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Virgo March 2023

Published 21/02/2023 by Joanne Jones

Virgo | March 2023 | Free Horoscope

Free Horoscope Virgo

The live psychic readers with Trusted Psychics say March will be an exciting time for Virgos!

This is the time of year when you can get out and explore new opportunities, as the planets Venus and Mercury offer you clarity and a sense of direction to follow your dreams.

Your hard work will be rewarded this month, as Virgos are known for its commitment to excellence. With the sun in Aries, now is the time to take on new challenges with enthusiasm and determination.

Your relationships may be taking centre stage this month, especially with Venus in Taurus. You have an eye for detail which will help you find harmony in any situation. But keep your drive from leading to intense arguments or debates. Instead, you can focus on common ground to reach mutually beneficial agreements.

With Mars in Sagittarius, it's time to break free from restrictive self-imposed boundaries. Take some risks, step outside, and explore unfamiliar territory. Combining these two planets can bring fun surprises that could open new personal growth and development paths.

Now is a great time to develop long-term goals that push towards success while allowing you to live on your terms. Focus on sustainable actions that honour yourself and those around you.

As Mercury enters Pisces this month, it's a chance for creative expression through writing or art projects, something you may have been putting off for some time now, but with newfound inspiration comes newfound motivation.

Love, Relationships and Compatibility for Virgo

Virgo's free monthly horoscope for March will be full of surprises as the stars align in your favour.

You can expect to have plenty of luck in love and romantic relationships. March is an ideal month for getting together with family and friends, or if you're single, it may be a great time to take things to the next level with someone special. It's also the perfect time to strengthen the bonds between those closest to you.

Regarding your most compatible signs for this month, look no further than Gemini, Aquarius, and Sagittarius. These sun signs are compatible with Virgo and could offer a fantastic opportunity for deep connection and understanding.

Remember that open communication is key if you are drawn toward any of these signs during March. Zodiac signs to avoid during the month would be earthy signs.

This month offers some exciting opportunities regarding matters of the heart. Your romantic encounters will likely be passionate and intense while providing plenty of room for growth and exploration. If you're already in a committed relationship, then there could be an outpouring of love which helps bring you closer together.

One or both of you could produce fresh ideas to satisfy and inspire each other. Single Virgos may have more fun than expected while searching for a suitable partner. If needed, take advantage of social events in all social circles, such as parties or online dating sites, as this could prove beneficial.

Remember those close-knit relationships that often get neglected during periods of romance. Now is an ideal time to strengthen familial ties. A family reunion or gathering might do wonders for morale.

Money and Finance for Virgo

Virgos can expect their money and finances to remain stable during March, making this an excellent time for Virgos to plan and look for ways to save and invest.

With Saturn transiting through Aquarius and Jupiter travelling through Capricorn, these two planets will help Virgos find creative ways of funding projects or making intelligent investments. Their sense of financial security should be more prominent during this month.

The New Moon on March 13th in Pisces might bring unexpected expenses that could disrupt their budgeting plans. It's also an excellent opportunity to explore new options that could lead to increased income or financial gain soon. It's essential to be mindful of how they spend their money, as investing impulsively or being too generous with their cash could lead to later losses.

Venus enters Gemini on March 4th, which could symbolise an increase in income or overall financial stability due to Venus' association with abundance and wealth in astrology.

Virgos may enjoy more luxury and comfort around this time but should remember to spend their time wisely. Mars enters Taurus on March 3rd, promoting caution when spending money and helping them stay prudent when deciding their finances.

The Full Moon at the end of the month on March 28th in Libra will likely encourage Virgos to take care of any lingering debts or outstanding payments before April rolls around, which may require extra effort. Still, it'll ensure all their bills are paid and improve their credit score. Knowing they have everything financially taken care of can bring them peace of mind going into April.

Career, Business and Education for Virgo

March is an important month for Virgos. You can make significant strides in your career or business this month if you are willing to put in the effort.

You may be feeling a bit of stress with work-related responsibilities, and if that is the case, it's time to take a step back and re-evaluate your goals.

Make sure you focus on what is most important and prioritise those tasks to get them done efficiently. Now is also a great time to network with people who could help you further progress in your career. The planets will align in your favour this month to create relationships that can take you where you want to go.

Regarding education, March brings exciting opportunities if you keep an open mind. Something new may come up, but it will take time to be clear. Avoid jumping into any decisions too quickly because this could lead to trouble instead of success later.

If things seem unclear or uncertain, talk it out with someone knowledgeable before committing.

Risk-taking is more advisable during March regarding advancing your career or educational pursuits. There will also be plenty of opportunities available to create connections with influential people who can help guide you towards success.

Health and Wellness for Virgo

March will be a solid month of spiritual growth and healing for Virgo. You should focus on calming your mind and releasing any stress or negative emotions holding you back.

March is an excellent time to start a new meditation practice, join a yoga class, or explore alternative forms of healing, such as aromatherapy or crystal therapy. You will be naturally drawn to activities that provide inner peace and vital energy.

Your physical health is also important this month, so you will want to take extra care of yourself by eating well and getting plenty of exercises.

This is an excellent month for exploring more spiritual activities. Take journaling to contact your subconscious thoughts and feelings or seek out books or classes related to metaphysical topics like astrology, tarot reading, psychic readings and magical rituals. It can be eye-opening when you take the time to expand your spiritual knowledge.

