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Crystals to Help With Grief

Published 26/06/2024 by Louise Emma

Crystals to Help With Grief

Grief is defined as a deep and heartfelt sadness, a sorrow, often from the loss of a loved one. There are many different examples of grief, which include the loss of a friend or loved one, an essential change in a person's life or deeply, deeply missing another.

This deep sadness that people feel, on top of the hurt and pain that comes from loss, is said to be one of the most traumatic situations a human could face. No one wants to be sad forever, but it often feels too complex and full of heartbreak to navigate and overcome on one's own, and over time, the people in your life who show you love and compassion can fade away.

Crystals for grief are commonly used as an alternative method of healing through these difficult times, a way to soothe the distress of being desolate. The healing powers of crystals are believed to soften painful emotions and bring about a sense of calm.

Following is a guide to some of the very best crystals in emotional healing, which are said to ease the pain of grief.

Stages of Grief

Grief is a universal and powerful emotion that everyone will encounter at least once. The pain of loss is life-changing and causes anguish. It is commonly acknowledged that there are five stages of grief, as listed below.

1. Denial

As grief causes such strong and negative emotions, these feelings can be overwhelming. At first, it isn't unusual to pretend that the trigger event hasn't happened. Denial lessens the situation's intensity and gives you more time to process the changes.

2. Anger

Anger is a masking tool that hides the emotions and pain you bear. Intense pain can cause you to lash out at other people and even inanimate objects. Feelings of anger can also appear as bitterness and resentment; it isn't always clear-cut rage.

3. Bargaining

This is the stage where you create lots of 'what if' and 'if only' statements to cope and regain control of the situation or change the outcome. Bargaining is a line of defence against the intensity of your negative feelings and helps you to push back against the grief.

4. Depression

Depression can feel inevitable as you move through the grieving process. Although seen as a quiet stage of grief, these are difficult times which can be confusing and overwhelming. Isolating yourself to deal with your loss is common. However, you may have reached the point where you can work through your emotions more healthfully.

5. Acceptance

Acceptance doesn't mean a happy ending or that you have moved past grief or loss. It means that you have accepted the changes and that you will have more good days than bad now. Your outlook on life has been changed irrevocably, and you probably feel very differently right now, which is to be expected.

Best Crystals to Help With Grief

Few people don't know that healing is one of the primary properties of crystals. Healing crystals have been used for centuries in times of grief for their spiritual properties.

The best crystals to help with grief can vary greatly depending on need.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a powerful protective stone that is often used to ward off negative energy and provide emotional strength. Its gentle energy is believed to help release grief and sorrow, making it easier to let go of painful memories and emotions. Black Onyx can also provide a sense of grounding and stability, essential when navigating the often difficult times and turbulent emotions associated with grief.


Rhodonite is an incredibly supportive stone to use during times of uncertainty or upheaval, especially if the change was not you’re making. Working primarily on the heart chakra, this stone's healing properties help to dispel negative states of mind, confusion, and anxiety.


As its name suggests, Moonstone is closely connected to the moon and reminds us that as the moon waxes and wanes, we are all part of a cycle of change. It is a powerful stone for calming and stabilising negative emotions by acting as a natural tranquiliser. It soothes emotional triggers and feelings of stress, aids the healing process, and is often used alongside Rose Quartz during a crystal healing session.


Lepidolite contains lithium, which is used in medication to treat mood disorders and is therefore believed to have a naturally calming effect. This crystal is often recommended for those experiencing depression and anxiety, which can accompany grief. Lepidolite promotes emotional balance and tranquillity, helping to soothe the mind and reduce stress.

Apache Tears

Apache Tear is a type of Obsidian known for its gentle healing properties. It is particularly effective for grief and emotional healing, as it absorbs negative energy and sorrow, bringing comfort and understanding. Apache Tears can help release blocked emotions and encourage the expression of feelings of loss, which is an essential part of the grieving process.


Carnelian is a crystal that grounds and anchors you in the present moment. It teaches us to accept the cycle of life and removes the fear of death. This stone calms anger and removes negative energy, helping us to recover our love of life.

Clear Quartz

Known as the 'master healer' of the crystal world, it amplifies the energies of any other stones placed nearby. It absorbs and regulates energy and is particularly useful for unblocking it.

This powerful healing stone raises energy to the highest possible level and works on every level of being. It transmutes the lower vibrations of pain and grief into higher, healthier vibrations, helping you regain a positive outlook for your future.

Rose Quartz is just an all-around wonderful stone used to elevate the stress of traumatic experiences and bring a sense of peace back to your life. Rose Quartz can be used as a healing stone on its own to calm emotions and regain hope during the grieving period.


Known as a stone of courage, Aquamarine emits peaceful energies to reduce stress and help calm the mind. Its serene blue-green colour cools the temper, allowing the wearer to stay composed in all situations. When going through grief, it enables you to take the change in your stride and release your attachment to a loved one's physical presence.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a protective stone. It is energetically grounding and calming, which can help shield you from unwanted energies and emotional upsets. Its energy works to stabilise your mood, keeping you centred in your body and grounded in the present while helping to process grief.

