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Healing Crystals

Published 24/06/2024 by Louise Emma

Healing Crystals

There is an abundance of benefits to healing crystals, from their healing abilities and the mental and emotional well-being they bring us to aiding in meditative practice and spiritual healing, to name just a few.

What is certain is that the power of crystals is great and, when used correctly, can benefit our lives in all ways.

Here is a list of the powers of crystals for healing.

Types of Healing Crystals

Healing crystals are one of the natural remedies used to replace modern medications. These crystals are believed to contain healing powers that can stimulate the restoration of the well-being of the body and mind.

Overall, various types of healing crystals offer different benefits and can be used for different purposes.

For thousands of years, many cultures have believed in the healing power of crystals. Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans were big on this kind of thing, as were an assortment of cultures in the preindustrial world.

In the early modern era, the use of alternative methods continues. Many modern enthusiasts, even those who flock to Western, pharmaceutically inclined doctors, support their treatment with some healing crystals or other natural processes.

While the efficacy of healing crystals is not evident by science, there is no doubt that they are undoubtedly lovely and calming whether you believe they are healing. So, whether you are looking for a means of relaxation, attempting to generate love or prosperity, there is likely a crystal that will spark off just the help you desire.

Clear Quartz

This is the most well-known and popularly owned crystal, as it can do pretty much anything. Clear Quartz Crystal has such pure energy that it can adapt to any situation.

So, if you are after a specific crystal for a particular need but cannot find it or do not have one on hand, a piece of Clear Quartz crystal will save the day!

Healing Crystals


Jasper has so many variants, from red to green and even a spotty one named 'Dalmatian Jasper'. This gorgeous crystal is fantastic for overall well-being and has excellent healing benefits.

Jasper is a powerful healing stone, so if you want to collect some gorgeous gems for crystal healing, be sure to add some Jasper to your list.


When it comes to protection, Obsidian has got your back. This beautiful black stone is one of the most popular crystals for protection and shielding from negative energies.

Other healing abilities of Obsidian are that it will aid in grounding, nurturing, and calming.


The well-loved Amethyst is a firm favourite of many, worn in jewellery or kept as raw or polished crystal; the stunning purple Amethyst brightens up many homes.

This pretty stone is excellent for anxiety; it balances mood swings and aids in maintaining mental well-being. It also aids with energy levels and is fantastic in meditative practice. It's one of the loveliest precious gemstones out there by far!


Do not be put off by the name. The stunning Bloodstone, black with red markings, is your hero if you need help with circulation, a boost in your energy levels, or some pace and clarity in your life. This stone has such incredible positive energy.

Tigers Eye

Tiger's Eye is a glorious stone, often golden with brown markings. This stone is your number one for emotional healing, healthy lifestyles, spiritual healing and more. The Tiger's Eye stone is a great all-rounder; its benefits are almost always felt instantly.


As the name may suggest, Citrine is a lovely citrus-yellow shade. This wonderful gem helps in spiritual healing and meditative practice, as it is excellent for clearing the Chakras. It also helps with all manner of physical and emotional issues.


The stunning Turquoise, often seen in jewellery, is a fantastic gemstone to have on hand if you are looking for spiritual protection. It also helps with stress, anxiety, and depression, not to mention its gift of aiding in migraine relief.


When you hear sapphire, you may think of fancy jewels, but it is one of the popular crystals used for its healing properties. Sapphire is believed to be the healing stone for digestion, inflammation, and more. It is also excellent for bringing feelings of happiness and joy to its owner.



Jade is a lovely crystal, usually a dark shade of green. It is your go-to stone when you lack courage. It helps with confidence and makes you feel brave when you need a little extra push.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a pink crystal famous for working with the heart. It's known as the stone of love and is reputedly one of the best healing crystals for emotions.

Rose quartz helps its users overcome emotional pain and traumas. It is often used to address past or present problems with self-love, self-esteem, or low self-worth or to help people develop a deeper emotional awareness of themselves.

Overall, rose quartz is an inspiring crystal, proven for centuries to soothe the mind, nurture the body, enhance the spirit, and enrich the heart.

If your soul is seeking holistic healing, physical or emotional healing, or if you want to take a moment to relax, then this gracefully beautiful pink crystal is worth remembering.


The much-loved Moonstone is a beautiful stone for helping with hormone issues, menstrual aches and pains, and reproductive health. It also offers its users calmness and compassion.


Ruby is a great gemstone to keep close by as it can assist you with any issues with the heart or blood. It is also fantastic for healing emotional wounds, helping us gain mental clarity and feel more in control.

How Healing Crystals Can Help You?

