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Published 04/03/2023 by Joanne Jones

Why Do People Turn to Psychics in Difficult Times?

In recent times, more and more people are turning to psychics when facing difficult times. This is because psychics offer a unique perspective on personal issues. They can provide insights into complex emotional problems in a way that no other person or service can match.

Experienced psychic readers offer comfort and security as they are seen as unbiased and impartial sources of advice.

These specialist readers offer emotional support and understanding during times of crisis. They can provide wisdom and guidance to help one cope with the challenges one may face.

Many psychic empaths have specialised knowledge in areas such as astrology, tarot reading, palmistry, numerology, dream interpretation, etc., which provides an alternate route to obtaining insight into more critical existential questions.

People seeking psychic advice can benefit those feeling overwhelmed or confused by their current situation. Psychic readers provide clarity and solace by helping individuals dig deeper into their feelings and thoughts about their life circumstances to make well-informed decisions about moving forward.

Online services offered by psychics are often affordable compared to traditional therapy or counselling services.

Specialist readers can offer future psychic predictions which can help you avoid up-and-coming obstacles. They provide personal support and guidance, particularly helpful during difficult times. They listen without judgement and offer encouragement or positivity that can make all the difference to someone feeling lost, scared or alone.

These acts help individuals cope with stress and intense feelings during tough times, allowing them to reach clarity and focus on what needs to be done next. Talking about a situation with an impartial listener can bring clarity for many people, helping them find answers to what may seem impossible at first glance.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why people turn to psychics during times of difficulty; these include receiving unbiased advice from an expert source, emotional support during stressful times, access to specialised knowledge in various fields related to spirituality/esotericism and affordability when compared with traditional forms of therapy/counselling services.

Why Do People Become Addicted to Psychics?

People become addicted to psychics for various reasons, but the most common is that they offer comfort and reassurance during tough times. Psychics can give an individual a sense of control over their life, and sometimes the answers provided by psychics can be more satisfying than what one might get from family and friends. Psychics often have an aura of mystery that many people find intriguing.

In a world where society has become ever-more isolated, and people feel more disconnected, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by loneliness and depression. Seeking out the help of an online reader can provide comfort at a time when connecting with others can seem impossible. The psychic reader provides an empathetic ear, offering compassionate advice and guidance during a period of difficulty.

People become addicted to psychics for many reasons, not only because they may feel lonely but also because the reader provides what could be considered an escape from reality.

When life seems uncertain or stressful, seeking spiritual guidance can relieve everyday worries and tribulations. This is often why people return again and again to seek the assistance of psychics — because they offer an invaluable sense of peace when everything else feels chaotic or unpredictable.

Psychic readings also offer unique insight into personal matters that some people may find difficult to address independently or with friends or family members. Whether it's problems in a relationship, issues at work, or simply questions about their life path, talking to a professional advisor can prove immensely helpful in providing clarity when needed most.

The human need for connection and understanding is so strong that sometimes it can lead us down unexpected paths, including getting our first psychic reading. Like anything in life, it can become addictive. Always wanting to be one step ahead and know what's around the next corner or have someone there to talk to when all else fails is very appealing.

The Science Behind Why So Many People Believe in Psychics

The belief in psychics has been around for centuries and has only grown stronger in recent years, thanks to advances in science and technology. The human mind is fascinating, and it is often difficult to explain seemingly inexplicable phenomena. To truly understand why so many people believe in psychics, we must explore the science behind how this fascinating phenomenon works.

One of the most accepted explanations for psychic ability is quantum entanglement, which states that two objects or particles – such as a person's thoughts – can become entangled even when separated by vast distances, meaning that when one particle changes its state, the other changes instantly, regardless of distance.

This entanglement could explain how a psychic can accurately sense or "tune in" to someone's thoughts from far away. It's important to note that scientists have yet to explain how this phenomenon works practically thoroughly.

Another explanation comes in extrasensory perception (ESP), which suggests that specific individuals possess an advanced perception beyond what our five physical senses can detect. According to ESP theory, people with higher sensitivity levels can pick up on information outside their normal range of experience using a sixth sense, which explains why some people can "read minds" or predict future events accurately.

Fascinatingly, recent brain imaging studies suggest a link between psychic abilities and activity within specific brain areas. Researchers have identified differences in neural networks associated with intuition and imagination versus those associated with logical reasoning and rational thought processes.

These findings lend further credibility to the idea that these gifted people may possess rare cognitive skills not seen in most people – the ability to detect subtle clues from their environment at an unconscious level and respond accordingly without being consciously aware of them.