Pink Opal

Pink opal is tied to healing the heart and easing emotional pain. It is thought to calm the heart and silence the mind, easing the sharp edge of grief. It is also said to open the heart, allowing compassion, self-love, and love for others into our consciousness. Such things facilitate one's progress through grief.

Crystals to Help With Grief - Pink Opal


Considered a stone of transformation, malachite has been known to facilitate change, allowing you to process grief and continue to move forward. Malachite can help you centre yourself emotionally and stay stabilised through the healing process of grief.

Green is often associated with healing, so this is another way that malachite can assist. It also releases pent-up memories and old pain, helping you work through and clear your emotions.


Amazonite's calming energy helps to settle restlessness in the body and mind; this can be the result of suffering and the stresses and anxieties of grief, helping to articulate feelings and generative thoughts within the grieving process.

Amazonite inspires balance and awakens us to our surroundings, or finding a place among other energies so that emotional energies are aligned in a steady and sure place, aided by calming influences.


Citrine is said to be found in many newly born infants since it is related to cheerfulness and joy. It is also useful to the grieving heart, especially in relearning to laugh and smile despite sadness and pain.

It includes the strong rays of the sun that expel the mists of melancholy – 'His tears are under His pillow.' – John Godfrey Saxe, 'The Blind Men and the Elephant' (1871-72). Citrine dispels feelings of depression and sadness and encourages one to feel hopeful and emotionally resilient, like the Sun King himself.

Crystals to Help With Grief - Citrine

Mangano Calcite

It is an emotional healer for the heart—gentle yet strong in action. It calms, soothes, and heals the axi-solar plexus heart chakra and releases, soothes, and heals broken hearts caused by rejection, neglect, divorce, or abandonment. This spiritual stone increases a general sense of love, care, self-acceptance, and nurturing and encourages self-care and love. It promotes forgiveness of self and others that could lead to self-care and love.


Pyrite is often associated with protective qualities, creating a shield against negative energies and emotional influences. This stone is believed to enhance inner strength and willpower, providing the resilience needed to navigate through the complex emotions of grief. Pyrite is known for its ability to attract positive energy and dispel negativity. It can help uplift the spirit and provide a sense of hope during dark times.


Selenite is known for its high vibrational energy and ability to bring clarity and purity to the mind. This crystal is believed to assist in connecting with higher spiritual realms, providing comfort and peace during times of loss. Selenite can help cleanse and uplift the spirit, promoting a sense of serenity and acceptance.


Sugilite offers deep spiritual healing and supports emotional resilience. It encourages love and forgiveness, helping to release grief and pain while promoting inner peace.


This crystal soothes emotional turmoil and brings calm and serenity. It aids in emotional healing, reducing stress and anxiety associated with grief and promoting relaxation.


Obsidian provides strong grounding and protective energy, helping to release negative emotions and shielding against emotional overwhelm during grieving.


Rhodochrosite promotes emotional balance and self-love. It helps heal deep emotional wounds, easing the heart and bringing comfort during times of grief.


This beautiful stone fosters optimism and courage, providing emotional strength to face grief. It helps to calm the heart and mind, encouraging healing and renewal.

Pink Kunzite

Pink Kunzite opens the heart to unconditional love and compassion. It soothes emotional pain, helping to release grief and foster emotional healing.

Ruby zoisite

Ruby Zoisite aids in transforming grief into growth. It encourages the release of suppressed emotions and supports emotional healing and renewal.


Celestite brings peace and comfort to those grieving. It connects with higher realms, offering spiritual support and soothing emotional distress.

Spiritual Readings

A spiritual reading can be a source of unique insight into who you are as well as what is happening in the world around you. If you use crystals and tarot cards, you might be curious about how crystals and tarot cards work together in a spiritual reading. What does it mean? Do they work together to facilitate a better or more accurate reading?

Secondly, crystals are thought to have healing qualities. They can balance the meridians or energy fields in the body. In a spiritual reading, they can assist a reader in accessing their intuition and linking it to the sitter's energy. They have individual energies and are used for specific issues or areas.

On the other hand, tarot cards are not only a divination tool but also among the world's most ancient. They represent 78 cards depicting allegorical figures and corresponding elements, each having its own meaning.

Tarot readings follow a specific routine. The reader shuffles the cards, and then they draw cards into a spread to which they present the questions asked to assist the individual.

Working in tandem with crystals, the power of the crystals can amplify the readers' intuition and their connection to the cards. Placing the crystal on the card that corresponds to the zone of concern enables it to bring energy and a greater focus into that area.

Crystals and tarot cards, when used in combination, make a spiritual reading more impactful. The crystals bring balance to the chakras of one's body and make you more intuitive, while at the same time, the tarot cards help you answer life's questions and are a guide in your decision-making.


While healing crystals are not a substitute for professional medical advice or therapy, they can offer comfort and support during times of grief. Each crystal has unique properties that can aid in emotional healing and provide a sense of peace and stability. Whether you choose to meditate with them, wear them as jewellery, or simply keep them close, these crystals can be valuable allies on your journey through grief.

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