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The Power of Relationship Astrology

Published 24/07/2022 by Joanne Jones

The Power of Relationship Astrology

What Is the Relationship Between Love and Horoscopes?

Relationships with people (platonic/romantic) are important. The people you keep around you can make you feel good or bad about yourself, so you should be careful of the company you keep. One of the most important aspects of life is the ability to communicate/share your thoughts with the people you care about. Relationship astrology, often referred to as Lovescopes, is what astrologists use to determine how well-suited two individuals are for each other.

What Is Synastry?

Synastry compares two birth charts by looking at their natal planetary positions, houses, and aspects. If an astrologer identifies similar/identical occurrences in both charts, there is a strong connection between the two individuals. The more similarities within the natal charts of the people being examined, the stronger their union will be.

It is also important to consider the differences within the respective natal charts. Just because something is different or does not quite match up does not necessarily mean it is a bad thing. Finding someone perfect for you means there will be aspects of their life/character that will make up for your deficits.

What Is the Midpoint Technique?

A midpoint is the halfway point between two celestial bodies. When using the midpoint technique, an astrologer will consider any other planet/objects that may influence how the two celestial bodies blend their energy. Without making things too complicated, there are two types of midpoints, direct and indirect.

Direct Midpoint: A direct midpoint is when a single planet/celestial body is between other planets/heavenly bodies. When this happens, an astrologer will conduct a reading using all three energies involved; generally, astrologers prefer to use direct midpoints.

Indirect Midpoint: An indirect midpoint occurs when a planet/celestial body creates an aspect to the midpoint of two other planets/celestial bodies. Unlike the direct point, there does not have to be a physical object in between the two celestial bodies in question.

The Role of the Sun/Moon Midpoint

When it comes to astrology, midpoints, and relationships, the main thing to pay attention to is the sun/moon midpoint. In the world of astrology, the sun and moon are essential pieces to the puzzle. The sun, which emits masculine energy, represents life. In contrast, the moon, which emits feminine energy, showcases our habits and emotional needs.

Given the properties of the sun and moon, it is easy to see why these celestial bodies play an important role in relationship astrology. When it comes to midpoints and love, there are some others you should consider too:

  • The Sun/Moon midpoint.
  • The midpoint between the ascendant/midheaven.
  • The Venus/Mars midpoint.
  • The Mars/Jupiter midpoint.
  • Any midpoint that involves Venus.

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