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What do Spirits Look Like?

Published 28/08/2022 by Joanne Jones

What Do Spirits Look Like?

One of the most intriguing and mysterious aspects of spirits is their appearance. While there is no definitive answer to what spirits look like, there are various descriptions and interpretations based on individual experiences, folklore, and paranormal investigations.

Many believe spirits appear as deceased individuals who have not fully crossed the afterlife. In this context, they often take on a human-like form, resembling their physical appearance before death. Ghost hunters and those who explore haunted locations often report seeing apparitions that resemble deceased loved ones or historical figures associated with the place.

Cold spots are commonly reported in haunted houses or locations believed to be inhabited by spirits. Haunted houses are said to have significantly colder areas than their surroundings and are sometimes associated with the presence of a spirit. Horror movies often depict spirits as translucent or ethereal beings, sometimes with a glowing aura or a mist-like appearance.

Paranormal activity and ghost photographs have also been sources of speculation about the appearance of spirits. Some ghost photos claim to capture the presence of spirits in various forms, such as funnel ghosts or spirit photographs showing ghostly figures. However, the authenticity and reliability of these ghost photographs are questionable as there is no evidence to support the definite existence of ghosts.

It is important to note that not all spirits are believed to be benevolent or friendly, and many have reported frightening ghostly encounters. Some paranormal beliefs suggest the existence of bad spirits or malevolent entities that can take on different forms.

If you want to know what spirits look like, these entities may appear distorted, terrifying, or emit negative energy as they are bad people in their human form.

The connection to spirit, spirit world and deceased individuals can also manifest through other phenomena. So, what do spirits look like? Some people report seeing orbs or balls of light, which are believed to be the energy or presence of a spirit. These orbs can vary in size and brightness and are often captured in spirit photographs or videos during paranormal investigations.

In certain cultures and spiritual traditions, there is a belief in ancestors who continue to watch over their living descendants. These deceased ancestors may appear as spirits, often portrayed as bright lights, wispy figures, or shadowy forms. Some individuals claim to have seen their deceased loved ones in dreams or visions, where they may appear as they did in life or take on a more ethereal form.

The Appearance of Spiritual Beings

What do spirits look like? There is no specific answer regarding what does a spirit look like because it depends on the spirit in question.

Spirits and divine beings are invisible to the average person, colourless and without texture or precise definition. But, sometimes, the essence of a spirit is so strong it takes on a visible form. The energetic vibrations and density of spirits vastly differ from what exists in the physical world.

Feeling or seeing a change in the air around you is one of the easiest ways to recognise the presence of a spirit. When a spirit or dead person is present, you will often experience something that feels like a heatwave, somewhat reminiscent of fuzzy air on a motorway during a hot day or a significant temperature drop. The hairs on the back of your neck may feel raised when a ghost is present.

What Do Angels Really Look Like?

In Christian and Islamic beliefs, angels are described as winged creatures with radiating halos, dressed in long flowing robes, and carrying divine messages.

The depiction of angels in art has varied throughout history, with styles ranging from Renaissance paintings that depict angels as cherubic, childlike beings with plump cheeks and curly locks to more ethereal and majestic figures with splendid wings and shining auras.

In Jewish tradition, angels are often portrayed as massive fiery beings with multiple wings and faces, while in Hinduism, angels are referred to as devas or gods and are depicted with various arms and ornate attire.

Despite variations in cultural depictions, angels are generally perceived as benevolent beings, offering guidance, protection, and comfort to humans in times of crisis. They often play a key role in religious texts, serving as messengers and carrying out divine missions on behalf of higher powers.

When Do Spirits Appear?

One common belief is that spirits appear to us during stressful and emotionally challenging times. This could include losing a loved one, a traumatic event, or a significant life change. It is believed that spirits may appear during these times to provide comfort, guidance, or closure to those left behind.

Another belief is that spirits may appear to us as a sign or warning of impending danger. In some cases, this may be a warning of personal danger; in others, it could be a sign of something greater, such as an upcoming natural disaster.

Some believe that spirits may appear to us to connect with us and communicate a message. This could be a message of love, forgiveness, or even a warning of danger. Others believe that spirits may appear to complete unfinished business or seek justice for a wrong that occurred in life.

Spiritual entities, including earthbound spirits, have been known to appear to us in a variety of circumstances and situations. Earthbound spirits are the most common type of spirit to communicate with the living. These are often spirits of deceased individuals who have not yet fully moved on to the afterlife. These spirits may appear to us to communicate a message, seek assistance, or make their presence known.

One typical time for earthbound spirits to appear is during times of heightened emotional distress, such as grieving or trauma. These times of emotional upheaval can sometimes create a kind of "opening" that allows spirits to contact the living more easily.

