Where Do Ghost Like to Haunt?

There are haunted places located all over the world. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always a house or an abandoned building that act as a safe haven for ghosts. Spirits can take up residence anywhere as long as they have an emotional/ physical attachment to a location. Here’s a list of some of the most terrifying places we’ve come across.

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Devil’s Pool (Australia)

Devil’s Pool is thought to be Australia’s most haunted location. Many people have lost their lives in this swimming hole. The water is fast-flowing and visitors have been warned to keep their distance. The locals refer to Devil’s Pool as ‘The Washing Machine’ due to the water’s rotation and those who fall into it will get sucked into the current. Devil’s Pool is said to be haunted by a runaway bride that fell to her death, according to Aboriginal folklore. This would explain why most of the people who have lost their lives at Devil’s Pool have been men.

The name of the young woman was, Oolana. Oolana married an elder from her tribe, however, she eventually fell in love with someone else, and to make matters worse it was a man was from another tribe. It wasn’t long before the two were found out and captured at Devil’s Pool. Rather than be taken by the elders, Oolana leapt into the waters. As she crashed into the lake, the land was shaken, and boulders fell into the river which is what caused the waters to become violent. They say that if you listen closely you can hear Oolana cry out for her lover; some even say that her face appears in the water.

Myrtles Plantation (USA)

The plantation house is believed to have been built on top of an ancient Indian burial ground, so already we’re not off to a good start. Today, this plantation house is a bed & breakfast, despite being regarded as one of the most haunted places in America. There have been sightings of many ghosts over the years, 12 so far.

One of the most recognised spirits is known as Chloe. According to the legend, Chloe was a slave owned by Clark and Sara Woodruff. It is said that she was pressured into becoming Clark’s mistress; however, this isn’t the only tale that exists surrounding her life. In her final days, Chloe baked a cake in order to seek vengeance on the family, but in the end, it was only Sara and her two daughters who ate it. There are many rumours as to why she poisoned the family, but in the end, it resulted in her being hung and cast into the Mississippi River. The details of this story vary depending on who you talk to; some even say that Chloe was never one of the slaves owned by the Woodruff family. Nonetheless, there have been reposts of a woman wearing a green turban wondering around. Other legends regarding the haunting of the Myrtles Plantation include:

  • A man who walks/ crawls up to the 17th step before stopping.
  • Sara Woodruff and her two daughters being seen in a mirror.
  • A young girl who appears in the room in which she died.

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The Tolbooth (Scotland)

The Tolbooth was built in 1393 and was originally used for collecting tolls and goods. Later on, it was turned into a jailhouse for those who were soon to attend court. It has gone through many changes since its inception and is now used as a museum.

Since The Tolbooth was once used as a prison, you can imagine that many deaths occurred there. The most well-known of them was a prisoner named Janet Walker who was convicted on the account of witchcraft; for her supposed crimes, she was strangled and then burned. With deaths like this happening time and time again, you can imagine that The Tolbooth is shrouded in darkest.

Numerous ghosts have been reported singing and the sounds of footsteps/ jangling keys can be heard throughout the corridors. There have even been sightings of a short man wearing clothing from the 1920s; his height is explained by the floors being raised over the years—guess this wandering spirit didn’t get the memo.