Used in healing sessions for centuries, beautiful crystals are created with unique energies and properties capable of harmonising the body and mind, helping to bring about relaxation, and, most importantly, releasing negative energy and emotions.

Although there is little scientific evidence for the healing benefits of crystals, it is likely that many crystals evoke a general sense of calm and well-being within their users when used as part of a self-care ritual.

Some people also carry crystals all day as a reminder to be grounded and centred and connect with their inner selves.

No matter whether you decide to utilise these soothing stones to de-stress, lift your spirits, or appreciate their beauty, healing crystals are a tremendous boon for your general wellness.

And with plenty of different stones to choose from according to your unique energy and needs, chances are you will find one that speaks to you. Why not venture into this world of natural goodness?

Read our guide on Crystal Aura Meaning.

Healing Crystals

Healing Crystals for Wealth

Healing crystals have a long history of use and can be used to attract money and prosperity. It is no secret that genuine gemstones are more than just a pretty crystal. They have so many benefits to share with us all, from health to wealth and everything in between, but which are best suited to you and your needs?

Crystals for wealth and abundance can be an empowering tool as one works to invite prosperity into one's life.

You may feel guided to work with Citrine, pyrite, green aventurine, or another crystal for wealth. Whatever your choice, it's essential to set your intention clearly and tap into the inexplicable yet very real energy of the stone to work with you toward the financial reality you seek.

Tigers Eye

Tiger's Eye is a beautiful and practical gemstone. It has been known for years for its multiple properties, which is why it is also called a stone of protection, clarity, and focus. This gemstone is believed to help the wearer make better choices regarding things that could be difficult to go through easier and faster.

Since people always have financial problems or need success in this area, this stone comes in handy and helps achieve greater results.

As well as aiding thought processes, the stone could help relieve fears and anxieties around financial matters while instilling self-confidence, self-reliance, and the desire to take risks.

A Tiger's Eye might be the imperative gift for someone trying to put away savings or investment monies who needs to overcome some mental hurdle or deadline that stands in their way.

Tiger's Eye is also considered to attract financial abundance due to its subtle energies allegedly stimulating the first three chakras, each associated with a different kind of power:

  • Personal power and vibrancy (red)
  • Self-worth
  • Connecting with prosperity (orange)
  • Manifesting objectives (yellow)

An individual bolsters their chi by tuning into this frequency with their Tiger's Eye, which should come back to manifest in their bank account.


Citrine is one of the most popular crystals for wealth. This cheerful yellow stone promotes abundance and prosperity in your life.

It works to draw money to you by tapping into the power of the solar plexus chakra, located at the centre of your digestive system. This chakra is associated with our sense of personal power and self-worth.

By enhancing the radiance of the solar plexus chakra, Citrine can help to negate beliefs you might be carrying about your deservingness (or otherwise) when it comes to money and success, allowing your true power to shine in all areas of your life.


Turquoise is an enchanting blue-green gem that has graced the hands and adorned the hearts of cultures worldwide for hundreds of years.

In its ripe cupreous hue, due to the presence of trace amounts of copper, this most shiny of gems recalls bodies of water in Latitudes tropical, particularly the seas surrounding the South Pacific.

For this reason, Turquoise is undoubtedly valued as a physical and financial talisman by cultures across the globe.

Turquoise has been widely regarded as a talisman of wealth and prosperity in many cultures worldwide for centuries.

For instance, ancient Egyptians believed in the stone of protection and used it to accessorise their royal regalia. Among the Native American tribes, Turquoise was regarded as the sacred stone that brought good fortune and prosperity to its owners and wearers.

With its symbolic meaning, Turquoise has practical value: It supposedly bestows an aptitude for discussing financial matters, making it easy to negotiate good deals and forge successful business partnerships.

Turquoise enables one to see the economic situation and make better decisions.


Sapphire is a popular stone that attracts wealth and lasts for generations. Many believe wearing a sapphire spiritual bracelet can bring fortune and good luck.

But sapphire has also long been associated with wealth. It is among the gemstones with the longest history as an emblem of the aristocracy and has been collected by noble families in Europe and Asia for centuries.

Many mythical monarchs, such as Perseus, Constantine, Catherine the Great, and Queen Victoria, have worn sapphire jewellery.

Part of the reason for this association between sapphire and royalty is the simple, brute fact that sapphires were simply rare and exclusive in the past.

Before the 20th century, they were mined only in a handful of sites worldwide, so they came to represent this rarity and exclusivity. In ancient times, kings and queens sometimes had their robes and crowns trimmed with sapphires.


Jade is excellent for promoting all those necessary finances and helping you work toward your money goals. This is a particularly great stone if you are starting a new business or venture, as it has the power to keep you on track.