Connecting with the divine world through prayer or meditation can help deepen your understanding and bring enlightenment on many levels.

Pay attention to your dreams this month, as they will likely tell you something important about yourself. Keep track of recurring symbols in your messages from the universe and note if any patterns are emerging.

Important Dates for Virgo

Virgo's 6th house of well-being is illuminated as the sun moves through Pisces, making it a time to refresh and recharge your body, mind, and spirit.

Throughout this month, take time out for self-care in whatever form that might take, whether that's yoga classes, spa days, or simply having some peaceful alone time.

On March 4th, there is a powerful New Moon in Pisces, meaning fresh opportunities may arise as you reflect on what needs to shift. Please take advantage of this energy by writing down your goals and intentions for the year ahead and manifesting them into reality.

Then from March 7th to April 4th, three planets (Mercury, Venus & Mars) will be transiting through Aries, bringing about new beginnings and increased motivation for all Virgos. Use this opportunity to get organised and plan any big projects or tasks you have wanted to undertake.

As we move to the second half of the month, a Full Moon in Libra arrives on March 20th, making it an excellent time to reflect on your progress since January and celebrate any successes you have achieved.

The end of March brings us back to spiritual matters, with Chiron joining Neptune in Pisces from the 26th onwards. Find yourself facing any difficulties or inner turmoil during this period.

It could help to tap into spiritual practices such as meditation or journaling. Both are great ways of connecting with your higher self and healing wounds.

Lucky Days for Virgo

The Virgo star sign will experience an optimistic period in March, and they are in a favourable position. It's a brilliant time to take advantage of this month's energy and enthusiasm, as it will be reflected in your everyday life, especially regarding luck.

The days between the 10th and 20th are your most advantageous. Make sure you are open to opportunities and believe things will work out.

To maximise this fortunate time, plan something special on the 14th or 15th – these dates will bring you even more luck and good fortune.

Beyond those lucky days, other aspects of March can contribute to your overall success.

On the 3rd, a new moon brings positivity and renewed energy, encouraging critical thinking, problem-solving and creative ideas to help progress on big projects.

On the 28th, another new moon allows for inner reflection and guides making changes that benefit you physically and emotionally.

Around the 17th is an excellent time for making investments or decisions related to long-term financial plans.

In the relationship sector, bonds with family members, partners, and married life can be significantly improved this month due to your house of partnerships entering Aries on the 6th.

The conversation is key here. Focus on communication styles that allow for understanding from all perspectives. When disagreements arise during this period, take care of how you express yourself to avoid creating more tension than is necessary.

Mars enters Gemini on the 31st, granting certain Virgos a surge of courage that might be needed when trying something new or taking risks in some aspects of their lives.

Lucky Numbers for Virgo

The Virgo zodiac sign will find luck in the numbers 7, 28 and 11 this March. Now is ideal for taking a chance and going after your dreams.

This is the perfect month to attempt something, as the stars favour your efforts. While pushing yourself forward and aiming higher than ever, remember to maintain balance in all areas of life.

The start of the month will bring a fresh wave of ambition, and with it comes an increase in confidence levels which can be used as fuel for any projects or goals you have set for yourself during March.

Take advantage of opportunities, especially those that involve working closely with new people or expanding into another field.

As the end of March draws nearer, pay special attention to how much energy you still have available, especially if you have been working hard or taking on too many tasks. Consider taking time off if necessary or enjoy some well-deserved rest and family time over the last week of the month before starting up again next April.

Interests for Virgo

With passionate and vibrant energy, you will likely be caught up in a wave of new interests and ideas you can explore.

Now is the perfect time to focus on your passions and try out any projects or activities you have wanted to participate in. Saturn's influence will add more structure and order to your life, allowing you to manage your resources better and effectively pursue your passions.

The Moon will also be full throughout most of March, offering an extra burst of energy that could help increase your productivity levels.

March is ideal for exercising and working on your mental health and other health issues, especially if it involves being outdoors and exploring nature. Regular breaks from work or studies can restore balance in your life.

Gardening is also a great activity during this period. It has calming effects and practical benefits, such as growing food or flowers for added colour in the garden.

You will be more drawn towards healthy eating, practising mindfulness and enjoying quality time with family and friends.

Schedule some time each week to relax without worrying about anything else, which could involve reading a book, going for a massage, or just taking some time out in nature. All these activities contribute towards improving mental well-being, which is essential during the hectic times we live in today.

Overview for Virgo

The start of the month sees your creativity, initiative, and self-expression at their peak. You'll be encouraged to take risks and make bold decisions.

Your communication skills will also be strong this month, so it's a great time to have those difficult conversations you may have been putting off.

The middle of March is an ideal time to focus on your career goals and ambitions and any long-term plans or projects you have in mind. At this point, you'll likely feel supported by your peers and superiors, making reaching your objectives easier.

Around the end of the month, things will slow down regarding career aspirations. It doesn't mean that you should neglect your professional endeavours altogether. Instead, it's an opportune moment to realign with any changes or progress made at the beginning of the month and tie up loose ends that still need tending to.

Regarding relationships, March is a good time for budding romances and making lasting connections with people who share your interests.

Single Virgos can expect exciting romantic opportunities during this period, while couples will likely spend quality time together strengthening their bond.

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