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The World Tarot

Published 04/02/2023 by Joanne Jones

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The World Tarot

In most contemporary Tarot decks, the image on the World Tarot card is a beautiful, intricate visual representation of the concept of "the world."

A woman stands at its centre, having completed her journey from spiritual darkness to light and now radiating this newfound energy around her. She faces outwards and appears to be a dancing figure in celebration as she reaches out with one arm towards the sky and grasps a glowing laurel wreath in her other hand. She wears a vibrant, golden tunic adorned with symbols of accomplishment, such as stars and an eight-pointed wheel.

The sky above her appears to be illuminated by two brilliant suns, bursting forth rays of light in all directions and symbolising the light attained on this journey. Below her lies an expansive landscape filled with lush green fields, clear blue lakes, majestic mountains, vibrant forests, and even a castle visible in the distance – representing both physical abundance and a sense of safety from danger.

This world tarot card conveys a vivid image of divine energy coursing through us all. It encourages us to seek our inner strength and explore our capabilities to achieve greater enlightenment.

The World Tarot Card Meaning

The World Tarot card is a powerful Major Arcana card that symbolises the completion of a cycle, the end of a journey. In Tarot, the World card signifies a sense of wholeness and completion in one's life. It reminds us to be thankful for our blessings and live life to the fullest.

When you receive the World Tarot in a reading, it is a reminder that although one phase may be finished, another one will soon take its place; life moves forward like an endless cycle, so it's essential to keep pushing towards new goals while cherishing the lessons learned during this completed period.

The World card also has an underlying message: by connecting with the divine, we can create a better world and manifest our dreams.

The World symbolises an individual's ability to manifest their goals and desires through spiritual guidance while honouring balance and harmony.

The World can represent new beginnings as one begins to understand their place within the larger cosmos and how one can bring forth positive changes. In addition, it speaks to the importance of accepting responsibility for our choices and actions to create positive outcomes.

This card can also be seen as a reminder that all parts of life must be considered when making decisions, from physical health, relationships and career paths to spirituality and personal growth. With this understanding comes acceptance of life's challenges as part of our journey towards enlightenment.

The World guides how one can embrace their unique gifts, strengths, weaknesses, and talents to achieve internal and external success.

We are reminded that true fulfilment lies in material accomplishments and purposefully living a meaningful life. By maintaining an open heart, mind, and spirit, we can access inner wisdom, ultimately leading us closer to understanding who we truly are meant to be at our core.

Through hard-earned wisdom and insight, it is an action card of fulfilment, success, and a sense of accomplishment.

The World Tarot Upright

The World tarot upright meaning can be interpreted as the cycle of life coming to a complete, harmonious end. It serves as a reminder that the universe is an interconnected web of energy and life, and one's actions significantly affect those around one.

The card serves as a sign that the current situation or significant event has come to its rightful close and that it's time to move on and make way for something new.

The World Tarot often represents victories attained through imagination, perseverance, and hard work. It may also suggest that one has emerged victorious after putting in effort over time. This card sends messages to embrace change, take risks, and confidently trust oneself.

The World card meaning can serve as a reminder that there is a reward in perseverance, believing no matter what obstacles or tough situations present themselves.

This card suggests it is time to look outside oneself for solutions or help recover from the situation when you feel a lack of closure. It may be wise to step back from the normal flow of energy and your usual way of thinking and broaden one's horizons to see things from different angles; asking for help from trusted colleagues or friends might be especially beneficial when facing a complex problem or decision.

In terms of personal growth, the World card upright position suggests that although change can feel scary at times, it can also lead to progress on both personal and professional levels. When drawn upright, this card symbolises achievement and fulfilment; a period of reflection should follow any success achieved so far.

We can appreciate how far we have come only by a deeper understanding of where we have been.

The World promises that if we stay focused on our ultimate goals, success will come eventually, due mainly to our ability to take advantage of continual learning opportunities while recognising our strengths.

The World Tarot Reversed

The World Tarot card meaning, when reversed, is that of stagnation and a lack of achievement. It suggests a period where one's goals and ambitions may feel blocked or thwarted, and it can be difficult to take steps forward, especially with your career goals.

This card, in reverse, symbolises ending cycles and being subjected to outside influences. The reversed World calls for a break from health-related, professional, or spiritual routines. It can represent the end of an entire cycle in life, such as completing a job or graduating from school and the need to adjust to new conditions.

Reversed World card represents completion in its upright form, but with the reversed meaning comes stagnation rather than progression. In this context, there may be difficulties in achieving your desired outcome as external events or circumstances beyond your control could obstruct you.

A reversed position for this card suggests that despite wanting to move on to something new, you may find yourself stuck in an unwanted situation or a rut due to a lack of motivation or resources.

You may also need help with how to proceed when faced with different directions or paths ahead; this would require careful consideration before acting and looking into possible courses of action that could help aid progress.

The reversed world card in a reading can also indicate a time when one's relationships have taken a toll due to outside pressures, resulting in feelings of isolation and disconnection from others.

