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8 Questions to Ask Yourself After a Psychic Reading

Published 03/09/2022 by Joanne Jones

8 Questions to Ask Yourself After a Psychic Reading

Best Tips for Getting a Psychic Reading

When getting a psychic reading, it is a good idea to have a pen and paper handy. By taking notes of the things you are told during your reading, you can look over them at a later date to see whether the predictions were accurate. Having a pen and paper to hand will also make it easier to write down any questions that pop into your mind during your session. Once your psychic reading is over, there may be a few things you wish to ask yourself to make sure that you got what you came for.

8 Questions to Ask Yourself After a Psychic Reading

1. Did I Get My Questions Answered?

During a reading, it is easy to get caught up in the moment as the psychic reveals all sorts of things about your future; however, if you are not careful, you may find that you never addressed the things you initially called in about.

2. Has My Worldview Changed?

During your psychic reading, there was probably a topic that you and your reader focused on. After your session, you should evaluate whether your opinion/outlook on an area of your life has changed. It is the duty of a psychic to reveal the truth about your destiny, and in doing so, you should be able to grow/develop.

3. Do I Need to Make Changes in My Life?

After speaking with a psychic, it is easy to go back to doing whatever you were doing before your session; nevertheless, if there is something you need to change about the present to create a better/brighter future, you should do it. Change is always scary, but it is necessary if you want to grow and become the best version of yourself.

4. Was I Ready for the Information?

Sometimes, you may get a psychic reading that did not seem relevant to you, however, over time, things may become more apparent. During your initial reading, you may not have been ready for what you were being told by the psychic.

5. Was There More I Could Have Asked?

In the case of a negative reading/experience, you may want to ask yourself if there was anything you could have done to facilitate a more cohesive reading. Make a note of things you want to talk about beforehand so you do not veer off track during your reading.

6. Did the Psychic Use Any Cold Reading Techniques?

Fake psychics are known for using what is called 'cold reading' to try and scam their clients. For example, a fake psychic might say, 'I see a woman in your life who has been causing you trouble recently.' If you have a mother, sister, girlfriend, or female boss, this statement could apply to any of them. To avoid being scammed by a psychic using cold reading techniques, it is important to be aware of them.

7. Did the Psychic Give You Specific Information?

Another thing to consider after a psychic reading is whether you received any specific information. Some examples of detailed information that a psychic might give you include:

The name of a person from your past who you have not thought about in years.

Details about an upcoming event in your life, such as a wedding or the birth of a child.

Information about your current job/career.

If a psychic can give you specific information they could not have known otherwise, it is a sign of their legitimacy.

8. How Can I Use the Information From the Reading in My Life?

After getting a psychic reading, what you do with the information you learn is one of the most important things. Once you have unmasked the secrets of your future, you must put a plan together so you can get the most desirable outcome.

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