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Common Dreams and What They Mean

Published 27/08/2022 by Joanne Jones

Common Dreams and What They Mean

The Power of Dream Readings

You will find dream interpretation in ancient books as old as the bible; for example, in Genesis, Joseph went from being a prisoner to the ruler of Egypt. Joseph was able to save the country from famine because he could interpret the Pharaoh’s strange dreams. Nowadays, people always want to know what cryptic messages are hidden in their dreams. Today, we will go through the most common dreams people have.

6 Common Dreams and What They Mean

1. Dreaming About the Beach

The beach is a common setting for a dream. When people dream of beautiful, silicon beaches with palm trees and an azure sea, it is often the case that something seems too good to be true. Dreaming about the beach is often regarded as a representation of heaven on earth, a place where there is no pain/sorrow, only love.

2. Jumping off a Cliff

Another dream of spiritual significance involves jumping off a high cliff/building and being saved at the last minute. Many people have had dreams about jumping off a building because they were being chased. Landing in the arms of an angel/superhero is a representation of being able to lean on the support of your loved ones.

3. Walking on the Edge

Standing on the edge of a cliff or leaning out the window is a common dream. People have stated that they have come close to jumping, but before they knew it, they were air-born and free-falling. If the cause of this dream was not related to you falling out of bed, you might be having it because you finally dare to do something that is on your mind.

4. Dreaming About Sex

Sex is something that loads of people dream about. When people dream about sex, it is because there is a desire that is not being fulfilled.

5. Dreaming About Salt

Dreaming about salt often signifies that the dreamer needs to think in a more realistic/objective manner regarding what is going on in their life. Suppose there is too much salt in your dream, which means you have guilt/fear about a lack of moderation in life. Too little salt in your dream represents rigidity, stagnation, and guilt for not taking enough risks.

6. Dreams About Female Genitalia

Dreaming about female genitalia is not one people commonly open up about. Dreaming about a vagina usually represents feelings regarding victimisation/servitude. If a man dreams about having a vagina, it could be because he lacks control over his life/decisions.

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