ways; the method(s) they use often depend on their preference, experience, and skillset. When in-person, psychics will physically connect with someone by placing their hands on their body. By opening an energy portal, psychics can establish a connection by envisioning the recipient's condition to ensure an effective blending of auras. When the emotional state of the psychic and recipient closely align, the psychic's ability to create a connection is drastically improved. After establishing a link, the link can be maintained and enhanced by using crystals.

6 Types of Psychic Healing

1. Mental Healing

This form of healing involves instructing dysfunctional cells to heal.

2. Pranic Healing

Pranic healing occurs when a psychic taps into the universal healing power. In practice, this healing technique involves the psychic serving as a medium through which the universe will mend the person in need.

3. Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is similar to pranic healing as the healer will take on the role of a medium through which their healing powers are transferred to the recipient. Unlike other psychic healing methods, this approach requires the psychic to use a spirit guide.

4. Distant Healing

While different forms of psychic healing require contact between the recipient and the psychic, distant/remote healing is possible over great spaces, this is how our trusted psychics can help you over the phone.

5. Magnetic Healing

Magnetic healing requires direct contact between the psychic and the recipient—this connection could be through an object which would serve as a healing magnet. The psychic will put their aura into the object, and the recipient will do the same to receive healing.

6. Trance Healing

Trance healing is when the recipient is put in a trance-like state from which they are healed.

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