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The 3 Most Haunted Places in the World

Published 20/08/2022 by Joanne Jones

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The 3 Most Haunted Places in the World

What Are the Most Haunted Locations?

We all love a good ghost story, even if it makes it hard for us to sleep at night. Today, we will talk about some of the scariest places in the world.

1. Devil's Pool (Australia)

Devil's Pool is one of Australia's most haunted locations. Over the years, people have lost their lives in this swimming hole due to its fast-flowing water; people who wish to visit the Devil's Pool are told to keep their distance. The locals refer to Devil's Pool as the washing machine due to the violent rotation of the water.

Why Is Devil’s Pool Haunted?

Devil's Pool is said to be haunted by a runaway bride who fell to her death, according to Aboriginal folklore—the name of the young woman was Oolana. Oolana was promised to a respected elder from her tribe, the Yindinji tribe, but she fell in love with a handsome young warrior named Dyga, who was from another tribe. The couple ran away to be together; unfortunately, it was not long before the two lovers were found, and Dyga was captured. Oolana could not fathom living without her partner, so she threw herself into Devil's Pool.

There is another version of this story in which Oolana ends up marrying the man she was initially promised to; it was only after their wedding that she met and fell in love with Dyga. During their escape, Oolana and Dyga threw themselves into the Babinda Boulders as they would rather die together than live apart. The locals say that if you listen closely, you can hear Oolana crying out for Dyga; some say you can see her face in the water and that she is responsible for pulling in young men.

2. Myrtles Plantation (USA)

According to legend, the Myrtles Plantation House in the USA was built on top of an ancient Indian burial ground. Despite being one of the most haunted places in America, the Myrtles Plantation has been transformed into a bed and breakfast. Over the years, sightings of ghosts have been reported around the grounds; one of the most recognised spirits is Chloe.

The Death Chloe, the Vengeful Slave

According to the legend, Chloe was a slave who Clark and Sara Woodruff owned. Chloe was pressured into becoming Clark's mistress and feared that she would be forced to work in the fields if she did not go along with it. Eventually, Clark Woodruff lost interest in her and found another slave to force himself on. Chloe started to worry that she would be sent to work the fields, so she began eavesdropping on the private conversations of the Woodruffs. Soon enough, Chloe was caught, and one of her ears was cut off as a punishment.

In her final days, Chloe baked a cake for the oldest daughter of the Woodruff family and filled it with poison. The legend says that Chloe poisoned the cake because she wanted to be the one to nurse the family back to good health; by doing this, Chloe could secure her place in the house and not have to worry about being sent to work the fields. Unfortunately for Chloe, she used too much poison, which resulted in the death of Sara and her two daughters. Likely in fear for their own lives, the other slaves hung Chloe—she was later cut down and thrown into the river, never to be seen again.

Where Are the Ghosts in the Myrtles Plantation?

Chloe: Visitors have reported seeing the ghost of Chloe at the Myrtles Plantation. A past owner of the plantation accidentally took a photograph of Chloe's spirit, and the picture shows her standing between the two buildings. Undoubtedly, Chloe's apparition is the most frequently encountered ghost, often seen wearing a green turban which she used to cover up the scars left by having her ear removed.

Sara Woodruff and Her Daughters: The ghosts of Sara Woodruff and her daughters are said to appear in one of the mirrors. It was a custom to cover the mirrors when someone died, but in this case, one mirror was left unveiled—the uncovered mirror resulted in the spirits of Sarah and her daughters being trapped inside.

William Drew Winter: William Drew Winter was fatally wounded on the plantation's porch. The legend claims that after being shot, William made his way to the main staircase and climbed up to the 17th step before passing away. This belief became prominent because this is where the ghost of William Drew Winter is often seen.

3. The Tolbooth (Scotland)

Located in Scotland, the Tolbooth was built between 1616-1629. Initially, the building was used to collect tolls/goods but was later turned into a jailhouse. Over the years, the Tolbooth has gone through many changes—it is now a museum that exhibits some of the old prison cells. Since the Tolbooth Museum was used as a prison, you can assume that it has seen its fair share of trauma. Janet Walker, also known as the Fitty Witch, was one of the most famous inmates.

Janet Walker was a 17th-century woman convicted of witchcraft; after her conviction, Janet was strangled and burned, a practice uncommon during this time. With such deaths happening occasionally, you can see why a location like the Tolbooth Museum is shrouded in darkness. There have been other supernatural happenings at the Tolbooth Museum, such as the sound of footsteps, jingling keys, and singing in the corridors—there have even been sightings of a short man dressed in clothing that dates back to the 1920S.

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