It appears there are multiple reasons why people believe in psychic abilities – ranging from scientific theories such as quantum entanglement and extrasensory perception (ESP) to neurological evidence linking psychic abilities with some brain regions. Until further research can shed light on this mysterious area of study, one thing remains clear: people’s belief continues to be strong among many communities worldwide today.

How Can Psychic Readings Help?

Online specialist readings can offer individuals incredible insight into their lives. They can benefit those seeking a deeper understanding of themselves or the world around them. access the wisdom not everyone can sense daily.

Here Are 7 Popular Reasons Why People Want a Psychic Chat

  1. Psychic reading platforms offer insightful readings that can assist with a vast array of issues, from making sense of one's past, and understanding their current circumstances, to gaining insight into the future. People can benefit from the wisdom and guidance of experienced advisors who use their intuition and insights to clarify during confusion or decision-making.
  2. Psychic online readings can be beneficial when finding solutions to relationship troubles. They will often suggest different courses of action that can help resolve problems while offering advice on how to better communicate with one's partner or assist in discovering ways of deepening the connection between two individuals. By tapping into the realm of the unknown and connecting with energies beyond the physical realm, these gifted individuals can provide accurate answers that can help resolve issues between partners or give a deeper understanding of one's feelings and emotional state.
  3. Career readings by specialist readers can provide incredibly accurate predictions for your career. Professional readers that specialise in this type of reading often employ a combination of techniques such as tarot cards, numerology, astrology, and other forms of divination. These readings can help you gain insight into your current job situation and professional future. By studying the information from these readings, you can understand how to best utilise your strengths and abilities to succeed in your career.
  4. Financial worries, such as seeking clarity around current financial situations or trying to understand better the implications of financial decisions made in the past.
  5. Emotional blocks and traumas, such as trying to work through post-traumatic stress disorders preventing personal growth or reaching a place where emotions no longer cause distress and confusion.
  6. Online readings are invaluable for providing spiritual health and peace of mind. Through techniques such as tarot cards, divination, astrology and dream study, psychics can connect with a person's energy field to offer insight into the past, present and future. These readings help to bring clarity and understanding to issues that may be confusing or difficult.
  7. Gifted psychics can use their skills to reunite loved ones lost due to long-standing feuds and help people find compassionate closure when necessary. In this sense, these professionals play an integral role in fostering stronger relationships between family members by working through unresolved issues from the past. By bringing understanding and awareness into the present moment, families become more connected than ever before - enabling them to form healthy bonds and develop effective strategies for resolving future arguments so that everyone involved feels heard and respected.

Why Have So Many Russians Turned to Psychics?

Over the past few decades, Russia has seen a rise in the popularity of psychics and mediums, with many Russians turning to them for advice and guidance.

This rise in popularity can be due to many factors, including the prevalence of superstition within Russian culture, which has been reflected in its folklore for centuries.

Many Russians regard psychics as legitimate sources of knowledge and insight due to their religious or spiritual beliefs. In Russia's absence of psychological support services, Trusted Psychics can provide an alternative form of emotional assistance by offering accurate readings, which some people find more accessible and comfortable than traditional methods.

Historically, countries in Eastern Europe have had significantly lower rates of reported mental illness compared to those in Western Europe, suggesting that they lack adequate access to mental health services.

This lack of access is especially true for Russia, with long waiting lists for psychological appointments and rural areas with limited access to state-funded mental health care. Seeking help from mental health professionals can be seen as stigmatised since it may carry a suggestion that someone is "mentally ill" or "insane".

This stigma causes many people to turn towards online readings instead, as they are regarded as more socially acceptable sources of comfort.

Unlike traditional therapy, psychics can provide an individual with direct and personalised support, which can sometimes be difficult to understand or relate to personally. This makes accurate psychics more accessible than other forms of therapy, and their services tend to be much more affordable than traditional psychology sessions. This makes them a fantastic option for those with limited financial resources who need emotional guidance.

What Questions Should You Ask in a Psychic Reading?

The live psychic readers at Trusted Psychic have told us the questions most asked in a reading.

