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8 of Cups

Published 30/01/2023 by Joanne Jones

8 of Cups

The 8 of Cups tarot card depicts a figure in a white robe and blue cloak walking away from a cluster of eight golden cups resting on the ground. Above them shines a full moon in the night sky, indicating an emotional moment where something has been lost and a time of reflection and inner growth.

The figure is turning away from the cups to move forward without them, showing that they have decided to pursue something more significant than what lies behind them. Although it is difficult to leave behind the safety of what's familiar, it is symbolically seen as necessary for personal growth and development.

The cup symbolises material wealth or earthly possessions that can be sacrificed for spiritual gain, suggesting that this individual has prioritised their inner journey over physical possessions. It is also associated with life's hardships which can lead to personal transformation as one moves forward with newfound wisdom and insight.

The 8 of Cups can represent saying goodbye to old habits or lifestyles to create something new and better for oneself in the long run. This card signifies making difficult choices while having faith in the future despite temporary losses.

8 of Cups Meaning

The 8 of Cups tarot card is a card of transitions, marked by a sense of personal growth and the shifting away from old habits and ideas. The 8 of Cups means leaving behind that which no longer serves us to create our path. This card encourages us to look within ourselves for inner strength and guidance, for it is only through this process that we can move forward into something new.

The 8 of Cups' meaning reminds us to trust our intuition and make decisions based on what feels suitable for us rather than abiding by someone else's expectations or ideas. This card signifies the need for emotional detachment to clarify our lives and purpose. It may symbolise a time when we outgrow something that has been in our lives for a while and now must move away.

It can signify the ending of relationships with people or activities that no longer bring joy into our lives; this could be anything from friendships, jobs, hobbies, or even physical locations. The 8 of Cups meaning highlights that while these changes may be painful, they are necessary steps towards creating a life full of meaning and purpose.

The 8 of Cups card serves as an invitation into self-exploration - understanding our motivations, desires and values and examining patterns in behaviour so we can truly understand why we need to leave certain things behind.

8 of Cups is a good card in a reading as it encourages self-reflection and lets us let go of what is no longer beneficial to our well-being. It encourages us to trust ourselves enough to make decisions that make us responsible for our happiness and seek out experiences which will bring more meaning to our lives.

What Do Cups Represent in a Tarot Reading?

In a tarot reading, the cup cards are typically associated with the element of water, which is known to signify emotions, intuitive feelings, and creativity. Cups can often represent how we relate to one another emotionally. They can reflect our innermost feelings, desires, and moods. They symbolise relationships between two people and the relationship between us and our spiritual journey.

The cups generally point towards a need for balance in our lives – achieving inner harmony or learning how to express your emotions better. Cups typically represent the need for communication within relationships and self-expression. In terms of family dynamics or romantic connections - they can signify a desire for unification and understanding between two parties.

Cups can also symbolise a person's relationship with their higher power or spirituality - depending on what type of faith one follows - whether it be prayer, meditation, mindfulness, or chanting mantras. All these things help shape a person's spiritual nature, represented by this suit.

8 of Cups Upright

The 8 of cups, when in the upright position, speaks to letting go and moving on from something that may have been a long-term relationship, project, or situation. It is a card that often represents completing something with a sense of accomplishment.

However, it also carries the energy of leaving behind something in which there is no longer an emotional interest. The upright meaning signifies taking the necessary steps to move on and embarking on a new path.

The 8 of Cups is an invitation to pause and recognise the importance of self-care, which involves identifying what needs to be released to create room for personal growth and development. The opportunity allows one to reflect on their journey thus far, appreciate lessons learned, and feel grateful for all their experiences.

At times, the 8 of Cups' upright position may indicate loneliness or feeling lost without direction and sadness. But ultimately, it's about finding peace within oneself and making space for something new. The drawing of this card in a tarot reading reminds us to avoid staying stuck in one place for too long, no matter how comfortable it might be, as human beings are designed for change and growth.

The upright card speaks to learning when it's time to let go, accept that things may not work out as planned, but have faith that better opportunities are yet to come.