Healing Crystals for Love

Healing Crystals for Love Infographic

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a lovely pale pink gemstone revered for its energy and healing properties for thousands of years. Not only is it a stone of love, but it's also seen as opening oneself to receive love and accepting it when offered.

It is a wonderful tool for instantaneous self-relief, creating a shift in unwanted feelings and easing the grip of negative emotions. Most of all, it keeps your heart rate up when danger presents itself. Why? Because without healthy self-love for the self, we're in no fit state to offer love to others.

It is said that rose quartz has tranquillising and quieting properties that may help us to release stress, anxiety, and tensions, as well as ease our heart, enabling our heart chakra to remain open and freely available to allow us to be fully present for others.

This and its alluring beauty is, of course, beneficial to our relationships. Who doesn't want to be relaxed and calm around one another, often facilitating more effective communication and understanding?

When we are truly at ease with ourselves, we are more readily available to share and communicate with one another.


Moonstone is a great stone for love as it is a protection stone. This protection will help us avoid situations and people that may not be best for us and guide us toward a better direction.


Perhaps most famously, it is associated with love and romance because stimulating the second primary chakra – which relates to sexual activity – is, after all, the second primary chakra.

But even more powerfully, perhaps, the Ruby stimulates the fourth chakra (the heart chakra) as the emerald does not. It's long been known that there are physical differences between men's and women's brains and bodies.

The fourth chakra governs our ability to give and receive love, and by stimulating this energy centre, the Ruby can help us reach more deeply into the experience of love and intimacy.

Ruby's romantic qualities are due to its physical power. In addition to its romantic properties, Ruby offers a smorgasbord of benefits to the body, mind, and soul. It aids circulation, energises, and wards off evil eyes and psychic attacks.

Whether you need to boost your romantic life or grow from this wondrous stone on the inside or outside, Ruby is a coveted tool that can provide different assets for the success of its seeker.

Why not open up to the marvellous universe of Ruby jewels and let your desired Ruby deliver what you are searching for?

Spiritual Readings

Here at Trusted Psychics, we also know that every person is on their distinctive spiritual path and that sometimes it's necessary to reach out and find the help and illumination to make that journey easier.

This is why we offer spiritual readings that allow you to explore deeper insights and clarity about yourself and the world around you.

Our psychics are available 24/7 to answer your questions and provide advice to help you make better decisions with the help of a spirit guide.

The psychic readings with some of our team members are extra special because they know the crystal worlds and the benefits of using crystals in one's quest for spiritual boons.

With a psychic reading designed by a crystal expert, you could learn more about crystals and how they can help your spiritual journey.

Our spiritual readings are always professional, inventive, and intimately involved in our livelihood. They want you to come away from your reading with a true sense of divination and authenticity.

At Trusted Psychics, we believe everyone can transform their soul and realise their dreams. Let us assist you with your spiritual journey with an accurate and transformative reading by a live psychic reader via phone or live psychic messenger.


How Crystals and Tarot Cards Work Together?

How do crystals and tarot cards work together? Spiritual readers usually use a crystal ball or a set of tarot cards, which have special meanings ascribed to each card. It is common for experienced spiritual readers to use crystals and tarot cards to reinforce each other and gain a better perspective and insight regarding their clients' condition.

Working them alongside tarot cards can empower readers by providing something for the reader and customer to hold on to – quite literally. Some tarot readers like to hold a crystal when shuffling the tarot deck or lay a crystal atop the card currently being read.

On the other hand, tarot cards are a tool of divination, a method and medium used to uncover past, present, and future aspects and details of life through a special pack of cards.

When combined with crystal 'support,' a tarot reading can be both a process of divination and a separate one of spiritual growth. The crystal's energy may open the channels of communication between the reader and the spiritual sphere, allowing messages to travel more easily and with greater accuracy.

What Crystal Is Best for Healing?

There is no number one healer in terms of healing crystals because everyone will have their own needs and requirements. However, as mentioned previously, if you are still deciding, go for Clear Quartz, as it is a perfect all-rounder.

What Are the Health Crystals for Healing?

Many powerful crystals have been used for centuries to heal various ailments, both mental and physical. If you want to learn more about crystal healing, contact the psychics at Trusted Psychics to discover the power healing crystals hold for your health.

What Is the Best Crystal for Self-healing?

Crystals are an excellent choice for self-healing. They help us clear emotional blockages, give us extra boosts when needed, and help us focus or sleep—the list is endless.

Overall, there is a crystal for everyone and a crystal for every want or need. One type of crystal may help more than another, and you may find that using it one way works better.

For instance, meditating may help you more than having a crystal while you bathe. There is not one rule for all, but there is a crystal for anything and everything!

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