There might be an inability to open up and share your concerns with those around you, leaving you feeling alone and misunderstood when comfort is needed most. It could also signify an unwillingness to conform, which could result in resistance against societal expectations leading you towards exploring alternative lifestyles more suited for personal growth.

Is the World Tarot Card Good in Tarot?

The World Tarot card is a potent and good card when drawn in a reading. Often this card symbolises closure, completion, and attainment of the highest goals. It represents a new beginning, a dream job, reaching your financial goals, and a sense of accomplishment or success.

In tarot readings, it can indicate that you are ready to move on to the next stage in your journey. The card often heralds a period of celebration -- a time for looking back at past accomplishments and feeling satisfied with how far you have come.

The World Tarot card also hints at fulfilment, success, and contentment. This could be a sign that you have reached a point where you have taken all the necessary steps to achieve your goal or ambitions.

This card may suggest that now is the time to reap the rewards of your hard work and enjoy your financial security– celebrate what you have done so far, but do not forget to keep striving towards your larger vision.

This card is also associated with freedom: it suggests making choices free from guilt or obligation; it implies being able to make decisions based solely on personal desire or ambition without worrying about anything else.

With this kind of power comes great responsibility – if you take advantage of this newfound freedom wisely, it should bring immense fulfilment and satisfaction into your life.

The World Tarot is an incredibly positive symbol in tarot readings: it indicates inner peace, completion of goals, freedom from guilt or obligation regarding decisions made for one's own well-being or achievement, as well as feelings of success and accomplishment — signs that one's hard work has paid off in full.

What Does the World Card Mean for Relationships?

The World card meaning for relationships represents the completion of a journey and the reward that comes with it. It is often seen as an indicator of relationships, symbolising the unity of two people or a couple.

This positive card represents harmony, balance, satisfaction, contentment, and joy in relationships. The World card also reflects progress and growth within relationships.

As couples get to know each other better, they learn to navigate challenges and work together for the greater good. It symbolises how two people create a whole out of two separate parts, creating an environment where both parties can find fulfilment in their union.

The World card highlights the beauty in relationships when both parties strive for mutual understanding and love for one another.

When looking at the symbolism found within The World card, we can see that it can apply to many different types of relationships, whether between family members, friends, partners, or even colleagues working together towards common goals.

It is also seen as a representation of spiritual connections, suggesting that two people may be reunited on a much deeper level than physical attraction. No matter what type of relationship is being examined, this card represents the potential for growth, connection and satisfaction that comes from opening your heart to another person.

The World tarot suggests that relationships can become much more significant than they once were; if all parties involved put effort into making things work, they will be rewarded with richly fulfilling connections full of deep understanding and appreciation.

What Zodiac Sign Does the World Card Represent?

The World card in a Tarot deck is represented by the zodiac sign of Saturn, also known as the planet of Karma.

This ancient symbol represents completion and achievement, as well as a level of mastery that comes from hard work and perseverance. It is a card that marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of another; it heralds new beginnings, fresh opportunities, and, ultimately, success.

It is a time for reflection and celebration after achieving a goal or dream. Saturn is associated with ambition, stability, focus, determination, and self-discipline - all necessary qualities to succeed in any endeavour.

The World card encourages us to accept our experience with gratitude and humility, celebrate our accomplishments, take pride in our achievements, and understand that there is no end point; every ending opens a possibility for something new.

Tarot Readings

A tarot reading is a form of divination using a classical deck of 78 cards that have been used for centuries to gain insight and understanding into our lives.

The tarot deck is typically divided into two parts – Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana is 22 cards representing major life events, such as the Fool, The Magician, Death, The Devil and The World. These cards symbolise important moments or changes in our life journeys.

When doing a tarot reading, a 'spread' is used—a specific pattern of laying out the cards. This spread can vary in size, and some simple spreads may only require three or five cards, while others may use up to twenty-one or more.

Though, tarot readings focus on gaining insight into past events and current situations to make better choices for future outcomes. Often people will seek out tarot readings for guidance during difficult times or when facing big decisions—seeking comfort from an outside source can help navigate challenging circumstances.

As well as providing clarity on present issues and circumstances, tarot readings are also said to give glimpses into potential futures, allowing us to take proactive steps towards mindful living instead of letting things happen at random chance.

Trusted Psychics

Trusted Psychics offer a unique opportunity to gain insight into your life and the world around you, with psychic phone readings becoming more popular than ever before.

Our experienced live psychic readers use the tarot cards as a tool to help connect with your intuition and access more profound levels of understanding. By focusing on the cards' symbols, colours and numbers, a reading can provide direction, clarity, and advice for navigating various life situations and decisions.

A Tarot reading with live psychic readers at Trusted Psychics can be incredibly beneficial in helping to make sense of everyday issues that are often confusing and cause anxiety in our lives. They allow us to gain an overview of our current situation and potential paths forward - providing us with insight, guidance and clarity.

Whether you're looking for answers to questions related to relationships, challenging projects, a career context, or personal issues, or you need to find a sense of closure on a matter, Trusted Psychics can provide invaluable guidance to help you create meaningful changes on solid ground to create a beautiful life.

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