The Fear of Ghosts

Most people are scared of ghosts due to the fact that not much is known about them. While this fear may be normal, it’s important to know that you don’t really have anything to fear. Fear is something we experience when confronted with the unknown, nonetheless, most spiritual beings are harmless. The fear of the unknown is hardwired into our genetic makeup, it’s part of the instinctive survival mechanism, ‘fight or flight.’ When we’re confronted with a threat, our bodies are pumped full of adrenaline to help us survive.

The Fear of Ghosts and Death

There is an added competent when it comes to the fear of ghosts, this is the fear of death. For some, an encounter with a ghost represents an encounter with death, something that most people are too afraid to discuss. The only spiritual beings you have to keep an eye for are poltergeist, that said, it’s not often that these beings interact with the physical world. In this world, there plenty of things for you to be concerned about, so, there’s no need for you to continue adding things to list.

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Pop Culture and the Fear of Ghosts

Pop culture has changed the way we perceive the supernatural; movies such as Poltergeist and The Exorcist are designed to scare us and keep us on our toes. As media has continued to evolve, the images we’re told have become even more shocking/terrifying. It’s very rare that you come across a playful spirit in a Hollywood film, and the truth is, most spirits aren’t strong enough to affect the physical realm in any meaningful way.

Most reported hauntings fall into the category of a ‘recording,’ a recording is best described as a certain event/time that happened during someone’s life that is replayed after death. This is something that often happens when highly charged emotions are involved. Recordings of a ghost can’t harm anyone because they’re unable to interact with anything, you should think of them as nothing more than a hologram.

One very famous ghost is that of Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Tudor King Henry VIII. Anne Boleyn was beheaded at Tower Hill after being falsely accused of adultery. Boleyn’s ghost has been sighted hundreds of times at The Tower of London and her childhood home of Hever Castle in Kent. The ghost of the assassinated president, Abraham Lincoln, is often spotted in the White House by such people such as the first lady.

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Why Ghosts Visit

While there are interactive ghosts, there’s no reason to fear them. If you are to come across a spirit, it will most likely be that of a loved one due to the close bond you share. These entities are often able to give of spiritual scents to alert you to their presence and they’ve been able to retain their personality/charm. When a loved one crosses over from the spirit realm, it’s because they want to let you know that they’re okay.

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