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What Is Mediumship?

Published 08/06/2024 by Louise Emma

What Is Mediumship?

Some people don't believe in a world after death or that spirits exist. The concept of mediumship opposes this because it refers to a person's psychic ability to communicate with spirits in other dimensions.

If you want to explore more about mediumship, including extrasensory perception, mental mediumship, and messages from spirits, you are in the right place. We have all the information about it.

So, let's look at what mediumship is in detail.

What Is Mediumship?

Mediumship involves communicating with spirits or entities beyond this worldly dimension. It serves as a bridge between the dead spirits and living beings.

A medium or psychic medium is a person who can see, feel, or hear things from the spirit world. They have natural mediumship abilities. They can connect with the spirit's vibrations and use their extrasensory abilities to communicate with the other dimension.

A spiritual medium can pass on messages from the deceased to their living kin in times of grieving so that they can get closure and move on easily after their loved ones have passed, knowing that their loved one is at peace and watching over them.

Many people seek out people with mediumship abilities to gain healing after they have suffered trauma or heartache. Receiving messages from spirits can bring reassurance and intuitive insights into future events and the direction of their lives.

There are many sceptics of mediumship, but there have been many occasions when the police in the UK have used spiritual mediums or those with mediumship abilities to help solve criminal cases and assist in finding missing people. They have had remarkable successes that cannot be explained where crime cases often over 30 years previous have been solved with the help of a medium.

Type Of Mediumships

Let's look at the top types of mediumships to help you better understand this form of spiritual communication and guide you on the questions to ask a medium. There is often confusion about psychic readings, those with psychic abilities, and spiritual mediums who give mediumship readings.

Evidential Mediumship

Evidential mediumship, also called psychic mediumship, involves offering evidence to the living. For example, a deceased person's family member may want to connect with a spiritual medium to prove that their loved one continues to live on in the spirit world and that they are free from pain and with other family members.

An evidential medium can offer evidence such as details of a spirit's life that only their kin would know. They may also discuss the deceased's personality, family relations, hobbies, and personal memories that only someone very close to the deceased person would know.

Such a medium mainly communicates with the spirit world for the relevant information that they offer as evidence to their living family member after the physical death of their loved ones. This can help the loved one get closure that even though the deceased is not with them, they're still in the Earth plane.

Typically, an evidential medium comes under the mental medium category. That is because this type of connection involves communicating with the spirit through extrasensory abilities.

Animal Communicator

One in five adults in the US has consulted a psychic or medium for a psychic medium reading at some point in their life. This is why mediumships such as animal communication have been gaining more recognition.

This type of mediumship is also known as pet mediumship because it involves animals, not humans.

An animal communicator medium communicates with the spirits of dead animals through telepathy. Their clients are usually pet owners who cannot move on from the death of their favourite pet.

The great thing about this medium is that they can also connect with living animals. For example, a client may come to you complaining that their pet is missing and want to communicate with it. Animal communicators will usually have studied animal behaviour in great depth and can provide phone or video chat readings.

Most evidential mediums are also animal communicators, so although it has been reported there are many fraudulent mediums, if you search for a reputable psychic reading service such as Trusted Psychics, you will be able to choose which pet medium you wish to connect with and read about their skills as an animal communicator.

Trance Mediumship

Trance mediumship is less popular than other types because only expert mediums can engage in it. In this type of mediumship, a trance-like state is entered, which allows the spirit guide to convey messages from the deceased person.

Mediums must practice frequently and connect with the spiritual world in a trance state to provide support, guidance and comfort to families and friends of the deceased.

Mental Mediumship

Mental mediumship is one of the most common types of mediumships, and most people benefit from it. It involves communicating with the spirit through the medium's mind.

The medium combines their mind with the spirit's mind to convey messages that are present on the Earth dimension. Some people also call this telepathic mediumship because physical senses are not used in this mediumship.

Mental mediumship differs from trance mediumship and other types because it can be considered a conversation between the spirit and medium. Unlike trance mediumships, the spirit does not take over the operator's body.

So, the medium serves as a messenger who receives messages from a spirit and passes them on to a loved one. Mastering this technique is difficult because the reader must prevent their conscious thoughts from interfering with the spiritual conversation.

Physical Mediumship

Physical mediumship is rare but offers the closest connection to a spirit. It allows the spirit world to communicate directly with a living being through physical manifestations.

For example, the spirit may bring about changes in the physical environment surrounding their living loved one or cause a room's temperature to be hot or cold to make its presence known.