Another common time for earthbound spirits to appear is in locations that were important to them during their life. This might include the site of their death or burial or a place significant to them in some other way. Such locations can act as an anchor for the spirit, making it easier for them to manifest to the living.

Not all earthbound spirits are necessarily aware that they have passed away. In some cases, these spirits may continue to exist in a kind of limbo, unable to move on to the afterlife until they come to terms with their own death and let go of any attachments they may have to the physical world.

How to See Spirits?

Some individuals claim to have had profound and mystical encounters with spiritual entities. For those curious about exploring the possibility of encountering spiritual entities, you need to know how to see spirits and how to recognise them when they appear.

One good way how to see spirits is through heightened awareness and sensitivity. This can be done through meditation, reflection, and introspection, which can help attune the mind and allow for a deeper and more receptive understanding of one's surroundings. Practising mindfulness can also be beneficial in this regard, as it can help us focus on the present moment and the energy surrounding us.

Another method to see spiritual entities is through divinatory tools like tarot cards or crystal balls, which have long been used to tap into higher realms and receive messages from spiritual entities. These tools can serve as a conduit for connecting with spiritual energies, providing guidance and insight into the unseen world.

It's important to note that seeing spiritual entities may not necessarily be a visual experience but rather a deep knowing or feeling that comes with heightened intuition and awareness. Therefore, it's essential to be open to all sensations and perceptions that may arise when attempting to connect with spiritual entities.

The 5 Types of Spirits

  • The Interactive Personality

Interactive Personality Ghosts are seen during hauntings and are often our loved ones wanting to comfort us or send us a message. If the essence of an Interactive Personality Ghost is strong enough, it can make itself visible to most humans. Interactive Personality Ghosts can also give off the smell of perfume, smoke, or even a cigarette to let you know they are there.

  • The Ectoplasm, Ecto-Mist, or Mist Spirits

These ghosts appear like a swirling mist; this mist is fast-moving and is usually the form a spiritual apparition takes before fully forming. Typically, these ghosts will appear in graveyards, war zones, and other places where a lot of trauma exists. When captured on video/photograph, these mist spirits are usually white, grey, or black.

  • The Poltergeist

Even though poltergeists are the most talked about spirits (thanks to pop culture), they are by far the rarest. Poltergeists (noisy ghosts) can knock things over and manipulate the world around them. When poltergeist activity occurs, it usually does not last very long; most of the time, nobody is hurt.

  • Ghost Orbs

If there were an award for ghosts caught on camera the most, it would go to Ghost Orbs. Ghost orbs appear as a ball of light, usually white or blue. This translucent ball will hover about the ground and is thought to be the spirit of a human (or animal) travelling.

  • Funnel Ghosts

Funnel Ghosts are primarily found in old/historical builds; they often appear as a swirling spiral of light when seen. Funnel Ghosts only appear where they live and are commonly associated with a cold spot in the home.

Spiritual Readings

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What Do Evil Spirits Look Like?

Evil spirits are often represented as malevolent beings with dark and twisted appearances. Mythology and folklore have depicted them in various forms, ranging from frightening creatures with grotesque features to shadowy entities lurking in our minds' corners.

Some traditions describe them as shapeshifters, able to take on any form they desire to manipulate or torment humans. Others portray them as possessing inhuman physical attributes, such as horns, claws, and fangs. In many cultures, they are associated with death, decay, and the underworld and are often linked to supernatural phenomena such as poltergeist activity, possession, or curses.

What Do Spirit Guides Look Like?

What does a spirit look like? All spirits can take on varying forms. The appearance of spirit guides can vary depending on the individual being guided and the specific message or lesson being conveyed. Some people may describe their guides as having humanoid shapes or animalistic features, while others may experience their guides as pure energy or feelings.

What Do Spirit Orbs Look Like?

Spirit orbs are generally described as transparent, spherical shapes that appear in spirit photographs or videos. They typically range in size from very small to the size of a basketball and can occur in various colours, including white, blue, and green.

What Do Spirits Look Like To Mediums?

Some mediums describe the appearance of spirits as like that of a hologram - a translucent figure that appears to hover in the air. Others report a more detailed appearance, with spirits exhibiting unique features such as clothing, facial features and even jewellery.

What Do Spirits Look Like on Camera?

Orbs are the most common and well-known of these manifestations in spirit photography. These are characterised by circular or spherical shapes that appear to float or hover in the air.

Mists and vapours are another popular manifestation attributed to spirits.

Shadows are another popular form that spirits are thought to take. These dark, shadowy figures are often reported as lurking in the corner of the eye or darting around.

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