  1. What is my future prediction regarding my profession and career?
  2. What areas of my life should I focus on to achieve greater success?
  3. Will I find true love within the next few months or years?
  4. Is there anything I'm overlooking that will bring me more joy and satisfaction?
  5. What aspects of my character should I be working on to succeed from a personal standpoint?
  6. Is there something I need to know when making important decisions?
  7. Are there any hidden talents or abilities that I possess which could help me further develop my skills and character?
  8. How can I improve my financial situation over the next few years?
  9. Can you offer me a psychic prediction concerning a project or venture I'm currently involved with?
  10. Do any obstacles within my romantic relationships need to be addressed by me?
  11. What opportunities should I consider exploring that could open new personal growth and development pathways?
  12. How can I best nurture essential relationships to remain meaningful?
  13. Are there any spiritual teachings that are relevant to me?
  14. Are there any potential risks or dangers if I follow through with a particular decision or course of action currently under consideration by myself?
  15. Is now the right time for me to pursue an avenue of creative expression such as writing, music, and art to reach new levels of self-discovery and understanding?
  16. How can investing energy into self-care activities, such as exercise, meditation, yoga, etc., help bring balance back into my life?
  17. How can understanding myself better emotionally lead to increased confidence and improved levels of self-esteem to become more successful professionally and personally?
  18. Am I currently surrounding myself with people who will support me unconditionally?
  19. What advice can you give on improving communication skills when dealing with difficult conversations or situations involving others?
  20. Should I trust my instincts more often when facing uncertainty and confusion?
  21. How can connecting more deeply with nature help bring peace into one's mind, body, and spirit?
  22. Can I make significant changes without sacrificing what makes me happy?
  23. Should specific goals be shelved while focusing on helping others?
  24. Are there any lessons that must be learned before moving to the next life phase?
  25. Which areas within my life require greater attention?
  26. Could old patterns from childhood prevent progress from being made within current activities?
  27. Do challenges today serve as building blocks towards achieving desired results tomorrow?
  28. How might thinking outside the box be beneficial when making decisions involving complex scenarios instead of taking traditional paths?
  29. Have I found my soulmate?
  30. Will I find my true love soon?
  31. Is my partner faithful to me?
  32. What can I do to strengthen my relationship?
  33. Will my current relationship last the course of time?
  34. What's ahead in my future?
  35. Can I resolve my anxiety issues and stop living my life in fear?
  36. Will I achieve financial success?
  37. Will I get my promotion at work?

How Often Can You Have a Psychic Reading?

How often you chat with a live psychic or card reader is entirely up to the individual. It all depends on the individual's personal preferences and goals for the readings.

Generally, some people prefer to have more frequent readings, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. They may feel that this helps them stay in tune with the latest shifts in their energy or gain insight into their present situations.

For others, reading every few months or even once a year might be enough to gain clarity and validation on specific issues they face.

Everyone has different goals and needs when seeking these services. Discussing this question with your Trusted Psychic might be beneficial, so they can help guide you on what works best for you. This way, you will ensure that each time you sit down for a reading, it builds from the previous one and increases your understanding of yourself and the people close to you.

What Are the Different Types of Psychics?

Tarot Card Readers

They use tarot cards to interpret the energy of an individual and to provide insights into their future, relationships, career, and more. Tarot card readers often look for repeating patterns in a person's life and draw specific conclusions from them.


A clairvoyant can "see" things beyond the physical realm, such as visions, symbols or events that have yet to occur in the future. They often rely on their intuition when interpreting these visions or messages they receive from higher spiritual realms.


Mediums can connect with the souls of people who have passed away by communicating with their spirit guides as a bridge between this world and the afterlife. They can help bring closure to those left behind by giving them advice or providing communication with a deceased loved one.

Palm Readers

Palm reading is one of the oldest forms of divination, which uses a person's handprints to divine personal truths about them and their destiny path in life. Using this psychic ability, palmists analyse lines, shapes, and ridges to determine an individual's character traits and predict what lies ahead regarding life purpose and destiny.


Use astrology charts to interpret events that have already taken place in an individual's life and predict future trends based on planetary movements and alignments at any given time within our solar system.

Psychic Healers

Focus on healing physical or emotional issues using psychic powers rather than conventional medical treatments. They believe an underlying energetic force governs all living beings that must be balanced for physical healing or mental well-being.

What Are the Best - Psychic Readings or Tarot Readings?

The main difference between the two types of readings is that, during a psychic reading, the reader has greater access to the individual's spiritual energy. This allows them to delve deeper into matters, often exploring themes such as past lives or spirit guides.

A tarot phone reading usually works with symbols that the reader interprets, combining elements from numerology and astrology. Depending on how individuals relate to these symbols, they may gain different insights into their life's journey or potential problems.

Regarding whether one type of reading is better, only some answers fit everyone since everyone has different needs. Psychic readers tend to offer more direct advice, while tarot readers can provide helpful advice when making important decisions or understanding an emotional blockage. Ultimately, what type of reading is best for someone depends entirely on what kind of information they are looking for at any given time.

For a personal online psychic phone chat, contact Trusted Psychics we are always available to take your call.

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