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What do Spirits Look Like?

Published 28/08/2022 by Joanne Jones

What Do Spirits Look Like?

The Appearance of Spiritual Beings

There is no definite answer regarding what spirits look like because it depends on the spirit in question. Generally speaking, spirits/divine beings are invisible to the naked eye, colourless and without texture/definition. That said, sometimes, the essence of a spirit is so strong it takes on a visible form. The energetic vibrations/density of spirits are vastly different from what exists in the physical world. Feeling/seeing a change in the air around you is one of the easiest ways to recognise the presence of a spirit. When a spirit is present, you will often experience something that looks/feels like a heatwave, somewhat reminiscent of seeing fuzzy air on a motorway during a hot day.

What Do Angels Really Look Like?

The appearance of angels has always piqued mankind's curiosity. Shockingly, how artists depict angels is not how they appear in religious texts. For most people, the proper appearance of angels would be far too frightening, which is why they are portrayed the way they are.

When Do Spirits Appear?

There have been reports of lost loved ones appearing to unsuspecting family members/friends. Usually, these spirits appear in the form people most recognise; sometimes, a loved one’s spiritual body is presented as a younger version of themselves. On rare occasions, a spirit will appear with the wounds they sustained during a tragic passing—from a psycho-spiritual perspective, it is shame/guilt that makes a spirit take on an unappealing form.

How to See Spiritual Entities?

Unlocking your mind's eye is essential to see divine beings that are invisible to most humans. Clairvoyants are psychics who can perceive the supernatural through their third eye; it is how they can see into the future. When a psychic uses their third eye, they can see spiritual bodies on the physical plane.

The 5 Types of Spirits

1. The Interactive Personality

Interactive Personality Ghosts are seen during hauntings and are often our loved ones wanting to comfort/send us a message. If the essence of an Interactive Personality Ghost is strong enough, it can make itself visible to most humans. Interactive Personality Ghosts can also give off the smell of perfume, smoke, or even a cigarette to let you know they are there.

2. The Ectoplasm, Ecto-Mist, or Mist Spirits

These ghosts appear like a swirling mist; this mist is fast-moving and is usually the form a spiritual apparition takes before fully forming. Typically, these ghosts will appear in graveyards, war zones, and other places where a lot of trauma exists. When captured on video/photograph, these mist spirits are usually white, grey, or black.

3. The Poltergeist

Even though poltergeists are the most talked about spirits (thanks to pop culture), they are by far the rarest. Poltergeists (noisy ghosts) can knock things over and manipulate the world around them. When poltergeist activity takes place, it usually does not last very long; most of the time, nobody is hurt.

4. Ghost Orbs

If there were an award for ghosts caught on camera the most, it would go to ghost orbs. Ghost orbs appear as a ball of light, usually white or blue. This translucent ball will hover about the ground and is thought to be the spirit of a human (or animal) travelling.

5. Funnel Ghosts

Funnel Ghosts are primarily found in old/historical builds; they often appear as a swirling spiral of light when seen. Funnel Ghosts only appear in places they lived during their life and are commonly associated with a cold spot in the home.

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