8 of Cups Reversed

The 8 of Cups, meaning when in the reversed position, often referred to as a "turnaround card", suggests that despite the adversity and difficulty you are experiencing at this moment in time, there is an opportunity ahead. It indicates that you may feel exhausted by your current situation, but through careful planning and self-reflection, you can create an entirely new path forward.

When reversed, the Cups tarot card represents a shift in attitude, inner strength and renewed optimism that will help lead you into a more positive state of mind.

This shift can lead to a more positive state of mind, allowing for growth and self-reflection. Taking the time for reassessment is essential, acknowledging what is not working in your life and taking conscious steps away from it.

Taking calculated risks and letting go of familiar patterns or expectations that no longer serve you may be necessary to find true fulfilment. Exploring unexplored parts within yourself can bring out hidden talents or motivate you to try something new and exciting. Venturing into unfamiliar territory opens up the possibility of enhanced relationships with others based on mutual understanding and respect.

The reversed Cups tarot card symbolises a forward movement that encourages personal exploration and growth. It is essential to focus on creating change rather than clinging to old patterns that are no longer beneficial. There are opportunities for internal reflection and outward action - recognising areas where changes need to be made and courageously embarking on a journey towards finding inner contentment through risk-taking, vulnerability, and self-discovery.

A sense of hope should accompany this shift in attitude. However, it may require effort; with dedication, there will be positive outcomes as one works towards a greater understanding of oneself and others.

The 8 of Cups reversed offers hope for those who need it most: that once the difficult times have passed, they will come out the other side wiser, more confident in themselves and ready for whatever comes next. They will create more significant meaning and purpose by embracing change and retaking control of their lives.

If you feel it's time to take back control of your life and want guidance and a clear look into your prospects and future, call Trusted Psychics live psychic readers for a tarot reading or go online and start a Live Messenger chat with a tarot specialist.

What Does 8 of Cups Mean in a Yes or No Question?

The 8 Cups in a Yes or No question can signify a negative response. This card often symbolises the completion of an emotional journey and a readiness to move on from something - whether it be a situation, relationship, or emotion.

It signals that all necessary steps have been taken to reach the desired goals and outcomes, but it hasn't worked out expectedly for whatever reason. The 8 of Cups relates to dissatisfaction and unfulfillment. This could indicate that the answer to the question is no.

In terms of card combinations, this card suggests that any effort or action already taken has been in vain, and there may be nothing else that can be done to change things; it's time to accept the finality and move on. This could represent an unwillingness or refusal regarding what is being discussed.

Even though it may be difficult, there is an understanding that whatever had been previously attempted has yet to yield the desired results, so further perseverance would not bring about success either.

When interpreted within a Yes or No question context, this card carries strong implications for a denial or refusal of whatever has been asked. It's almost as if one has gone through a process wherein, they had hoped for something different but ultimately came up short. Thus, they feel like they need to cut their losses and move on from them because there's nothing left to do but accept that progress will not come from continuing down this same path anymore.

8 of Cups Meaning for Love

The 8 of Cups in Tarot card love reading can often signify a difficult decision or choice regarding matters of the heart. It speaks to when you must let go of something that no longer serves you to move on and progress in life. It could mean walking away from a situation or relationship that has become stale and stagnant and releasing old patterns of behaviour that keep you from progressing.

In romantic relationships, the 8 of Cups can signal that it is time to move on from a partner unable or unwilling to meet your needs. It could also suggest that it is time to break free from an unhealthy situation and end an unfulfilling relationship, which ultimately will bring greater happiness and fulfilment.

This card might also refer to leaving behind an old mentality or attitude towards love, where we have been struggling with issues such as abandonment trauma, fear of commitment or lack of trust in relationships.

The 8 of Cups encourages us to act on our behalf, setting boundaries and recognising when it's time to move on with grace and self-respect. At the same time, this card represents hope for the future - letting go brings freedom which opens the door for new opportunities, allowing us to create space for something better than what we had before.

If we can rise above our fears and anxieties about change, then this transition may lead us towards a more authentic connection with someone who can give us exactly what we need.

8 of Cups Meaning for Money and Career

The 8 of Cups can point to areas where we need to be more mindful about how we spend our money: overspending or saving too little for retirement.

