Where Do Ghost Like to Haunt?

Everybody loves a good ghost story, even if it makes it harder for them to sleep at night. Today, we are going to talk about some of the scariest places in the world.

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Devil’s Pool (Australia)

Devil’s Pool in Australia is thought to be the country’s most haunted location. Over the years, people have lost their lives in this swimming hole due to its fast-flowing water. In fact, people who wish to visit this location have been warned to keep their distance. The locals refer to the Devil’s Pool as The Washing Machine due to the water’s violent rotation; so, why is the Devil’s Pool haunted and what might you see if you visited it?

Devil’s Pool is said to be haunted by a runaway bride who fell to her death, at least according to Aboriginal folklore. The name of the young woman was Oolana. Oolana was promised to a respected elder from her tribe, the Yindinji tribe, but she fell in love with a handsome young warrior named Dyga. The couple were forced to run away if they wanted to be together but it was not long before the two lovers were found and Dyga was captured. Oolana could not fathom living without her lover, so instead she threw herself into the Devil’s Pool. The locals say that if you listen closely you can hear Oolana crying out for her lover, some even say you can see her face in the water and others believe that she is responsible for pulling in young men.

Myrtles Plantation (USA)

The Myrtles plantation house in the USA is believed to have been built on top of an ancient Indian burial ground, so already we are not off to a good start. Today, this plantation house has been transformed into a bed & breakfast, despite being one of the most haunted places in America. Over the years, there have been reported sightings of ghosts roaming the grounds.

One of the most recognised spirits is Chloe. According to the legend, Chloe was a slave who was owned by Clark and Sara Woodruff. In her final days, Chloe baked a cake and filled it with poison, to get revenge on her owners, but in the end, the cake was eaten by Sara and her two daughters. There are countless rumours as to why she poisoned the family, nevertheless, it resulted in her being hung and thrown into the Mississippi River. The details of this story vary depending on who you talk to—till this day people will debate whether Chloe was ever one of the slaves owned by the Woodruff family.

There have also been reporting’s of Sara Woodruff and her daughters appearing in one of the mirrors. Back then, it was custom for all mirrors to be covered up after a death, but in this case, one mirror was left uncovered which resulted in the spirits of Sara and her daughters being trapped.

Other hauntings involving the Myrtles Plantation include a man who walks up to the 17th step before stopping—some say that this is the ghost of William Drew Winter, a man who was fatally wounded and crawled up to the 17th step before collapsing.

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The Tolbooth (Scotland)

The Tolbooth was built in 1393 and is located in Scotland. Originally, the building was used for collecting tolls and goods, but it was later turned into a jailhouse. Over the years, the Tolbooth has gone through many changes and has now been turned into a museum that exhibits some of the old prison cells.

Since the Tolbooth Museum was once used as a prison, it is safe to assume that it has seen its fair share of trauma. One of the most famous inmates was Janet Walker, also known as the Fittie Witch. Janet Walker was a 17th-century woman who was convicted for witchcraft, she was later strangled and burned, a punishment which actually was not very common around this time. With deaths like this happening on occasion, you can see why a location like the Tolbooth museum is shrouded in darkness.

There have been other supernatural happenings at the Tolbooth Museum such as the sound of footsteps, jangling keys, and singing in the corridors; there have even been sightings of a short man dressed in clothing that dates back to the 1920s.