A spirit may also move objects within the vicinity to offer clues about their death or other things. Sometimes, the spirit may engage in automatic writing through the medium's hand.

This means the spirit may influence the medium to write a message they want to pass on. Tapping sounds and objects' appearance are also characteristics of physical mediumship.

Physical mediumship is rare because it takes 10 to 20 years to develop. A medium must have a strong connection with the other world and expert abilities to tap deep into their higher self.

The room in which the séance is occurring should also have high vibrations. That is because the spirit realm has a greater vibrational frequency, so the physical world must match that for the two dimensions to become one temporarily in this mediumship.

Direct Voice Mediumship

Due to similar characteristics, direct voice mediumship can be considered a subtype of physical mediumship. That is because it may involve the spirit's presence in the physical world.

Most mediums engage in mental mediumship, so the spirit usually talks through the medium's vocal organs. However, this does not happen in direct voice mediumship.

In this type, the spirit talks directly from a point in space without using the medium's vocal organs. It is said that in the early times, mediums kept a trumpet in the séance room.

The instrument would amplify the spirit's voice and become a point through which sound could manifest. This type of mediumship was introduced in the 1850s, but it is rare in the modern world.

Spirits talk independently to the medium of this type to relay their message. The other world temporarily blends with the physical dimension for this mediumship to occur.


Channelling can be one of the confusing mediumship types to understand because people can perceive different meanings through the name. It mainly refers to blending a living being in the physical world with a spirit guide or spiritual energy.

It allows a medium to connect with one or multiple spirits from the same group. Such operators convey messages through their mouths by voicing the spirits.

They can also use their hands to write messages automatically from a spirit guide or divine being. The best thing about channelling is that receiving and delivering the spirit's message occurs simultaneously.

Many mediums that channel spirits state that a higher power influences them or takes over their body to pass messages. This is why a medium must open to a spirit influencing them.

Otherwise, the spirit will feel unwelcome, and you will not be able to engage in channelling. In this mediumship, the reader has a closer connection with the spirit world than in evidential mediumship.

However, it still needs to be stronger than the connection of the spirit world and medium in trance mediumship.

What Is a Mediumship Reading?

A mediumship reading is a common practice that allows psychic mediums to refine their extrasensory abilities. It involves communicating with spirits in another dimension.

Not every person can be a medium, as a person should have spiritual experiences to explore if they can connect with the spiritual realm.

A mediumship reading can also help you get clarity on your spiritual experiences. The primary purpose of a reading is to:

  • Bring comfort and closure to the living concerning loved ones who have passed.
  • Provide support, guidance and healing to family members or friends of the deceased
  • Help with a person's healing from a traumatic event
  • Enhance a medium's spiritual awareness
  • Offer clarity on an unclear event

A person may choose to have a medium reading to uncover whether their loved one's death was suspicious if they think foul play was involved. Many people also opt for mediumship readings to get closure after a loved one's death if they were unable to say their last goodbyes or if their death was unexpected.

Mediumship Readings

There are different types of mediumship readings that a person may opt for. Let's look at them to understand better:

Group Mediumship Readings

Group mediumship readings mainly involve multiple people in the same room as a medium. Every person would receive messages from their loved one in the spiritual realm.

The medium can hear all the messages, but each person can only listen to the voice of their own loved one. So, the contents of the reading are not known by every person in the room.

Some people sit in group mediumship readings to learn how to prepare for a medium reading and to see how things work before opting for an online medium reading.

Private Mediumship Readings

A private mediumship reading involves one-on-one contact between a medium and a client, usually by phone or via a live psychic messenger service such as Trusted Psychics. The medium will start the reading by explaining how the session would work and what to expect in the reading.

A private online medium reading is more profound than a group reading because it can involve sensitive and highly personal information. Sometimes, a spirit may offer different information pieces to a medium that will only make sense once the reading is complete.


Let's look at the answers to the most frequently asked questions about mediumship:

What Is the Role of a Medium?

The role of a medium is to connect with the spirit mentally by blending their mind with the spirit's. They can also allow animal or human spirits to relay messages by temporarily letting the spirit world merge with the living realm.

What Is Medium in Energy?

A medium in energy is an element that passes energy from one substance to another. Living mediums can receive an aura or energy from the spiritual realm, interpret it, and pass the relevant message to the loved one in the living world.

What Is a Medium in Physics?

In physics, a medium is a material that can transfer energy or light from one point to another. Typically, the medium acts as a carrier.

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