We should also reassess how much we invest in ourselves through continuing education opportunities, professional certifications, or other self-improvement activities that will help us achieve our desired career goals. As such, the 8 of Cups serves as an important reminder to carefully consider all aspects of our finances before making any big decisions—long-term investments into ourselves and short-term expenditures on material items or services.

Regarding career changes, this card suggests it's time to let go of what is no longer working for you and move into something more suited to your needs. You may have reached a point where you have outgrown your current job and need something fresh to satisfy your ambitions - whether furthering up the corporate ladder or starting your own business venture.

8 of Cups Meaning for Spirituality?

The 8 of Cups' Meaning for Spirituality reflects a journey to explore the unknown. It indicates that it may be time to leave behind physical and material attachments and venture into spiritual exploration.

This card spiritually encourages us to leap faith into the unknown. We must be willing to detach ourselves from our earthly possessions, relationships or routine habits that make us comfortable so that we can take an adventure into the depths of our soul seeking answers. This will require courage and determination, but those who undertake such an inner journey often find peace, understanding and knowledge beyond what they ever expected.

The 8 of Cups also speaks to feelings of restlessness or dissatisfaction with our current circumstances. It suggests that we are not truly happy with what we have grown accustomed to and need something more fulfilling to feel spiritually fulfilled. The key here is seeking out experiences that aren't just material or mundane but offer spiritual insight through introspection and exploration.

Tarot Readings

Getting a tarot reading is one of the most powerful ways to gain insight and knowledge into your life. There are a variety of reasons why it is beneficial to get a tarot reading, but Trusted Psychics live psychic readers have created a list of the best reasons why you should get a tarot reading:

Gain Clarity

Tarot readings can help you gain clarity about yourself and your life. Through this type of divinatory tool, you can understand what lies in the future and explore different paths that could lead you to your desired destination. A tarot reading can guide how to best move forward from where you currently stand to reach your goals.

Make Connections

Tarot readings often bring together disparate elements or events in our lives so that we may better understand them. By making these connections, we become more conscious of our actions and decisions, allowing us to make better ones in the future.

Understand Emotions

It's easy for us to be overwhelmed by stress, fear, worry, and disappointing situations. Tarot readings can explain how our emotions play into our decision-making processes, allowing us to make wiser choices by analysing current problems through a more transparent lens. Through this, we can gain greater control over our feelings and responses when faced with difficult situations.

Discover Hidden Opportunities

By receiving a tarot reading, we can open ourselves up to new possibilities that we may have hidden before. We are then given the power to tap into these opportunities by accessing information that has been previously unnoticed or unknown.

Promote Self-Awareness

Tarot readings allow us to gain insight into who we are beneath all the layers—our strengths, weaknesses, intentions, and motivations—allowing for greater self-awareness. This knowledge enables us to make more informed decisions about our personal life and career path and develop relationships with others based on truth rather than assumptions or beliefs that may be inaccurate or misguided.


A tarot reading can also be used to act towards our goals, helping us find focus when it feels lost and giving us strength during moments when we feel weakest. Ultimately, it is up to us how we respond and act upon the information a tarot reading provides – allowing us to progress towards achieving personal growth rather than remaining stagnant in a stable state of uncertainty.

Receiving a tarot phone reading is an incredibly insightful experience that helps guide individuals towards greater self-awareness while providing valuable wisdom for their future and current position. You can gain increased clarity, a connection between seemingly unrelated events, more profound insights into emotions, and discover hidden opportunities.

There are many reasons why getting a tarot reading with a live psychic reader at Trusted Psychics is invaluable for anyone seeking guidance or enlightenment.

Trusted Psychics Tarot Readings

Trusted Psychics Live psychic readers are the perfect choice for anyone looking for accurate consultations through a tarot reading to gain deeper insight into their life. With our reliable and professional team of card readers, you can be sure that you are receiving accurate, honest readings that will help to empower and guide you on your journey.

Each one of our tarot readers has undergone extensive screening and training processes. Many have certifications in various aspects of the spiritual realm, such as astrology or numerology, ensuring that when you use Trusted Psychics for a tarot reading, you'll be getting an honest, insightful reading from somebody with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

We provide reading on every challenging situation, from financial security, career readings, bad relationships, future, and current relationships or even if you want a sneak peek into your future position.

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